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This list is interesting.
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But Stan Lee was 100% original.  None of his characters that he personally created or any others in the Marvel univers are similar in any way to any character owned by another company.  (or is it the other way around that no character of Stan Lee is anything but a knock-off of some other creater's tallent?) 
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how are argent and songbird similar?
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Who is Daredevil supposed to be similar to?


Dr.Mid-Nite, both are blind

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Multi-Man doesn't multiply

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Most of those are similar because they were meant to be, Supreme was a parody of Superman, Deadpool was a parody of Deathstroke, are there names a dead give away: Wade Wilson Slade Wilson

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@knight_savior: sorry about d mixup b4 i thought u meant ppl the characters under were based on them

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No Wonder Woman and Thor ?

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Gladiator is actually a direct Superman ripoff. Even his name is taken from Kal-El/Clark Kent (Kal-lark).

Typhoid Mary and Two-Face

Magenta and Polaris

Cheetah and Tigra

Imperiex is a Galactus ripoff

Prowler is similar to Batman

Carnage was inspired by Joker

Captain Atom / Silver Surfer

@vitalius said:

No Wonder Woman and Thor ?

Thor I would actually relate to Captain Marvel. Especially when he had to use the staff to switch forms. And then you can get into the lightning parallels, powers from old gods, all that.

Sif would definitely fit under Wonder Woman, though.

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@mightybiffer: I'm pretty sure it's the other way around. Plus 99.999…% of the DC/Marvel similarities is because Marvel is an unoriginal, copying comic company that likes to suck DC's ideas into their own comics, change the color scheme, different name, and TA-DA! Marvel's version of an "original" character. "Stan Lee is an amazing and original comic book writer!" Yeah that statement is complete BS

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mighty man(image) to go along with billy batson and savage dragon goes along with hulk. who is etrigan(121) similar to?

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interesting , however you seem to have put the spirit after midnight, the spirit was actually the first

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I think than Solar is more close to Dr Manhattan and Captain Atom, at least as concept. Visually is very similar to Cyclops, but the same is true about the Comet, the original version.