Vampire Movies : What the Hell Happened ?

First off let me say I loves vampire movies ,  all types of vampires movies from the funniest ( Love at First Bite) to the dramatic ( Dracula)  but I reach my limit when" Twilight " came out . Now all these vampires are brooding whiny little bi***es now. They was brooding before but  they could back it up , now their pining ( more like whiney)  for their lost loves or some other crap   Where are true vampires ?  the ones who mesmerizes the women first then try to turn them into theirs plaything  ( you know what I mean) only for the hero to stopped them in the nick of time . Now we have to watch them explore they're feeling about some woman who look like some other woman they knew long time ago , WHO CARES ? not me    
If you agreed with let me know , if not keep it to yourself  
(P.S. Before you ask , NO I didn't see the first " Twilight " and I didn't see the second either  nor do I want see the third one )

2010 : Where are the flying cars ?

When I was kid 30 years ago , I always thought we have flying cars or living on the Moon or Mars by now . it was because of my love for comics  I dream of the day we be all have flying cars  or teleporters like Star Trek  or living on Space Stations but  my question is , WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED ?  where are then Thomas  Edisons, the Nikola Testlas the next generation of inventors and scientists who supposed put us in the 21st Century  instead we're still stuck in 20st Century  ( Technology-wise) . Granted , the only  advancement  I see is Computer Technology (Internet)  but  EVERYTHING  else as it was twenty years ago ,   I think  problem is people is looking to the government for these advancement  while they  should be look at the private sector .  I don't want to waited 75 years from now before NASA  get us back to the Moon ( good chance I'll be dead by then) or another 100 years after that before we have a colony  on Mars . I say no later than 15 years from now we should have at least a small lunar colony  that get the ball rolling  but we got  to start the planning now  not one year before we do it  .  ( P.S. don't get me started on the Space Shuttle)
That 's my opinion , what's yours ?  but in your opinion ,  there  have been advances and  If I 'm wrong please correct me, there be no hard feeling

Star Trek : should they bring it back

It been about  five years since the last star trek show was on the air ,(Enterprise R.I.P.) . And I think it about time they should bring it back c'mon the movie " Star Trek " last year shows that people are still interested  in the show  . Now question is what type of show  should it be, should they continue from the movie or should  they start with brand new crew in 25th century. Both are good TV series ideas but my idea would have the show explore the history of the Federation and Star Fleet from the begining and special moments in it's history and get to know more people other than Kirk,Picard and their's crews . Well that's my opinion , what yours ?

Superman & Lois are they spending too much time together ?

'We got to stop Meeting like this People are starting to talk"
Is it me or does anybody else notice that Superman and Lois  spend wayyyyy too much together ? yes , I know they're married    and of course, I mean in DC universe , I mean think of it Superman constantly saves Lois and nobody thinks nothing of it , I think everybody knows that Lois is married to Clark Kent right  C''mon , people must think something going on between them  except for Perry and Jimmy . Superman always seem to be around when Lois get's it trouble  and nobody question it , you would think somebody like Cat Grant  would be thinking  Lois is having affair with Superman   . In my opinion . I think Lois and Clark ,when he's Superman , got  to be more careful when their together or people going to get the wrong opinion  about them if they don't already    
What 's you 're guys take on this ?

MOVIE REMAKES : second time around

 which of your all-time favorite movies would you  like see updated ? it  maybe an action , comedy or sci-fi flicks , it could be ten , twenty or thirty years old  as long  as they didn't made one already (NO STAR TREK  ,SORRY)

COM-CON : Have one on the East Coast also

I know they have Com-Con in San Diego ( or San Fran ) every year, An every time it makes me mad that I can 't go.  for one , I can't afford to go and two , it 's on the West Coast  . I only been to two comic books conventions in my entire life , the first time was about  twenty years ago  when it came to my hometown  only once  and the second time was  a couple of years ago and for that I had to go to New York  it was just about over when I heard about it,  even then I couldn't get anything because I was almost broke   when I did went  . Now I don't know if they have a major Com-Con here on the East Coast , if they do you can disregard  this . But if they don't,  I must not be the only one wish we had one here  too  at the same time the one in San Diego  ( preferable in New York and enough time to know about  it , about two weeks notice).................What 's your opinion on this ?  


When did all of today's Saturday morning cartoons started to suck ? I mean,  I can't think of a decent one on right now,  What happen to all the great ones,  when we was kids ( well some us who can remember the 70's and 80's)  they had  some of the best .  I know some you will ' WHAT ABOUT CARTOON NETWORK'S BOOMERANG THEY SHOW CLASSIC SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON ? Well I'm sorry I don't access to that , sue me   I use love SCOOBY DOO, SPEEDBUGGY, THE GROOVY GHOULIES, THE SUPERFRIENDS, AND THE BLUE FALCON  . What was favorite Saturday morning cartoon when you  were a kid ?

Captain Kirk(1966) vs Captain Kirk(2009)

I just finish watching 2009 " STAR TREK  "  and  it got me wondering, who is better captain?  granted they're basically the same man and  we only seen (alternate timeline) Captain Kirk  once ( hopeful we see another movie soon) but to me he could make a bigger name for himself  then (original  timeline) Captain Kirk , but that just me . WHO DO YOU IS BETTER ?
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