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I think a younger audience (teens - mid-20's) might be jaded with the quality of TV shows and movies. They have grown up in an era where they can get whatever they want (entertainment-wise) at a touch of a button (or touchscreen). They have been exposed to year after year of the newest tech, the newest entertainment trend, the newest 3D games and movies.

However, we of the older generation can remember the low-quality Hulk or Spider-Man TV shows of yore. We remember Pong and Pac-Man. We remember the occasional offerings of Christopher Reeve's Superman (yes, a great movie for its time - - but then parts III and IV came along - - *shudder!*) and Batman of the 1960s. So when we get all these (in my opinion) quality movies and all these (in my opinion) quality TV shows currently being thrown at us by the handful, we are really appreciative and made hungry for even more.

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If they did do this, as an old comic book fogy, I'd like to see the original X-Men (you know, Jean, Scott, Bobby, Hank, and Warren) start off the show - - at least for the first season. If it was successful, then they could bring others in such as Havok and Polaris and maybe eventually get to the All-New, All-Different X-Men that were introduced way back in the 70's in Giant Sized X-Men #1.

I doubt this would happen as they are not trying to draw an audience of old-timers like me. They are looking for the young, hip crowed and will have half a dozen (or more) of the only the most recent and most popular X-Men mutants running around. However, with the original 5 in the current modern continuity, it could still happen, right?

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In the comics, Gorilla City has been a location with a long storied history. From what I've seen in "Flash" a random gorilla was kept in a cage in Star Labs. He was named Grodd. I can't imagine they would have this Grodd have a background like in the comics. He just happened to be an ape that was caught in the blast like all the other metahumans that keep appearing. Now he's. . . super strong? super intelligent? can talk? have psychic powers? We'll all know what's what when his episodes appear.

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I like this show, I really do. I like the actor portraying Constantine a LOT. He's really good. However, to me, this show has a lot of "Supernatural" elements and I've watched that show since inception. In my TV viewing schedule, there is room enough for both shows, maybe not so much for other people. And, yeah, let's not forget it's on FRIDAY nights - - a graveyard for many shows!

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I liked this event as much as I am liking Spider-Verse. Both are okay and have/had some interesting ideas, but the comic companies seem to drag them out. I think with all titles involved, 2 months should have been plenty to cover this story, perhaps with a couple of bookend issues (I suppose the Annual would have counted as a bookend). Spider-verse does have bookends, but way too many issues in between. Axis had excess as well and was overly bloated (along with it being a stupid story). So, yes, give me special events DC and Marvel, but shorten them up a bit and I'd be happy.

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Are some of these villains depicted as pre-New 52? Or are the showcasing both before and after?

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Don't forget, this is a summer popcorn flick. Surely many that saw the original(s) will want to check this one out just to complain afterward if nothing else. Also, most kids will want to see it regardless. It will make a helluva lot of money the first weekend. If it's a flop, it will quickly dwindle out (but really, most summer blockbusters have only one or two good to great weekends in them before they're replaced with the NEXT summer blockbuster), but Universal will have made a bucket load of money by then with both domestic box office as well as international.

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I remember when the ORIGINAL Guardians (now called "Guardians 3000") would time travel and team up with the Avengers (maybe once with Spider-Man or the Thing in their team-up books). Good stories. I actually do like the current team, but they can't compete with the originals, IMO.

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and while there are other characters present, they're all pretty much just there to compliment Eugene and Abraham's journey.

Sorry to be such a grammar Nazi, but I'm going to correct this error again. You're using the word "compliment" incorrectly. The word in this sentence should be "complement". This is, like, the 3rd or 4th time I've seen this error in an article on Comic Vine. To complement means something goes well with another. To compliment means to make a flattering remark to someone. Back to the regular posts that matter . . . .

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I guess this is what I don't like about Axis and Marvel in general these days. I don't feel like I really KNOW the characters anymore. It's one mega story to the next, one #1 issue to the next. Even Spider-Verse is too crazy, too busy, and simply too much. I don't know . . . I could go on and on, but I won't. I'm just not enjoying too many Marvel books lately.