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Cold Steel

Picked for his natural athleticism, Kovak was abducted during Tenebrasque In's invasion of Russia and, under Adam Mercer's instruction, was built into the epitome of cybernetic-biological relations. He is very sparse with words, and allows his blades to do the talking. He is fiercely loyal to the leadership of the Tenebrasque In and sees himself merely as a foot soldier.


Kovak possesses impressive natural strength, speed, agility, and reflexes, however, these have been augmented by the cutting edge of cybernetic equipment.

Strength - Kovak has a strength that allows him to bench just short of one ton. His muscular limb amplifier has boosted that to around a five-ton range

Speed - Kovak can outpace almost any human. Adam himself has stated that he can barely keep up with Kovak. In close quarters, Kovak can move faster than human eyes can perceive. With his muscular limb amplifier upgrade, he has been accelerated to the point that means that he scarcely leaves footprints in the snow, and in close quarters, he can move fast enough to bypass human senses.

Agility - Kovak's agility allows him to perform incredible feats of acrobatic ability

Reflexes - Kovak has reflexes that allow him to dodge automatic gunfire at point blank range.

Immune system - Kovak is completely immune to poisons, venoms, toxins, tranquilisers, diseases, viruses, and other illnesses.

Computerised mind - Kovak's mind acts like a sophisticated computer, piecing together information in combat in order to ensure a victory, and to aid him in learning new maneuvers he can utilise in fights. This sophistication of his brain means his IQ has been boosted to around 173. As such, he is learned in the sciences of biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and quantum polydynamics up to doctorate level.

Resistance to telepathy - His brain, much like his body, is part machine. Estimates put the machine/biological ratio at around 40/60. As such, his mind is hard, but not impossible to influence. In addition, he has psychological training to resist telepathy.

Senses - His senses have been augmented to the point where he can perceive objects travelling at multiple times the speed of sound, detect the scent of any number of poisons hidden in a substance, be it solid, liquid or gas, taste almost every ingredient in a recipe, and hear each individual gunshot from an automatic rifle.

Weapons mastery - Due to his computer-like mind, Kovak is able to learn how to properly wield weapons in seconds by downloading the information from a sort of database. His "handler" is responsible for downloading the correct files into Kovak's mind.