Red Hood getting an Arsenal story

One of my favorite books that I have on my pull list is Red Hood and the Outlaws. My reason for this is because the storyline's don't focus on just one character but all three. But so far we've had the storyline's have central characters to revolve around- Jason for the first storyline (with a sub plot for Starfire), a mini storyline for the Court of Owls, a storyline revolving around Starfire (what is the Thirteen!?), and now once again a storyline revolving around Jason for 'Death of The Family'. My question is when are we going to get an Arsenal storyline? We've already gotten a little tid-bit of a story during the first few issues and he's been the major storyteller during the Starfire story, but there is so much undiscovered potential for Arsenal that I would kill to see put out in the Red Hood book.

Also, I haven't read the Green Arrow zero issue so I was just wondering what mention Roy's had in there. Comments below would be good.

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Posted by mpierce2690

I'm kind of curious how exactly Roy is going to tie into Ollie's Green Arrow history. It's not like Ollie is very young, and even though I've been reading the book from the start, I really don't have a feel for how long Ollie has been around exactly. Red Hood and the Outlaws is a great book, but it's kind of had moments of screwing up continuity like Roy asking Kori if she remembers her time with the Teen Titans (without calling it a team or using the team name though), even though by all appearances the current team is the only team that has existed in the New 52.

He seems to have definitely been Ollie's side-kick at some point, which makes me wonder if Green Arrow is like Action Comics in the sense that it doesn't take place at the same time as the rest of the continuity. There's just a lot of questions so far.