The Elite Order of Heroes........... a new Superteam(Marvel)

Members of brand new Superteam :THE ELITE ORDER OF HEROES


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these are mine , what's yours ?
Posted by misterz173

Haven't made mine yet.
Posted by arrowfan237

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I liked the DC one better. You inspired me to do my own perfect team list. Please check it out.
Posted by Mr.Q
Both have large rosters. You like playing with a loaded deck don't  you. Strength in numbers as they say.
Posted by Ultimate JSA

nice but i would have added wolverine, x23, doctor voodoo, or doctor strange as cor members
Posted by Hawkeye446
@Ultimate JSA: Doctor Voodoo is listed as a core member.. 
and, good list, some nice mentions to some of the more un-used Marvel characters, 
Posted by Mousse_Gallon

Very nice wonderfull lists! 
Im very tempted to make these 2 lists myself.

Posted by TheShame

Interesting inclusion of Nightwatch and starfox.  Good that you also included X23, i like the attention given to second stringers. 

Posted by doomsilver

These are some of my favorite heroes. Nice list.