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Hmm.. Looks like Rhino is gonna be some mechanical quadruped.. I am not impressed.. -_-

I give this movie 1/2 "meh" out of 4.

I am generally "not impressed" by comments such as this! And can someone put the term "meh" to bed?

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I absolutely love this show. I enjoy the slower episodes where he have good interactions with the characters, building up their histories, relationships, etc. I love the big blow-out action scenes (whether it be with zombies or other humans). I am stunned, shocked, and/or saddened when we lose characters (the good guys or the bad guys). I can't grasp why people like to moan about series. If they now bore you, then move on to something else. In this modern world there are hundreds of TV shows that could replace the ones you don't like. Someone above said something about too many plot holes, but then didn't elaborate a whit. I dare any of you to try writing a TV show with a huge cast of diverse characters and make it pleasing and appealing to all the watch it. It has got to be doing something right with its massive ratings. For the past couple of years, I've looked forward to Sunday nights when TWD is on and then eagerly anticipate it when it's off air.

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Here's what's going to happen: Barry won't have super speed. He'll have the nickname "Flash" somehow (akin to Oliver's sister being called "Speedy") - "woah, slow down there Flash - - what's your hurry?" He will have a super fast mind however and be able to solve crimes super fast - - usually between 41-43 minutes. Also, he'll usually be seen with maybe a yellow t-shirt and a red jacket of some sort and maybe other days he'll change to a red t-shirt and yellow jacket (naw, that'll be his "reverse Flash" arch nemesis over in the other precinct!). Captain Cold will be his actual police captain, the Weather Wizard will be the local weather guy on Channel 86, and the Trickster will be some minor comic-relief annoyance - - some guy tooling around on a skateboard and being all emo and stuff. Why, this show practically writes itself! LOL!

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Yeah, what's up with not using the character as in the comics (taking a pill so he can be super for one hour - - thus the name "Hourman")? Hmmm . . . .

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Don't like the costumes. They should have stayed with the original ones to remind everyone these are the O5 (or maybe a slight variation but with the same color scheme). How did original Bobby change from snowman Iceman into sharp edges Iceman in between one issue? Guess I'll have to read it to find my answer!

I would have rather they be sent back to their original time but keep their memories intact. Then we could have seen rehashes of familiar story lines from the 60s, but with a twist - - start a new alternate timeline (a la Star Trek movies) with familiar themes and characters . . . but different.

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How last weeks episode got 3 stars and this weeks got 4 stars just bottles my mind. this was pure filler until the end... how long does it take to get going on the trip? PEOPLE ARE DYING BY THE SECOND.

I made this comment out loud (to myself as nobody was around watching with me). How freakin' long could it take to get the car ready? You'd think that would be a main priority every time they get back from a run: gas 'er up, oil 'er up, load 'er up ready for a quick getaway in case, you know, ZOMBIES CRASH THROUGH THE FENCES!

Otherwise, I do so love this show, do don't get all the griping and wanting action and zombie killing to happen each and every minute of the show.

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Am I stating the obvious? They are burying dead zombie bodies in the ground. The worms eat the bodies and the decomposition starts to ooze into the ground water. Rick feeds the pigs plants and worms and I don't know what else. People eat the pigs and get sick and die and turn into zombies. Then they bury these people back into the soil. The Circle of Death!

I , for one, loved this episode and I am always anxiously awaiting each new one. I don't try to pick things apart and criticize. If I end up not liking a show any longer, I often give it up. Not going to happen with The Walking Dead I am thinking.

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I'd rather see someone around 30 years of age. Actors can age through roles fairly quickly. I'm not saying Ant-Man is going to be this HUGE hit with tons of sequels, but one never knows, does one? Also, putting the actor into another 2 or 3 Avengers movies and at least the inevitable trilogy and someone in their mid-40s are going to look more aged 10 years from now. It's already showing on RDJ (but for a guy who's 50ish, he still looks good!). What's would have happened if middle-aged men were cast as Capt. America and Thor (and even the latest Bruce Banner actor looks a little worn!)?

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To all of those who can't wait for yet another Batman book and buys everything Batman:

Is this ALL you buy every month? If not, will you drop a title or titles in order to buy a weekly Batman series? If the answer is "no", then that's swell. Enjoy yourselves. If the answer is "yes" however, then that is the problem with having too many titles of one character on the shelf. Readers of lower tier characters that only have okay sales will be the ones who lose out as those kinds of series may well be cancelled to make room for yet ANOTHER Batman . . . or Superman . . . or Green Lantern . . . or Wolverine . . . etc.

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I wish they made the issues longer! We are paying 4$ per pop for like 15 pages!! Its ridiculous!

And that's why every other issue of this or any other crossover event feels like filler or a placeholder. Marvel (and DC and everyone else) already establish how many issues and what titles a crossover will entail months before the event actually begins. So if the writer realizes he (or she) could tell the story in 4 or 5 issues, he (or she) has to sssstttttrrrreeeeeetttttccccchhhhh it out to follow the agreed-upon time frame. And many of us pay for it because we want to have the complete run of things like this.

I'm noticing this in the Infinity crossover as well. Avengers #20 was almost all talky-talk and a repetition of things that were already going on in other tie-ins. Not a whole lot of action going on.