Immortals of the DC /Marvel Universes

l'm a huge fan of The Highlander, the movies and the TV show , in it they got a rule , they can't fight on holy ground  between the Good and the Evil mortals but l also think  there another rule that they must protect each other from mortals . l mean to make sure people (mortals) , don't find out that they are immortal because if people find out there are other people who are immortal it wont be long before they be hunted or experiment upon . And it got wondering about  the DC and Marvel universes and theirs immortals and long lived humans , people who are not immortals but have extremely long life,  do they have a rule to protect each other l mean the Good ones and the Bad ones. For example, would  Vandal Savage protect Arion if people find out his immortality , probably not  but if it threaten his surival ?........ who knows
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Posted by batmanbeyond234

Depends on the person,really.