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I just want to see Cyclops and Nightwing stare at each other....."Nice Costume"

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My problem is that it's not for any console. The graphics I can deal with. And while I did enjoy MUA 1&2, I'm not a big fan of that type of game play. Not my cup of tea but I see the appeal. I wish they would make another game like Rise of the Imperfects. Although I feel like the only person in the world who liked/played that game.

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Not really excited about the costume. But massively excited for this game!

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Can they publish a time line for every character? Maybe at the end of an issue give a real quick one of that character and their supporting cast?

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Bring Back Blockbuster

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Not to mention Superman gave him the name Nightwing...

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I'm ready for this. It will be impossible IMO to make Dick an equal with Batman as far as Gotham's Protector but I feel like this, the Court of Owls connection, and his plans to re-vamp Amusement Mile, are really digging Nightwing into Gothams very soul. His connection to the city is now as old as the Waynes. He Amusement Mile project is much like Bruce's plan to restore the city (he does have a bigger wallet).

Gotham is getting a new face. Amusement Mile is getting re done.......Gotham, Amusement Mile, Grayson Prince of Gotham, Clown Prince of Crime..... Isn't Joker supposed to be making a Grand Entrance soon????

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Cyclops. The first X-man, the leader, the one everyone looks up too (well did look up to). However since the X-men movies Cyclops has been seriously downplayed. If you watch those movies and focus on Cyclops he completely gets screwed.

Movie 1 - Too busy showing Jean flirt with Wolverine for him to really do anything.

Movie 2- Gets captured, mind controlled, then gets beaten up by Jean.

Movie 3- "Dies" in first 5 minutes of the god damn movie.

What happened was they took the fan love for Wolverine and mixed it with Hugh Jackman's star power. And the movie can't have 2 male leads so sucks to be Cyclops.

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@Duke_Nasty said:

Nay. I don't mind the red suit but the X shaped visor looks really bad.

This ^^

I just hope that they don't make him revert back to the boy scout. His character development into a military strategist has been fun and I like him better when he is put against certain problems that have what appear to be no win scenarios.

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@SmoothJammin said:

The domino mask is a little big but besides that, I'm sure I can get over the small inconsistencies in his uniform. Great news btw. I could not wipe the grin off my face after reading this. There's always hope an idea for a Grayson tv series will come to fruition. Until then I'll just have to settle for Young Justice, yeehaw!

Agree the mask kind of bugs me but I do like the overall style of the costume. Ravens eyes however scare the hell out of me. Is that supposed to be seconds before Trigon takes over or something?? Besides that I would have watched this every week. Hopefully this will be revisited with Cartoon Network doing DC Nation and Young Justice doing as well as it is.

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