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If they did it would just be some temporary gimmick that no one would like and then their going to write it off like it never happened.

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 @madrid_san: I know the collections do contain issues from other series' I think I would only buy the major arcs(Age of Apocalypse has really caught my eye) since I so have access from 1-461. However, I do like the tactile feel to reading comic books. It's a much different experience reading it on my computer. As for other series' I've read the first issues of Uncanny X-Force and enjoyed it. 
@SC: I'm 20 as well. But I have only started reading comics since September and though I have always been a fan of X-men (from the animated series) this is my first comic experience. It's just the early issues seem to follow formula. They train, Xavier complements their progress, He then sends them to new enemy, they fail, think of plan to fight and win. But of course I can still appreciate that this is where it all come from. I just feel that I don't need to read EVERY issue maybe just the ones that introduced major characters like Juggernaut and Brotherhood of Mutants. And like you said I can always go back.  
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I am a fairly new X-men reader and recently my girlfriend gave me 40 years of X-men for my birthday. I have been reading the first few issues but I was wondering. Is there a good issue to skip to where it starts to get interesting? I find the first stories too simple and slow but it was nice to know where it all started. I am thinking of skipping ahead to where the next generation of X-men join but if there's a better place then please let me know. For those of you who don't know 40 years of X-men is a DVD that collects all X-men issues up to 461.

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I am fairly new to comics and one of the main series' that I read is Green Lantern. I started with Rebirth and I have been looking forward to catching up and reading blackest night. I just read Agent Orange and I have a dilemma. I am not sure whether I should read Blackest Night or Blackest Night: Green Lantern first. I will eventually read both but I am unsure which one to start with. Please know that I have avoided anything that relates to blackest night and would prefer it if no one spoiled anything to me. Thank you