A Real World Ozymandias?

Before I begin, let it be known that the comparison to Adrian Veidt is a MASSIVE stretch, but still apt.

In my hometown, high school football is pretty big. Hailing from the East section of Irondeqouit, my old school's fiercest, most competititve rivalry is with the West section's high school. But our most hated rivals, are those from other suburbs. Most notably: Victor, the school that until the 2006-2007 season, was known to absolutely trounce Irondeqouit football. Since then, these two suburban schools have traded victories and playoff games. One would think that those who no longer attend either school would be uninterested (I myself, having graduated in 2011), but several players are legacies, usually younger siblings of former players. Several of which I remain friends with. And this is where the story builds steam.

(But before I go on, I want to make it clear that in no way am I suggesting what happens next has anything to do with foul play. The Ozymandias comparison comes later).

Despite consecutive playoff attempts, Irondeqouit had yet to make it to sectionals. Until, during the 2011 season, a popular student, player, and sibling of another legacy player, was tragically murdered. The team, school, and post-grad allumni rallied behind this and led charge 7-0, before losing in the round of sectionals to Victor. These weren't victories for themselves, but victories for their brother.

This was last season. Irondeqouit is currently 5-0. Tonight, Irondeqouit is facing its hated rival Victor once again. But two days ago, an "anonymous" letter reached and spread through the Victor school district and made the local news. In it, Irondeqouit is insulted and verbally called out by what seems to be Victor players.

Has the rivalry sunken this low?

Or, could the staff and coaches have forged this letter to inspire the team once again? Look at at the word choices, it does not explicitely curse at any point. It sounds like an adult who wishes to push the buttons of their particular team. Which itself, would not be a problem if not for the fact the VSD is considering punishing the Victor team until evidence proves otherwise. While our team will likely go out and play it's hardest, Irondeqouit's coaching staff may have bitten off more than it can proverbially chew. Legal action could even be taken against Victor students, as it violates New York state postal code.

Should the "writers" reveal themselves? Will by gones be by gones after East Irondeqouit's win tonight? Is this moral at all?


His identity

I noticed in Green Lantern #13 that Waller, and President Barack Obama, are aware of the identities of Hal, John, and Guy (but not Kyle, who wears a decent sized mask). While this is a New 52 book, I'm curious: was Hal Jordan's identity public knowledge pre-New 52? In GLC #1, Guy and John discuss the thought of having started their career with masked faces. I assumed the purpose of the mask was to prevent such discoveries on Hal and Kyle's parts. If so, when was Hal's secret identity ever revealed pre-New 52?


NYCC cosplay

To anyone going, what/who are you going as?

Its mine and my friend's first Con. I'm thinking Darui and Killer Bee from Naruto, respectively. But with a comic twist: Black Lighting inspiration for Darui for me, and Etrigan inspiration for the rapping demon host Killer Bee. Basically Black Lighting and Etrigan cosplaying as Darui and Hachibi (or vice versa).

The two on the right

NOTE: this is not us. We don't have a third friend...


What do you think? And what is anyone else going as?


Trinity: Battle of the Analogues!

It has come to it (again?). Like them or not, they're the close to the very foundations of the superhero concept. The Trinity of Trinities in pitched combat to determine who is mightier: themselves or the replica of themselves, or the replica of the replica of themselves? (I'll do a second thread for that if this gets good).

The talent: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman

Wil be facing:

Giggity...er, I mean Glory


and now: here's something I hope you'll really enjoy

While Image vs DC certainly isn't new, let me know if this exact thread exists. Battles will be both one-on-one and team-based. Pre-New 52 for all.

Round 1: In character (whether moral-less or not). One-on-one/two

Round 2: Morals off. Bloodlusted. One-on-one/two.

Round 3: Morals off. Bloodlusted. Team DC vs Team Image, but no speedblitz. I repeat, the powerhouses will not speedbliz.


Superman vs Apollo: a large metropolitan city at 12 pm, completely abandoned with all the buildings, loci, and objecta one would expect in a city. No BFR, but buildings are subject to damage.

Batman vs Midnighter: an abandoned warehouse with equal parts lit and dark. Two stories, with a perimeter landing between the first and second story. "Garygoyles" between ceiling and secind floor. Several large wooden crates and moving equipment littered throughout. (Scenario sounds pro-Batman, but I'm accounting for M's metahuman abilities).

Wonder Woman vs Glory and Zealot: outside the crumbling Greek panthenon along a shore consisting of a ground level, a wide flight of stairs, the panthenon itself and sourrounding grassy hills. Lit by several flaming torches and puddles. Ancient weapons are scattered throughout, weapons will not break with use. No BFR, but structures subject to damage. Glory and Zealot start with spartan shields.

Team DC vs Team Image: the same metropolitan city from Superman/Apollo, just after dusk: fairly bright sun but dark in some areas. Puddles everywhere. Batman and Midnighter start on a roof top. WW, Glory and Zealot start on the ground.

Prep and Equipment:

Superman vs Apollo: No equipment, of course. Knowledge based on experience from crossovers for rounds 1 and 2. Will recieve what Batman/Midnighter read on ComicVine as well in round 3 (see below).

Batman vs Midnighter: Standard gear shown on a regular basis, including sonics and explosives. (I don't know Midnighter's standard, so untill someone tells me assume two silenced glock 9s with four clips of armor piercing rounds plus whatever he usually has). Batman is given 10 minutes to read Midnighter's ComicVine entry and Midnighter is given 5 to read Batman's for rounds 1 and 2. Knowledge from previous experience for both fighters, plus Vine information in all three rounds.

Wonder Woman vs Glory and Zealot: Standard gear (lasso and bracelets for WW, Glory and Zealot start with Spartan shields) in round 1 and 2. Knowledge based on previous experience. Will recieve what Batman/Midnighter read on ComicVine in round 3 (see above).

Team DC vs Team Image: Batman is given 20 minutes to read Team Image's and Midnighter is given 10 to read Team DC's ComicVine entries. Wonder Woman has her magic sword, and Glory has her magical sword while Zealot has an indestructible Kherubian sword. Members of each team will recieve what Batman/Midnighter read, respectively, plus knowledge from past experiences.

Long OP, I know, but I wanted it to be specific. Scans are a must, of course. Who triumphs? The golden poster-children or their badass counterparts? Have at it!



Batman vs Cassandra Cain; Can she do it?




The her


Pre New 52 for both (obviously)

Abandoned factory, with equal parts lightened and dark, two-leveled with several large crates scattered throughout, with perimeter landing between the ground and second floor but no ceiling. Several "gargoyles" between perimeter landing and the second floor ceiling.

Battle will not leave the factory.


Morals on; Cassandra is not looking to kill, but will fight as hard as it takes to beat Bruce.

Both are looking to incapacitate or force the other to submit by any means, within character. (See above line).

No outside help, including the bat swarm. Strictly one-on-one.

Fight may shift between hand-to-hand and Arkham-esque predator (I dont know if theyll think predator combat will be effective, but if you can argue for it so be it).


All canon knowledge of and experience with each other remains.

No prep for either combatant (Seriously, giving one character prep is stupid and counterproductive).

Standard gear for both; anything shown to be kept on hand on a regular basis. (Including sonics and exploding projectiles plus batarangs, grapple guns, etc).

Encounter begins with both characters 30 feet away from each other, both in dark areas.

Can Cassie beat Batman? Will the Dark Knight prove to be the best Bat there is? Scans are crucial, of course. And explanations are mandatory, no "...curbstomps". Thats childish. Any plausible pysche manpulation is welcome. I did check the forum for a one-on-one battle like this. I didnt see one but in the likelyhood that it exists, link and lock me. Have at it!!!

EDIT: Cassandra can talk but still has semi-pre-cognition


Identify these gods; Who are the Circle of Eternity?

This is indeed quite late, but I didn't see this thread on the forum. (Trust me, I searched.) As every single Viner knows by now, the, what seems like one month and four day old, Free Comic Book Day issue of DC's the New 52 was definitely not without its shockers. Yes, I know what anyone unfortunately bored enough to read this meek blog is thinking: "Man, I bet KnightRise is a handsome devil." Ok, jokes aside: I'm an 8/10...But seriously: I am. Anywho, back to comic book speculation. One of the biggest reveals was tenderly touched upon in G-Man's article. The issue revealed a group of ominous and adherently powerful players in the magical realm of the DCnU. Who are the Circle of Eternity? Specifically, what are the names of the higher beng that make up this diverse new Pantheon of gods? I've taken the liberty of dubbing them "the Magic Maestros" (Atentive readers will catch tthe two Hulk references). So, which gods are they? And what is their authority over magical affairs and the great and powerful wizard Oz Shazam himself? Its something that been driving me a little crazier than usual (So she grabs a kitchen knife to defend herself...) and rather than take an hour or two to Google ancient world gods, I'm presenting the question here. Who are they? Whoo-oo, whoo-oooo? (I really wanna knowww and I also love the Who.)

I'm seeing Mid Eastern (possibly Sumerian/Mesopotamian), Celtic (based on red-hair and flannel-patterned frock), Chinese, African/Aborhiginee, clearly Egyptian, clearly Japanese, and Meso-American.

Does anyone know for sure? Any mythology buffs that already googled all this? Any guesses? Hell, any comments? Anyone? At all? Please?


DC's new gay character?

Word hit the internet today that DC will be reintroducing another character as gay to the new 52. In an interview,

DiDio has stated that it will be an already established, currently heterosexual character. After ripping a few interweb bigots apart with inate weapons; such as logic, rational thought, and good 'ol 21st century sense, I found a few articles like this one:


Any ideas on who this soon-to-be-outed character my be? And will he/she be a male or female? Or human?

My guess: Vibe

Vibe is already returning, implied by the Free Comic Book day fold-out. And look at that totally 80's costume and super sick dance moves, they're practically parade worthy. DC would be doubling up (or halving, according to internet oligarchist) with another gay, non-white superhero.

Do not think that this ascot and deep-cut V-neck reflect my sexuality, papi chulo

Plus, considering the fact that he was featured in this week's DC Nation Shorts, that may have been his first reintroduction to watchers. However, if DC is going for diversity, it might be a little off-puting to have two or more homosexuals of latin decent, including Bunker and Renee Montoya if she still exists...other races can be gay too ya know!

Any other guesses anyone wants to share?

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