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Yes, let's not forget that Daryl, Carol, and Beth are not even currently (or have ever been, in the case of Daryl) in the comics at all! Rick is still walking around with both arms and hands fully intact even though the governor has long come and gone. Dale died well before he did in the comics and we still have Andrea around. Even little Judith was a goner in the comics. So there is absolutely no evidence that Glenn is going to bite it this season or ever (I hope not, he's always been one of my favorites).

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I've been reading comics since the 1970s. I've lived through the bad Spider-Man and Daredevil TV shows/movies. I enjoyed the now dated Superman I and II and cringed through III and IV. I am so happy that there are GREAT TV shows and movies that I can immerse myself in now.

BUT . . . not at one movie have I seen advertised a nearby comic book store or even the comic books themselves. You would think it's a no-brainer to cross market these things . . .

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Isn't next year like the 40th anniversary of "What If?"? (just kidding - - I have no idea about that!)

My take is that these are going to be super-sized one-shots or maybe a short mini-series retelling these stories on alternate Earths. That has been big with Marvel lately (Avengers and Spider-Man comics being the main culprits). What it leads into or is a result of is anybody's guess at this point.

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I love The Walking Dead. I love it during its slow and contemplative moments and I love it when its balls to the wall action and zombie infested. There is no character of the "heroes" that I dislike, really and I appreciate all the good acting these performers give us. The scene where Carol and Daryl reunite? Brought a tear to my eye, not gonna lie. I am truly grateful for this show and I look forward to each and every episode. It's come a long way from that group that was camping just outside of Atlanta!

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Let's make a list of current or soon-to-be Marvel superheroes that exist in the cinematic universe:

Captain America

Iron Man



Black Widow



Scarlet Witch

Ant Man (and with Ant Man, can Wasp be far behind?)



Dr. Strange (?)

Guardians of the Galaxy team

Black Panther (?)

Iron Patriot/War Machine

Nick Fury/SHIELD

Anyone I'm missing? For a movie version of Civil War (which would have to be toned down), that's a pretty sizable list from which to choose. It doesn't have to be about secret identities but the 2nd Captain America movie (and the current S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series) seems to suggest that keeping a low profile might be the way to go these days.

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Sure, I'm 53 so this comic is obviously not aimed at me. However, I was 53 (and 52 and 51) while reading the first 34 issues and I enjoyed them a lot. I suppose DC would like to attract younger, more hip readers and I get that. Luckily for me, there are a lot of choices out there so I'll just step off the Batgirl train for now and maybe return if/when the book changes.

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Sorry to be nit-picky, but I've seen this error in two of Comic Vine's articles recently:

Discussed how this crossover has an advantage because it compliments all of the books it involves; it doesn't interrupt their pre-existing stories.

The term is actually complements (in other words, goes well with). Using it your way means to say something nice about someone, like: "I really like your new shirt."

Otherwise, I'm liking this storyline so far.

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Overall, I've enjoyed this show. I wasn't aware of the books beforehand so everything was fresh to me (I'm now reading the 1st book). But I have to agree with most of the comments. This show has a very "The Walking Dead" vibe in that the vamps seemingly can't kill most of the main characters for some reason. To be fair to the living, it has only been a week of dealing with this craziness. There's no way I could learn how to properly wield a sword or take head shots in a week's time - - especially if I were freaking out while being surrounded by vampires. And let's not forget - - for all his drive and bluster, the old man is . . . OLD. He must be in his 80s, right? As much as he wants to kill The Master, he may just not have the mojo to do so.

The kid is annoying, but so was (is?) Carl on "The Walking Dead" and, well, most any child actor on most any show or movie in the history of the world. Eventually they get older and learn the acting trade a little better. I hope Gus can join the Scooby gang next season! I rate this a 7.5/10.

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What, nobody mentioned, "Meet me at 4th and Grundy." ?? I don't like when they name streets and buildings after names from comic books or previous well-known creators of comics (they did this often on Smallville I recall). Yeah, it was okay, but not great. I have to agree with many that they simply introduced too many people all at once. Didn't Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) remind you of one of the Catwomen from the 1960s Batman show? Maybe Eartha Kitt or even Julie Newmar.

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Yeah, not a fan of the art, but a big fan of the team, so I'll check it out.