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The first appearance of the spidermobile was when  I was a early teenager and it was cool to think about cars and other things, it made the comics have a lighter note and I miss those days, comics are an escape from troubles and should have lighter notes to the battle of badguys.
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It depends on who is going to stay and go, in each case the reason should be different.
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The word boner was used overly in the 1950's, case in point there were science films I watched as a teenager in the 70's that the narrator was always saying that science had pulled a boner, which broke the class up in laughter. I still make the mistake of calling flip-flops by their 70's word tongs.
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The real question is was the superhero already a hero in his/her own right or did they become heroes all together. Case in point is Fantastic 4 they became heroes together, where as X-Men, Avengers, Justice League of America, ect... they were already heroes who bonded together to work as a team. It really is the question of individuality of the hero and if they are already known as heroes or not.
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The issue as for president is that they have to be born in the United States, and how many superheroes are willing to give up their secret identies and open their lives to the deep background checks which are part of the election issue. Most Superheroes have secret identies to escape from the problems like that, or their secret identies are just a fake personality to cover up their real lives.
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Ted had his moments and I agree NOT to bring him back, where all heroes deaths are to save humanity, Ted's was a very special sacrifice. Let him rest in peace and be honored as a hero.
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Of course there will be a female in the movie because of equal rights, but I have to agree about Batman NOT needing a love interest. I would love to see Batman getting his famous sidekick Robin. But not a robin that is already grown, I want to see a younger person in their early teens the way it was started in the 1940's.
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It will be a trial of "he said she said" in other words they can't prove that Bucky was or wasn't acting on his own mind. If he can remember the past crimes, then he is guilty because he was thinking for himself. If he has no memory then he is innocent. But with the court system it is NEVER cut and dry there is always many gray areas.
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Joker had his own series at one time, as long as the creators did not fall into a pattern of the villian always going free or always getting captured. Also they would need to tone down the grusome details for young readers.
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It is like in the Longbow Hunter of Green Arrow, Diana told Oliver she would NOT marry him because she did not want to make orphans. Super Hero is a very dangerous business even if the creators can kill them off and bring them back. If they have kids, the children should become their TOP prioity in their lives, in other words RETIRE.