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@Decoy Elite: Madelyn Pryor is "basically" Jean Grey isn't she? A clone should have the same genetics, basically a duplicate of the original.  Cable and Rachel I believe are considered fully related and not half siblings.
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So... you ever wonder why Cyclops' children take after their mother (are psychic) and don't have optic blasts?

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@erik:  The difference is, everyone views things differently. What is appealing to you may not be to me. If I say I don't like Elongated Man because I think stretchy powers are lame, it doesn't matter how useful you tell me they are, I'm always going to see them as silly and unpractical.
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@erik:  I realize that M-Day changed everything... again... and that most of my gripes were with New X-Men,  but it was bad enough I just gave up on all the X books.
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@erik: you need a new dictionary, I'll help you out with this one...
opinion -  1. a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty
                 2.  a message expressing a belief about something; the expression of a belief that is held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof
so by the definition, opinions can't be wrong as long as it's how the person stating it feels
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@erik: I admit I have no idea what it's current retcon is, I haven't followed X-Men in a couple years. I lost interest from all the secondary mutations, the school overrun with nameless mutant kids, microscopic sentinels, bad artwork, and just a general feeling that the writers didn't know what to do with it all.
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@erik: Opinions are never wrong, they're just opinions not facts.
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@erik: Before Jean died, it was just assumed Jean's powers were spiraling out of control and that created the Phoenix Force. It wasn't until Marvel decided to bring Jean back for the original X-Factor book that they came up with a whole back story for it. But anyways, Jean and the Phoenix Force are 2 completely different things. I believe the Phoenix Force is supposed to be Eternity's kid and it's supposed to be the guardian of creation, not Jean's super psychic steroids.
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I wouldn't want to be the person stabbing him...

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Adding my 2 cents to the Jean/Phoenix Force discussion...
The Phoenix Force was created as a way to bring Jean Grey back from the dead. Story wise, the Phoenix Force is pretty much like the Uni Power that makes Captain Universe. Personally I think Jean is a strong character on her own and doesn't need the Phoenix Force. If Marvel wants to keep it around, they should use it in a more cosmic character's book.