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I'm liking this series, but they better not mess with the origin especially by adding this silly owl club conspiracy. It would be like changing the death of Uncle Ben to some conspiracy it won't work, DC need to change what's bad about their universes in this reboot, changing the stuff which was perfect is just straight up suicide. Bruce and his parents were the victim of a random crime, Joe Chill stood for all the injustice in the world, making it a conspiracy would mean that Batman is fighting revenge against one group of people, when the thing that makes batman great is that he is fighting an entire subsection of society, the people who do evil and ruin life's needlessly

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great ideas really, although Scorsese is a long long shot. Couldn't disagree more about Jesse Eisenberg in the part, I think he's a great actor but he has never really played a character as 'cool' as beast boy. I think Aaron Yoo would be fantastic in the role (not to mention make it a little less white), he has proven himself in these kind of roles in Disturbia and that horrible Friday the 13th remake. He would be my choice, loving the Donald Glover choice, perfect.

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Dwayne McDuffie said in an interview that he drew on his experiences dealing with his father, who was blind. I loved this arc, he was such an amazing writer.

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The first game is one of my favorite of all time, hope this one lives up to that!

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OMG I can't waiiit! But they for defs should have Static as a 60 something year old in their, he was the greatest in the animated show, no excuses guys, I'll have my fingers crossed..

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Couldn't agree more, and really well articulated. Maybe they could do a sequel to this years Green Lantern by having Hal in a supporting role and John Stewart as the main character, and then you know as a sequel to that do the same with Guy. Hope to see you writing more articles, this and Sara's are the best on this site.

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@doordoor123: Yeah I understand that, but what i'm saying is that the creative team has been fantastic. Also I don't care whether those characters are gonna show up in other books, they deserve a mini-series centered just around them. Also I hope more Milestone characters don't show up in Static, because that series is really bad at the moment. Also I don't think anyone wants anything written by Dan Didio...

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The Deadman run is definitely the best stuff I'm reading at the moment, but I knew it was going to end. I wish that after the Deadman run ends that they feature characters that the dcu has forgotten since the reboot, such as some Milestone characters, Captain Marvel, Cassandra Cain, etc. There are so many neglected characters that need to be revived that it seems silly to bring back a concept that was never really good. Ill read this even though I don't want to, and im also upset that they're changing the creative team, but at least they didn't do it during the Deadman run.

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"More Brains" Loving the tar zombie from Return of the Living Dead. One of my favorite movies

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Will Clive Owen be back in it? I haven't read those stories but I hope they bring Clive Back