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I like this group a lot, although I think I'd like it more with Emma (and the Cuckoos).

Iceman seems a bit out of place, if this is meant to be the outlaw team, but if I think about it like he's there because he feels a responsibility to keep Cyclops and Angel from going over the edge (which they both promptly did as soon as he left), then I think I could really be into it.

And including him, and for that reason, would be another cool reason to include Emma..

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@oldnightcrawler: I excluded Emma because I think she should focus on teaching the New X-Men group (like in the Gen X days). I purposely kept the trio of Cyclops, Warren, and Bobby because of them being founding members. With that said, I also excluded Beast because he is in the Unity Squad team. The idea isn't necessarily an outlaw team, but more of a publicly known X-Men force that can handle international relations (and have less ties to the school).

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@knighthood: yeah, I like all of these characters, but none of them really add anything to the school setting, whereas Emma really shines in that context.

I do think it seems very uncharacteristic of Cyclops to lead a team and not have any telepaths on it..

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No Emma Frost, nice.