Designs Revealed for New Characters on Young Justice series

Someone at Comic-Con was given trading cards for the new season of Young Justice, and on them were designs of characters that supposedly will be featured.

So far i think the YJ series is just okay, but with the inclusion of one of my favorite characters, Rocket, in the next season means that i just can't wait.
I was hoping that they were going to bring in Static but bringing in Rocket makes much more sense and i am more than pleased.
I wish these images were better quality but oh well.
I think they all look great design wise, and the Joker's depiction is a welcomed change from previous animated appearances.   

What do you guys think about Young Justice, the inclusion of these characters and the designs of them?
Here is the source - 
EDIT: I see someone has already posted these images, although i would love to spark discussion on the redesign of certain characters and the inclusion of Milestone alumni Rocket

 Hugo Strange, Monsieur Mallah, Brain, Zatanna, Rocket, and Wolf.

 Ocean-Master, Vandal Savage, Count Vertigo, Queen Bee, and the Joker