Hey all

I just wanted to let my fans know that i've been rather busy lately.  I did another sketch of Thanos, so i'll be working on the final design soon.  Mostly i've had problems at home, but i've also been working on huge pixel art based on the game Doom.  I drew Kamandi for someone when i had some free time.  Take care, everyone.

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Thanos costume redesign

Thanos WIP

Update 1

I'm attempting to give Thanos a makeover, but i'd like to keep him close to his classic look.  So I'm making sketches for possible outfits and pieces that I hope you'll vote on.  Once I feel there's enough "votes" I'll make 4-6 complete costume versions so that we can vote a second time.  Whatever we like best, i'll color it with photoshop and upload it to deviantart.  
Update: Included a new image in this post.

Update: It's done