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Jon Jones is a shcmuck. He took money out of the pockets of 20 fighters less fortunate than himself who were supposed to fight on that card, and deprived fans of those match-ups and of seeing the card that many of them had already paid to see. He lost the UFC millions of dollars, and burned any lingering goodwill he had with his bosses at ZUFFA. He better pray he never gets injured himself, because Dana will strip him of that title with a quickness. Ironic, considering Jones only ever got his title shot as a late replacement when Rashad got injured. Make no mistake - when Dana and the Ferttitas ask you for a favor? You f-cking do it. You do whatever is asked of you within reason, because they are the only reason you even have the UFC and MMA as it is in America today. They put food in Jones' mouth and promote the crap out of him. They have done their best to make this kid a star - they have even done their best to hand-wave the fact that he smashed up his Bentley in a DUI with a woman who was not his wife back in May. Then he spits in their face like this and doesn't even think about apologizing? Not to them, and not to the other fighters whose careers he is messing with? Not a good look, Jon. It's gonna be difficult to have a good career no matter how well you fight with that kind of attitude. This is some Tito Ortiz bullcrap, and Jon Jones and Greg Jackson should both know better.

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@King Saturn said:

So you don't think Lombard's Judo or BJJ will be any problem for Sonnen at all ? Sonnen has been suspect to submission holds before even though he has been able to get folks to the ground.

He could always lock up a heel-hook, or go for an arm or triangle from the bottom, since those are responsible for most of Sonnen's losses. However, Lombard has never faced a wrestler of Sonnen's caliber, and I seriously question his ability to actually implement his BJJ effectively from the bottom. While Chael has been subbed numerous times, he is a very savvy grappler, and his 2 most recent sub losses were to Maia and Silva, who are both more proficient on the ground than Lombard. Silva only pulled that sub off after getting his ass handed to him for 23 minutes.

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I recall Trevor defeating Keith Jardine by decision not too long ago... and Jardine, though not really a top condender in the UFC is a little above a Can I would think.

Jardine is not particularly good, and that was a split decision. Regardless of Jardine's status, the point here is that Lombard doesn't have the skills necessary to beat Sonnen. He would have a puncher's chance at most.

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Prangley wasn't a Can though...

I disagree. Prangley's only notable win in his entire career was 8 years ago, and beating him is certainly no indication that Lombard would fair well at all against anyone in the UFC at 185, never mind the #1 contender who is a phenomenal wrestler.

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Lombard is great at crushing cans, but his lack of wrestling ability would have him on his back for 15 minutes against Sonnen.

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If you didn't watch Hendo v. Shogun, you missed possibly the best fight of all time.

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@mikethekiller said:

Woah!!! Haven't heard from you in a while. How ya been?

I am well. Yourself?

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what's with Aoki and neck cranks as of late?

No one expects them, and even when they do, they don't consider them a credible threat. Aoki is a BJJ savant, and understands this on an intuitive level, which allows him to seize a submission opportunity 99 out of 100 fighters completely ignore.

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@King Saturn said:
what could be next for Anderson " The Spider " Silva ? 
Sonnen v. Stann is a title eliminator.
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