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@brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie: Oh how young some of you are! This is the ORIGINAL GotG that debuted . . . back in the 1970s I believe. They were always in the future (if nothing else, it may have been a slight rip-off of LoSH) but had a couple of time-traveling stories in which they met up with the Avengers.

So it's a ripoff of Justice League 3000 and further milking of a dumb franchise because theres a movie coming up. Keep up the great work, Marvel. *rolls eyes*

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Maybe they should call it "Dawn and Vampirella: Tits and Boobies".

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Here are the things I liked the most:

1. Quicksilver rocked! Wish he had more to do later on.

2. The future mutants were cool, but ditto - - same as Quicksilver

3. All the cameos at the end, very nice.

What I didn't like so much:

1. Not enough Quicksilver!

2. At least they could have had some sort of montage concerning the fates of some of the FC X-Men.

3. Outside of the basic travel-back-in-time-and-inhabit-my-younger-self, this was SO far removed from the "Days of Future Past" comic that is was . . . too different.

I agree with this review - - 4 out of 5 stars is just about right. Why did Anna Paquin get top billing along with Halle Barry, Hugh Jackman, Ellen Page, etc.? I mean, if that was even her, she had, what, a 3 second cameo with no spoken lines at all? I understand her parts were edited out so it must have been some contractual thing.

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I too would like to see an Obi-Wan movie that shows his life and actions between Episodes III and IV. Ewan McGregor is still a great choice to continue this role. It would be interesting to see him have interactions with Uncle Owen and Aunt Veroo and keeping watch over a very young Luke Skywalker. I'm sure the Empire is looking for Obi-Wan and Darth Vader can be involved somehow as well.

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** I guess 4 months is more like it - - but still, so far so good on the story!

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This is the first New 52 Superman storyline I'm enjoying. The art's good, the story flowed easily between these 3 titles, and the writing/dialogue was great! It seems as if it will be a somewhat short (2 or 3 months?) storyline, so buying all parts shouldn't break the bank. Or, just wait until the TPB comes out, save a couple bucks and then enjoy it!

BTW: Is it only me? I am SO tired of people using "meh" as their reaction to something they don't like (or don't THINK they'll like) and not much else. If you are going to critique a title or story, why not give us a few more details than that?

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That's EXACTLY what I was thinking! They showed his accident, his recuperation, his getting the costume and code name, the villain of the piece, and even how he defeats said villain (running opposite the tornado's spin). Of course, there's going to be more than this in the 42-43 minutes, but it kind of ruined all the cool parts.

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Wouldn't it be cool if the Sharon Carter show would feature a few obscure-ish 50's Marvel superheroes? For example, to think of one, the original Vision is currently appearing in Invaders comic book (not sure if he is still called this, though). Wasn't there even a 1950's Captain America?

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Some people seem to be negative and snarky about nearly everything DC is doing these days. I, for one, actually liked this #0 issue and it makes me excited about the series. Sure it has similarities to Marvel's "Jarvis" and "Age of Ultron" and other things, but I don't know that any modern superhero comic book can be too original these days. I don't LOVE the New 52, but there are some things that attract me. Instead of ragging on everything that doesn't catch my eye, I think I'll focus mainly on the titles and events I enjoy.

If I were a retailer, however, I'd probably be offering some incentives. Maybe come up with a punch card situation (buy 10 weekly issues, get one free . . . or something) because it is hard on the budget to buy a weekly. Certainly a decent discount could be offered if someone were to preorder and prepay for all 52 issues of the series. The same holds true for when September's tie-ins roll around.

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It seems to me, much like what we are seeing about "Days of Future Past", that they are going to use the title of "Age of Apocalypse", but not really try to follow what was an epic and great comic book story. It's like they have to shoehorn in the current "stars" of the X-films regardless of what the story should be about. I don't remember every single detail, but I know they will throw in a few mutants that weren't even in AoA while leaving out others. Mutants like Sunspot and Warpath were certainly NOT in DoFP (along with several others, while leaving out other mutants such as Angel and Nightcrawler).

I'll have to go into these movies viewing them as an "alternate universe", which they are, much like I watched "Smallville" in this light.