How about someone hits the reset button and everything returns to the way it was before any of the Crisis's. Don't get me wrong... great stories... but I long for simpler times.

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I'm a sap...

I've actually cried a lot reading comics. And as pathetic as it sounds... I actually cried when Superboy died... yeah I know... pathetic!

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"Now lets not blow this out of proportions." ~Ledger

"NO really lets..."
actually it's not blowing it out of proportions to say:
This movie takes Batman to a place darker than anything it has ever seen before. There is not a single scene out of place, and just enough subtle humor to keep the darkness from engulfing the audience. Heath Ledger's performance was outstanding. He gave the Joker a sense of humor that made you want to gag and laugh at the same time. He captured this horrific character perfectly and completely disappears inside the character. I will be seeing this movie many more times, because that is what it's is going to take to truly and fully appreciate the movie.

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Identity Crisis

Yeah um the first one I ever read/bought was Identity Crisis. I basically thought, "I want to read comics, hmmm... this one has pretty pictures..." I was really lost with the plot... and yet it still got me hooked. :)

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go me... again

You match well with...

Da na na na na...Batman. Where do you get those wonderful toys? You are the Dark Knight. Money, cool gadgets, little boys in tights...what more could you ask for?
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go me

You match well with...

Wonder Woman
You were meant to be worshiped by men and woman alike. You are strong as steel but can easily get in touch with your feminine side.
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War Crimes

Okay so i read Batman War Crimes, and now I am pacing around extremely upset. One of my favorite Batman characters Leslie Thomkins, seems to get booted out of the picture when she purposely lets Stephanie (Spoiler/Robin) die! no matter how much stress she was under that was just WAY out of character. I can't believe it1 i mean after getting through No Man's Land , I'm pretty sure she could handle the gang wars. Besides she cares about Bruce too much to just let him blame himself! This was INSANE I mean like Arkham insane!

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