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No I don't, but I do say that his face needs to be fixed somehow. That skinned look is just ridiculous.

And if he were to die, it wouldn't be for years from now.. when they're finally ready to pass the cowl from Bruce to Damian, I reckon that will be when the Joker dies.

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Some time down the proverbial track, I wonder what the Joker might have in store for Harper Row? (Fingers crossed she will be the new Robin)

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These characters are favorites of mine - and I LOVE the new Earth-2 - but the writing in Worlds Finest is so bad it makes me want to drop the book (even though I can't cause I feel the writing might get better with a new writer and there might be material about Earth-2 that would come up).

I also agree about Power Girl's suit -- why would it have to burn up every issue?! You would think that being a superhero and all, she would wear something that was made to be durable -- clearly the writers can't fathom that. (Costing Huntress a fortune in drycleaning btw)

And this thing about 'getting home" -- well PG & Huntress don't seem to be doing very much about it - especially if they developed lives and identities over her for the past 5 YEARS. Maybe it's just me i don't know but that needs to be sorted out.

Basically, I find ALOT of things wrong with this book --- but as I said, I can't bring myself to drop it cause I fear I might miss that flash-in-the-pan reference to some Earth-2 wonder... (grumble)

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Well doesn't there HAVE to be MJ if Gwen's gonna get the chop? And I'm a little worried about this "father's secret past" business - it might get old by the end of the second film if it doesn't get tied up soon....

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I would personally love her to come back :D

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Even though she hasn't been 're'-introduced into the New 52, Chloe Sullivan has been known by many of her fans as the information broker Watchtower on the long-running TV Series Smallville. Now that Barbara Gordon, former information broker Oracle, has got out of the wheelchair and into the cowl again as Batgirl, should Chloe Sullivan return to the New 52 and take up the guise of Oracle (or even Watchtower)?

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Loving how this article uses a fan redesign for the top image and then an image of Mr. Terrific saying 'suiting up' :D