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How long will it last? Until DC liberals decide to change it. DC is just like Star Trek and other comics. Relationships work only to a point then it comes time to change. How many DC couples have lasted more than a few years before someone dies, differences tear them apart or we get some universal restart? All the GL's? Hawkman? Swampthing? Flash was on and off. Atom? Now the rewrite of Alan Scott throws his out the window. Shall I go on? Personally, I thought the two would be good together (see Kingdom Come) but in the DCU, I'll believe it when I see it five years. Long term, couples just do not make for good stories and this one? What story lines are you really going to have about the "super couple" that's going to be THAT interesting?

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Saw the first episode. Okay, you can argue about animation vs CGI all day. Let's not forget that this WAS a Green Lantern epsiode, not Batman, not Superman or some idiotic version of Teen Titans. At least they are trying and the storyline wasn't half bad. Nice to see Ganthet still going around the Guardians to get things done. My only complain is the actual figure work. Just like Batman and SUperman, we have individuals draw with a chest five times too large. What is it here? Are they housing a few hundred chest bursting alien larva? I mean, I don't mind the extensive muscling but really, do we have to have normal humans look like their chest is going to explode? I would add that this type of artwork seems to apply only to male chracters. Wonder why? Guess the artists don't want to expand the DCU in that way. LOL

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No one should be amazed at what Sinestro can do. He worked with Abin who, we were told, delved into the Book of Oa so he probably picked up some secrets he passed on. Also, Sinestro was likely to experiment with his ring more than anyone else (he's the type) and probably in ways that the Guardians would not have approved of had they known. As Sinestro quite cleary showed, the ring is connectd to the will power and the mind (imagination). You think what you want strongly enough and it happens. Compare what little bit of intelligence and imagination Hal has used over the years. Green boxing gloves? Come one. Sinestro is right, Hal really only used his ring in a small way. Sure, he has will power but when did he actually use it to fix things? Afterall, as Hal said himself in Justice series, he is responsible for an entire sector, he's the law. Yet how many times have we seen him bound by Earth laws, rules and governments. A GL should realistically be beyond that. I think Sinestro, however you want to argue right or wrong, did. He solved his world's problems and, conjecture here, was able to focus on the rest of his sector. The Guardians did say that his sector was the most ordered. How often have we seen Earth GL's do anything anywhere other than Earth and Oa (unless some specific mission came up)? There is a WHOLE sector they are supposed to work. Getting back to Sinestro's knowledge. He probably has delved more into the back history of the Guardians and the ring as he knew sooner or later, he would defy them. But what about his training? Was he trained by someone who knew more than what we have seen? The big Wog, according to the past series, had his instructor die before much training happened. Kilowog may not have been taught the full extent of his ring before he became a trainer. Training Hal, Wog simply did not know everything or perhaps considered some "tricks" unimportant. Nonetheless, whatever the truth is, I would fully believe that Sinestro knows as much, if not more about the green than the Guardians themselves.

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Whaaat?! Kill the Guardians! Why would anyone want to think such a thing? Think of all the good they've done. Krona - hence the Anti Monitor and infinite crisis, plus the latest War of the Lanterns, the crazed Manhunters now thrown in, Sinestro, Parallax (thanks so very much G's), Nekron and the black lanterns, the whole war of lights thing and banishing their best Lantern. Hmmm. Can we roast marshmallows at the pyre? The blue guys are in SERIOUS need of Dr. Phil!

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I'll wait and see how these changes go for the GL corps, the only series I do follow. With these kind of reviews though, looks like DC may have lost this reader again. Just when story lines were getting good, DC has to do a big turnover again.

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I would make a suggestion but somehow having vomit bags in theatres probably wouldn't fly. About the worse costume I've seen, even compared to the "Holy nipplage Batman". What have these guys been smoking? Nightfang, hey, at least you tried. The second, brighter color version looks better but as the saying goes, a pig with lipstick is still a pig. Costume sucks!

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 What a question to ask, "How's the uniform?" Great Caesar's Ghost! Kal was wrapped in swaddling clothes at those became his uniform, I seriously doubt any baby would be wrapped in that kinda stuff. Then again, who knows. Perhaps they will at least have a bulked up Superman this time. 
The question that SHOULD be asked is, "Why another Superman movie?" Holy Hannah, where's my kryptonite?  
Don't get me wrong. I'd love to see the Man of Steel in a decent movie, I just hope this isn't another rehash. Everyone in the world should at least know who Superman is by now, let's go ahead and get a decent story. A World's Finest pair up, beginning of the Justice League or better yet, installment number one of a decent Doomsday. 
Uniform? He don't need no stinking uniform, just a good story line and better acting!
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Have to agree with Avenging-X-Bolt. Sinestro coming back as a GL? Hey, he was ALWAYS in agreement for what the Corps stood for, just not HOW it was handled by the Guardians. The interesting part will be to see for whom the yellow ring tolls. As far as the Guardians, Jordan was right, they need help. They need SERIOUS psychological help. I was really disappointed that the issue with them ended so quickly with the entities vacating, there was no recovery. I suppose the entitiies were just that anxious to leave a vacuum. And Krona was a Guardian? When? He was labeled a renegade several times by the Guardians and they even tried to get rid of him themselves. He was the same race, does that mean all of their race are Guardians? The issue revelations went a bit quick, hopefully things will string out and some things get explained. If Ganthet is in trouble, what about Gardener?  
But to the topic - who knew that all Sinestro needed was a little Hal Jordan pep talk?
Ah well - all hail Thaal Sinestro 

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Quality is the issue. Poor story - bad box office. The problem with superhero/comic movies is that the people it's geared for, namely us, has certain expectations. When those are not met, not many want to see a movie. Personally, I have that feeling about t he Transformers movies. I loved the Transformers G-1 carttons and comics. The movies? Just couldn't get into any of the 'new' models of 'bots except Optimus. I mean, that was Megatron?? Sorry, first movie was watched and have no desire to see the others.  
Actors and actresses are not what they used to be, actually able to act, and most movie plots are told by their special effects rather than the cast. Consider any comic based movie and take out the special effects and what do you have? There are exceptions. The Batman and Spiderman movies have not been bad acting wise. Then again, all of the villians get killed, very un-like the comics. 
I also believe that the constant "re-start" movies are not doing anyone any favors. How many different beginnings do you want for Batman? It seems every comic based movie MUST start at the beginning be mostly that. Think about what you would rather see, another introduction to who, how and why Superman is or a very good Superman vs Doomsday movie?  
Will comic movies be on the slide? I believe so. Unless plot and acting improve, effects can only go so far and even then, the same characters can get old, ask Captain Jack Sparrow about that.

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Like everyone, who can guess? Being as how DC is wiping out those heroes in love, my bet was on Kyle. Obviously by now, we know Guy wasn't the one that got the axe. Hal? Hmmm, with DC releasing Green Lantern the movie with Hal Jordan, I can't see them offing him. Maybe some other role. John, yeah, he has a LOT of baggage now and the blue light showed him that he would be reunited with Katma. Hmmm. I am certainly looking forward to what's going on. I do hope that regardless, the future of the GL series will still include some of the other color ring slingers.
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