Stormwatch Reset Thoughts

I'm not exactly thrilled with all the changes with Starlin's Stormwatch. Now with that said, I'm not saying that Stormwatch didn't need some drastic changes. Here are some of my thoughts...

  • Shouldn't Force be named Fuji? Seems like the same guy to me...


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Posted by arnoldoaad

I think this is the final straw for Wildstrom in DC

everysingle Wildstorm property in DC that got a title got cancelled, the only one left is stormwatch and it got rebooted, it kind of makes me think that DC is going back at the drawing table.

and as you said, yes this does present MASSIVE continuity problems with Demon Knights and with the Stormwatch of All-Star Western

Posted by Xaos

The problem here is the overall tone of these two universes : Wildstorm was born into the 90's anti- heroes stuff while Dc never really did that jump very well. (Oh my god, Azrael !)

So the integration those two worlds had to be very carefully handled, and alas, it wasn't made that way. They had to either mellowed the wildstorm characters, or harden the Dc universe.

I think they never really made that choice. It's disappointing, as the wildstorm universe had some potential here, some caracther, as Grifter, the Autorithy, have attained a level of visibility and iconic that could equal Wolverine or Batman. But they've don't handled that well.

Posted by knighthood

@arnoldoaad: I agree the state of Wildstorm characters in the 52u is ridiculous. Then again most regular DC properties are being handled horribly as well. Overall, I've never been a DC fan, but if they could muster up some decent Gen 13, Stormwatch, and Authority comics I would instantly add each to my pull list. Even a Majestic solo would be really interesting. Plus DC could arrange for some of the creator owned work to return I'd be super happy. Recently Vertigo is working on a new Tom Strong series and also a return to Astro City. Get Ellis involved in another Planetary series or Gene Ha (or Alan Moore) involved for more Top 10. Okay, I'm dreaming now.

@xaos: The tone has even changed artistically. Authority had wonderful cinematic spreads. I believe the first Nu52 team on Stormwatch tried to emulate that style a bit, but DC editorial didn't give them much time for story development. Now Stormwatch feels like a decent Marvel comic from the early 90's instead of the trendsetter it was in the late Wildstorm days.

Posted by JLArturo

I haven't read like the past 4 or so issues of SW so what I'm really confused about is how they explain this "new" Stormwatch team entering the DCnU. Because the whole point of Pandora & Flash fusing the "three universes together to create one" was supposed to eliminate anything pre-DCnU. So how is it possible for pre-DCnU characters to have survived even though DCnU characters and Pre-DCnU characters are supposed to be the same people?

Posted by Akindoodle

How does this affect the Demon Knights? I just got into the comic, so is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Posted by colonyofcells

Flashpoint was total nonsense used to give some explanation for those who like in story explanations for dc's frequent reboots. I miss the New 52 Stormwatch who unfortunately got erased bec. of low sales. Demon Knights probably will be cancelled soon bec. of low sales so I won't worry about Demon Knights. I prefer a Demon title set in current time.

Posted by knighthood

How does this affect the Demon Knights? I just got into the comic, so is this a good thing or a bad thing?


Spoilers follow...

DC just essentially just rebooted the universe into a universe without Stormwatch. So that would me they wiped out every appearance of the new 52 Stormwatch characters. Right? So would Martian Manhunter had nothing to do with Stormwatch? How about the Red Lanterns crossover? Demon Knights were that era's Stormwatch. So do they exist? Adam One/Merlin was killed shorty after this reboot's Big Bang. So I would assume that means he shouldn't exist in the Demon Knight books unless they want to say the Stormwatch reboot is out of continuity.

Maybe this page from issue zero with help with the Stormwatch/Demon Knights connection.

Posted by Akindoodle

@knighthood: Oh. Thanks but if Merlin never existed in Demon Knights continuity then what's the story with Etrigan and Jason? He's responsible for it after all. This is so confusing, they should have just left the lot of it alone... or was Stormwatch so bad they HAD to reboot it? and are the N52 Stormwatch really dead or merely replaced?

Posted by knighthood

@akindoodle: It was pretty bad, but that is what happens when you switch writers every 6 or 7 issues. The Stormwatch characters were not killed. The universe was just rebooted so that the Stormwatch team was never formed. They are currently reforming and making some changes along the way. Obviously if they are reforming from scratch in this century that means all ties to Demon Knights are severed.

Unfortunately Adam One/Merlin was the only person killed. And that happened shortly after the Big Bang. So I'm not certain how that will affect Demon Knights.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

i prefer the newer costumes. from what people have been saying, ll the book REALLY needed was a new writer.

Posted by sethysquare

I actually preferred the short haired Apollo.

Same. I hate the whole 90s stormwatch bullcrap.

Posted by Akindoodle
Posted by colonyofcells

Demon Knights should be ok since there will always be Merlin who is an icon in world literature. I never did like the idea of Adam One being Merlin bec. Merlin is such an important icon compared to an unpopular character like Adam One.

Posted by MidApollo

I really liked Apollo's and Midnighter's new 52 looks .... maaaaan. too complicated for my brain now :D


I never got into DC because their heroes seemed too light in tone, and I loved the Authority. This book actually got me to buy my first DC comics EVER, and now they're neutering it into the ground and now the only reason I look forward to each issue is because I'm hoping it will get better as opposed to looking forward to the next amazing plot point, action sequence, or gargantuan reveal. . Thanks DC editorial staff for crapping on these characters that outdid you. This is basically the same feeling I had when EA inked their exclusive contract with the NFL and the 2K series went away. Another example of business destroying innovation.

Posted by kamionero

I actually bought the compiled volume that included up to issue 12; I was actually really excited to read more, and I liked the Martian as an "ambassador" from the mainstream DC universe; I thought that involving such a big character with Stormwatch was a really ballsy move on DC's part. But apparently they really chickened out, because when I wanted to keep the story going i found this reboot within a reboot crap.

It is a HUGE shame... the first 10 issues were taking on a really interesting direction. The new one feels like reading Ultraforce or 90's Avengers.