Comic Fails #08: Claremont & The French Mystakes.

I will say you what we can read  in french:
 "Mom ! And you straight on ?" instead  of  "Maman ! Tout va bien ?"

"çe" and "ce'st" don't exist. So, it was "En plus, ça change..." and "En plus, c'est la même chose".
We can read in New Exiles "Madame Président" instead of "Madame LE président" or "Madame LA présidente" (we can say it but it isn't very correct because "président" was only male until a few years ago) and "Mam' selle" instead of  "Mam' zelle" to say "Mademoiselle". It is an oral expression, so if we write it, it is with a "z". The word "selle" means "saddle" or "stools" (in the plural).
And, writing this, I hope writing english well enough to be not ridiculous...
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