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Supreme Marvel says:

" The Doomsday thing I'm not sure about. I will be happy if Clark completes his training in the first episode of season 8 and then fights him. But he should easily be killed by him without being at his true Superman self."

I wonder why everyone so hyped about his training we are talking about a guy who has beaten Zod, Bizarro, Brainiac, Zor-El, a group of Phantom Zoners and not to mention millions of other freaks that have appeared through out the series. At times I question why does he even needs training after seasons six and seven.

Oh and did you notice the comparison between the season 8 and the '8' shaped symbol Jor-El once carved on CK's chest?

As for Doomsday, I think they are going by the alien trapped on earth with amnesia route.

From what I could deduce from spoilers, Doomsday is an alien with no memory of his alien origins and living in a human body and going by the name of Davis Bloom, a bartender. He has a crush on Lois but she suspects somethings up with him. As the series passes Davis begins to transform into Doomsday and fights Clark outside of Metropolis. Clark kills and buries Doomsday and Doomsday claiming he will return one day and he will kill Clark.

Sorry, I hope you get what I'm trying to say here. I also think they should keep two actors for Doomsday one to play the Davis Bloome and another muscle bound actor to play the actual monster. Morever, in a way they have been building up for Doomsday like the phantom Titan Clark fought in season 6 he had a kryptonian symbol for warrior on his arm and Edward Teague from season 7 's

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BatgirlBabs says:

"hey hold uphow cool would it be if Alfred had kept a journal? I mean they could very easily play off the story line where Alfred had worked for MI-6 as a younger man (Like they depicted in an old TAS episode)...That would be so awesome....Just a thought"

That was the idea in the original script for a Bruce Wayne tv series. All the episodes were narrated by Alfred but the show never got off the ground thanks to the movie division of WB>.

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Saber striker says:

"Does Batman have a brother?"

Yes, he does in the old Silver Age time, Bruce had an older brother Thomas Wayne Jr. but after the Wayne's murder, he went into a mental state and was put inside mental hospital. Somehow he ended in a circus but somehow ends up being an assassin, meets his younger brother now Batman and in the end dies.

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BatmanBeyond says:

"Batman is possibly the best super hero around. Trust me, you will one day read about the real Batman in the papers."

Umm, you got a friend whose parent's have been murdered and has traveled around the world to perfect his mind and body to peak perfection and is going to prevent the apocalypse our world seems to be heading to ?

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Warlock360 says:

"Knightwing says:
"#Teasers for the next ep and it'sHUGE!------
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0:13! Anyone notice SOMETHING familiar??"

Lex: This is Smallville, predictable plot points, underused, these are REAL someone has to bring in better writing!


Oh, yeah you mean the part where Lex goes to the fortress or where Clark is holding the red cape (from Action) just before that scene? My mythology sense is tingling.

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What's fking annoying me is how people still despise the show, they write good decent script everyday and all people do is spit at their faces. I getting damn annoying. Just watch the show for what it is! Not every episode have to be apocalyptic the ep's shown during the strike were bad I know but no one had the sense to figure out it was due to the strike the writer's never got to polish their scripts and that the 8th season was to finally wrap up the series because the strike hindered that! But anyone think that NO!! All they could do is spit at the show and nothing and never could appreciate it! Well I;'ve your fanboy's suggestions and fanfic's they ALL SUCK BIG TIME. You are spitting at a series that DEFINED Superman and his characters for me and generations to come. So to all you fat, greasy, fools sitting in your armchairs: F * YOU!
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Buckshot says:

" Idea!"

Actually it looks kinda cool.

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"Why so Serious?"

From the new Batman movie
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The poster's cool but not very Batman-ish to me. Oh, what the heck I will watch it anyway.

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Smallville Apocalypse trailer and no Darkseid (snff....)

Still Awesome though.

For those of you confused, Brainiac takes Kara to the past through what we thought was a boomtube. Kara sends messages to the Clark in the future that Brainiac in going to prevent his arrival to earth. So Clark begins to think that everyone would have been better off without him. So Jor-El shows Clark a near perfect alternate universe that would have been if Clark never landed on earth. Lex is president, Jonathan is alive, Lois and Chloe are ace reporters, Kara is raised by the Luthors, Lana is engaged and finally Brainiac appears to be Lex's right hand man.

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