My reasons Ben Affleck will be a great Batman.

The majority of the comic Vine community hates the fact that Ben Affleck is Batman. Its been proven time and time again that when it comes to casting actors, fans opinions are always Wrong. These are my reasons on why fans should calm down and give Batfleck a chance.

Reason # 1 : Ben was made to play Bruce Wayne. just look at the can't tell me he doesn't remind you of Bruce Wayne. Ben Affleck has the billionaire and playboy look to him. Ben also looks good in a tux which is good considering he most likely will be in a tux or business suit most of the movie until he puts on the cowl. Ben has the looks of a genius and not the looks of a "groupie" like some of the other people claimed to be auditioning looked like. For example Joe Manganiello was my second pick to be Batman but he doesn't have the " one of the smartest men in the universe" looks.

Reason # 2 : He has the right physical features

Ben Affleck is bigger than most people think. As of right now he is already two times bigger than Christian Bale ever was in TDKT. The actor/ director went though and intense workout to get bigger for his role in his film The Town. It has already been said that Ben has stated another intense workout with a trainer from Warner Brothers to get even bigger for his Batman role. Ben is 6'3 and a half which would make him taller than most actors to suit up as batman ( Bale was 6'0 and Keaton was 5'10). Ben has the square chiseled jaw and natural black hair.

Reason # 3 : Help with directing and Writing

Ben Affleck will make sure the writing script for the movie isn't horrible. He will most likely be asked for advice by Snyder. This also opens the door for Ben to direct future Batman solo movies and possibly a Justice League.

Reason # 4: He doesn't look bad in the cowl

Reason # 5 : Ben Affleck has been on a roll lately and all this negativity from fans is his driving force to do great

Ben Affleck's latest films ( Argo and The Town) have been great so expect his winning steak to continue into the DC Universe. This is Ben's chance to get back in Comicbook fans prayers after his Daredevil performance ( 10 yeas ago !!).

To conclude, I say that Ben Affleck will be the best Batman

Also check out the fan-made Man of steel trailer if you haven't so far

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Posted by havoc1201

AMEN BROTHER, I think he will pull a Keaton and by an amazing Bat, and maybe because he is a fan Zack and him will bring us a true version of the Batman, Gritty and a true stratagist.

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He will be the best Batman ever mark my words.


Damn bro, I totally agree!

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He just doesn't look like a batman to me. Not everyone who looks like a Bruce wayne or is big can be batman. He has to be able to play a tortured, dark, angry bruce wayne as well as the playboy bruce wayne. And then he has to play a scary batman. Bale did all of that. He has the look but I doubt affleck will be able to do all that. But he does look good in that cowl if that's him.

And fans aren't always wrong, Ryan Reynolds was bad in green lantern. But I guess we will see in 2015.

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Plus ben affleck was the shit in phantoms "high 5"

Posted by spinningbirdcake

Yeah he'll be perfectly fine as Batman/Bruce and possibly even better. And I'm sure Snyder will be able to make him a formidable opponent for what I really hope is only a third to half of the movie. Maybe we'll get to see the super paranoid planner Batman I haven't seen so far.

Posted by BR_Havoc

I feel you on this one. I mean people are so paranoid they are getting Ben Affleck ten years ago but he has grown as an actor and director since then so he will be a good one people just have to give him a chance.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

I totally agree.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

That is a great fan trailer

Posted by RustyRoy
Posted by Mega_spidey01

i think ben affleck will do the role justice.

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I admit I was skeptical at first but the more I think about it I think he can actually pull it off, and all the fan hate is just gonna make him work that much harder. My one concern with him to begin with was really that I associate him with another type of acting, but Anne Hathaway bothered me the same way and she was an amazing catwoman so im gonna shush until I see him in action.

Posted by BumpyBoo

Nice to see some optimism around here :)

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Agro's Oscar speaks for itself, but am I the only one who thinks The Town is hilariously overrated? I've never seen what most people think is so special about it.

Anyways. Don't love or hate Affleck at this point. Will reserve judgement until the movie comes out.

Posted by Black_Claw

Fans seriously need to remember the time they whined about Keaton playing Batman and Heath Ledger playing the Joker and just STFU already.

Posted by Wolverine08


Those comparisons aren't valid for Ben Affleck.

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I've grown okay with the idea, but if Mr. Affleck can do these things then I'll totally be good with him.(like he cares, lol)

1.) Get Huge. He needs to gain a lot of Muscle. I want Batman to finally be the big intimidating Bat that he is in the comics.

2.) A more classic hairstyle. Bruce Wayne doesn't need some trendy hairstyle that every celebrity has. He needs that timeless 1930s/1950s slick back look.

3.) Work on a good Batman voice. Batman main theme has always been about contrast. He doesn't need to go too far with it, just a Deep, dark, with bit of a whisper.

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Posted by conradoaccorsi

What did I write? I can't remember and I can't find the post either.

Whatever did I write sorry @citizenbane

Posted by Knightfall225
Posted by Jayc1324
Posted by Scrotes

I completely agree. I can't wait for that movie!

Posted by Knightfall225

me either I cant wait to hear the rest of the cast memebers

Posted by Bezza

The jury is out on Ben Affleck. I must admit I groaned when I heard the announcement, but well done for a positive thread for a change! Too many people have got a downer on this movie two years before it comes out!

Posted by BATDUCK

I read somewhere (I think the wiki for Daredevil) that Affleck was ashamed to wear a costume and that he vowed to never wear one again. His comment seemed very.. pretentious to me. That literally is the only thing holding me back from liking him as Batman. He definitely has the look and he has heaps of potential but still...

With said I hope they leave anything and everything Nolan behind. No more stiff-neck militarized Batmen please. I would much rather see an awesome urban/armored Batman costume (like Insurgency Batman from Injustice)

Just please... No. More. Nolan.

Posted by crazyAMRIT

@jayc1324: Ryan Renolds wasn't the thing which was wrong with green lantern, he actually played a better Hal Jordan than I expected. The Main reasons Green Lantern Failed was because of a crap script and Directing

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@nlghtcrawler: I actually think that injustice batman looks a lot like Nolan batman, especially the armor

Posted by Knightfall225

@nlghtcrawler: yea the costume will be a pretty big part in the movie as well.

Posted by HeWhoSees

AMEN BROTHER, I think he will pull a Keaton and by an amazing Bat, and maybe because he is a fan Zack and him will bring us a true version of the Batman, Gritty and a true stratagist.

If by true version, you mean YOUR version, I dunno.

Posted by spider11211

@jayc1324: Ryan Renolds wasn't the thing which was wrong with green lantern, he actually played a better Hal Jordan than I expected. The Main reasons Green Lantern Failed was because of a crap script and Directing


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I'm having positive thoughts about Ben Affleck being Batman and how good he'll be at that role.

We do have to take into consideration that the film comes out in 2 years, that's quite a long time and things can still change.

Great fan-made trailer for Man of Steel 2, only thing I'd have to criticise is (what looks like to be Batman's hand) holding down Can't wrap my head around that one for some reason, but that's just me being extremelly picky and grumpy about life. Overall, I like it.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

1. at least 5 other people were 'born' to do that. 2. BS reason. 3. nobody said that so BS. 4. other people would look INCREDIBLE in a cowl. 5. BS reason.

Posted by Knightfall225
Posted by theTimeStreamer

@knightfall225: because they are. come up with something better and we'll have a real conversation.

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Eh, I'll wait til I see the movie.

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I'm willing to give him a shot.

Posted by Jayc1324

@thetimestreamer: I 100% agree with you. No sarcasm, these reasons couldvo for a bunch of people not just Affleck

Posted by gor724

That is by far the best fan trailer I have ever seen.