Vigilante Justice : can you take law in your hands ?

The Punisher and The Vigilante both men who takes the law in their own hands because the so called System failed  them . It got me wondering about our Justice System would our cities be more safe or less safe , if the Police be more proactive and stop criminals before they commit their crimes . C'mon the police sometimes either ( l'm not saying all the times )  knows the who, the why , the how and sometimes the where but because of  the system they can't act til the crime be commit . Logical says that we be more safe , that sounds good in theory, but if you factor in the human equations,  we won't known until after we implement  it to know the consequences. An if it's going down the hill how long would it be before we take vigilante justice to protect ourselves , in my opinion not very long   
you agree or disaree
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Posted by ComicMan24

It might be safer in the beginning but things could be much worse later. Nobody must have that kind of power in his hands. There must be limits. I am not saying that the law is right all the time, on the contrary, it makes a lot of mistakes.

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The law might not always be fair, but it's there for a reason. I real life Punisher would be a bad thing IMO.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Real life Punisher must exist. Now, please. >_>

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Do the Courts work? No.
Is Society corrupt? Yes. 
Is vigilantism a good thing? Not really. 
Is it the only way justice will be done? Yes.  
But that's just my cynical view. Think of it as you will.


Please  don't misunderstand me l'm not for it or against it , l'm on the fence with this because it may be good in the begining  but who knows in the future