A Real World Ozymandias?

Before I begin, let it be known that the comparison to Adrian Veidt is a MASSIVE stretch, but still apt.

In my hometown, high school football is pretty big. Hailing from the East section of Irondeqouit, my old school's fiercest, most competititve rivalry is with the West section's high school. But our most hated rivals, are those from other suburbs. Most notably: Victor, the school that until the 2006-2007 season, was known to absolutely trounce Irondeqouit football. Since then, these two suburban schools have traded victories and playoff games. One would think that those who no longer attend either school would be uninterested (I myself, having graduated in 2011), but several players are legacies, usually younger siblings of former players. Several of which I remain friends with. And this is where the story builds steam.

(But before I go on, I want to make it clear that in no way am I suggesting what happens next has anything to do with foul play. The Ozymandias comparison comes later).

Despite consecutive playoff attempts, Irondeqouit had yet to make it to sectionals. Until, during the 2011 season, a popular student, player, and sibling of another legacy player, was tragically murdered. The team, school, and post-grad allumni rallied behind this and led charge 7-0, before losing in the round of sectionals to Victor. These weren't victories for themselves, but victories for their brother.

This was last season. Irondeqouit is currently 5-0. Tonight, Irondeqouit is facing its hated rival Victor once again. But two days ago, an "anonymous" letter reached and spread through the Victor school district and made the local news. In it, Irondeqouit is insulted and verbally called out by what seems to be Victor players.

Has the rivalry sunken this low?

Or, could the staff and coaches have forged this letter to inspire the team once again? Look at at the word choices, it does not explicitely curse at any point. It sounds like an adult who wishes to push the buttons of their particular team. Which itself, would not be a problem if not for the fact the VSD is considering punishing the Victor team until evidence proves otherwise. While our team will likely go out and play it's hardest, Irondeqouit's coaching staff may have bitten off more than it can proverbially chew. Legal action could even be taken against Victor students, as it violates New York state postal code.

Should the "writers" reveal themselves? Will by gones be by gones after East Irondeqouit's win tonight? Is this moral at all?

Posted by Renchamp

It better not have been written by an adult. It seems like kids who knew to step lightly, thus avoiding the profanity. Enough mistakes pepper this letter to show youth were the authors. As to the content, it's a pretty lame stunt.

Posted by Shotgun

I don't think a student wrote this..

Posted by KnightRise

Irondeqouit won 34-20.

@Renchamp: It bounces back and forth from outdated slang ("you HOTDOG", "hoodlums"), but also uses the personal insults that rival school direct toward Irondeqouit.

Posted by KnightRise

I'd hate to bump this, but East Irondeqouit just won the Section V championship tonight, and I'm so damn proud of the little brothers and legacies still at the old school! 9-0 (10-0? Lost count)

A few Victor players were suspended after the game last month. No one talks about it anymore, so who knows if they were really to blame...