My current pull list. Divided between ongoing and mini-series then sorted alphabetically. Updated 7/15

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Posted by Katie24

I'm really looking forward to National Comics. I like the idea of a new creative team telling a new story every month. Maybe they will get some artist who usually don't do series's and usually just do cover art to do an issue, like Phil Noto or Adam Hughes.

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

How are you liking Dial H and Stormwatch?

Posted by knighthood

@DoomDoomDoom: Dial H is kinda hard to read, but I like it's potential so I'll keep pulling it for a few more months.

I'm about to drop Stormwatch. The writer changes and the recent artist change has really soured my opinion of that book. Which is sad, because I really like that group of characters.

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

@knighthood: Dial H was a little angular the first issue but I agree I'm pulling it for potential and pure curiosity. I'm still digging Stormwatch but I get starstruck by characters that are new to me.

HOLY SHAT, I overlooked your inclusion of Eerie, I know your referring to the Darkhorse issues but you should check out the original! My favorite comic series ever!

Posted by knighthood

@DoomDoomDoom: I am hoping to start picking up the Eerie and Creepy collected editions soon, but at $50 a pop I am taking my time.

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

@knighthood: I know what you mean, $50 bucks for five issues is step but there actually worth it.