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With Amazing replacing superior, i guess team-up will stop being published as well. This leaves one slot open, so i'll def pick Ultimate ff up.

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The reason I asked was because if Spider-Man was set in Britain he wouldn't team up with heroes across the pond that often. For example, he wouldn't have a big role in Civil War, thus One More Day would never happen. That's what I was asking.

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We have how many heroes and villains in New York? 100? 200? 1000? Spider-Man has to be the heart of New York, no doubt. But what if in an alternate universe Peter Parker was a Londoner and not Yorker? Would things turn out differently? Would there be minor changes to the mythos or would we have a very different Spider-Man in our hands?

I was a big fan of Marvel UK and I would like to see it expanded upon but alas, it will never happen. Thus I came up with this scenario. Anyway, tell me what you think.

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Ok,i laughed.That was funny.

Where's that from?

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Let me guess, they will scan him again but since no "smart" Avengers are there he will escape.......again! Ha ha, the world is Otto's oyster now! It's not even worth being angry anymore tbh.

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Team-Up 008 was so damn awesome! And then the last two pages rolled around and we're back to "I am teh superiar octapus!Harharha!Bow before mah superiarity!

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@ed_brock said:

do someone tell me what happened in this issue, please? by pm

Me as well if possible. My subs will arrive next month and nobody has put up a torrent.

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@jonsmith said:

Alternatively, the Goblin King, once beaten, attempts to bargain with SpOck, in exchange for SpOck allowing him and his crew to continue operating, the Goblin King won't release Ock's identity and evidence to support it to the world, retrieved from Carlie Cooper. If the Goblin King dies, goes missing, or his systems are tampered with, the information is automatically released.

SpOck lets him go, and goes to think about his options. He goes to speak with Anna Maria about what he should do, and after a discussion that ends with her saying something very similar, if not the exact phrase, to 'With great power must also come great responsibility', Ock contacts Jameson and calls a press conference. At this press conference, in a scene similar to Spider-Man's Civil War confession (with the mask ON this time), Ock reveals that he is Otto Octavius and makes a full confession of what he did to Peter to the world, surrendering himself to the Avengers custody.

When asked for his motives, he reveals he swore to be a Superior Spider-Man, and he thought that meant doing the things Peter wasn't prepared to do to insure the city and his loved ones were kept safe. But time and time again, in every memory of Peter he ever saw, Peter sacrificed or was prepared to sacrifice who he was, relationships, a future, even his life to protect total strangers from men like Otto.

And if Otto wasn't prepared to do the same, if he couldn't understand that it's not just doing heroic things, it's doing them when it's hard, when the world isn't fair or right, and it would be easier to give up and let it pass, THAT'S what makes a hero, how could he claim to be a Superior Spider-Man?

So rather than letting the Goblin King continue to terrorize the city, Ock surrenders himself, along with all his information and resources to the Avengers to take the Goblins down.

Shortly thereafter, the Avengers prepare to return Peter's body to it's rightful owner (somehow), and Ock receives a visit from Anna Maria. They have a moment, say goodbye, and so on. Ock is lead to the machine and deleted from Peter's mind, restoring Peter's control. Anna Maria briefly tries to talk to Peter, but it's quickly made clear he has no idea who she is. Life goes on.

'Course, this entire scenario would NEVER work for the stupidly arrogant cliche filled Superior Spider-Man Slott is writing. But the calculating and guilty Superior Spider-Man Yost is writing? I think it'd work.

That is absolutely fantastic! Having re-read arms of the octopus (again) and team-up 5-7 these few weeks, i have to say that everybody gets SpOck except from Slott. Instead of putting some effort and writing him like a brilliant man who from a place where he is hated "moves" to a place where he is loved, he writes him as just another ego driven jerk. Hell, Doom has less of an ego, f@cking Doom!

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Not sure if any of you are toy collectors like myself, but it was announced a few weeks back, not sure if any of you have seen it. I like it, if there was one nice thing I could say about Superior it's that the costume design was great and I liked it. I plan on picking this up.

I buy their minimate line obsessively and since this is a nice figure as well, i'll probably buy it. Thanks for the heads up though, I hadn't seen that.Also, you have to admit, both superior costumes are kick-ass.