Which Batman Incorporated character needs his or her own book?

So far we've gotten a lot of reintroductions to past characters due to Grant Morrison's run on Batman. My question is, who deserves their own book, (mini or ongoing).

We've already gotten these characters-

  • Knight and Squire (mini)
  • Batwing (ongoing)
  • ...and that's it.

There is tons of different characters and teams that have a lot of potential- if you need any suggestions to get you started I'll list them below and link them-

Personally, I think The Hood could get his own book and maybe a book with both Cassandra and Stephanie as partners?

Food for thought, tell what you think.

Posted by Ironhawk22

All of them! I don't know maybe they could relaunch the Outsiders with all of the old Inc members with the Outsiders mixed in(we've already got Halo, Looker, & Freight Train) with Bryan Q. Miller and Chris Burnham.

Posted by batshrine

I say I want to see the Outsiders and most importantly the forgotten Batman Inc. characters. Black Bat, Spoiler, and Nightrunner! Morisson has completely ignored these characters and it is a shame.