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I was about to message every one of my followers, but I remembered seeing this reboot of my original thread (which I am sorry for not getting back to, things just became a little too hectic in reality.) I wanted to tell everyone that I will be returning to Comic Vine here shortly with new chapters throughout each of my series and would also like to tell everyone to check out the last work done by myself and moviegeek17. There will be new additions to this series as soon as I get a grip of a Word Processor, lol. Until then, I hope you enjoy and please, please, please tell us what you think via comment :)

Huntress: Trauma (Part One)

As well as a full collection of works, which you can find here:
Table of Contents

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@TheWitchingHour: And I will do! Friggin' sweetness!

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This is awesome! It had me laughing so much!

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I am so glad you thought it was so great! That is awesome! It had you sitting on the edge of your seat and glued and that is what I like to hear!

YESSS! I'm so happy and THANK YOU, I don't know if I'm that good, but thank you very much! I wouldn't reject them if they asked me to, lol. ;)

I am glad it all worked out, as your interpretation. It's probably correct, the relationship they share is not a normal or a nice one, hehe.

THANK YOUUUU! -blushes-

I hope you enjoy the next as much as this one! :D

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Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed!


"One hand remained resting on her neck as the other slithered up her arm, down to her thigh and then back to her waist. His fingers raked at her skin, tangling with the skirt of her uniform" Semi-soft-corn-porn! :)

You are now the third person to bring it to my attention ;) This is going to be a bit more risque, but nothing too explicit, he he. I have to admit though, I like the steamy ^-^

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@The Impersonator:

Thank you! I am glad you liked it and that you are looking forward to chapter two!!

Also, thank you! It feels good to be back posting the fan-fictions! :))

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Thank you! It is appreciated! I hope more people check it out as well as I hope you read those chapters and get your work finished :D I understand completely, there is no rush! ^-^

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Ha ha ha! Good point, good point... I figured I'd ask, though I do appreciate you bumping it!

I'm starting to feel needy for feedback and attention, tehe ;)

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Thanks for bumping it! Did you read it, yet? He he :)

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Thank you VERY, VERY much! I am glad you enjoyed this chapter and that you look forward to the next one!

Perfect? Wow! Thanks again, that's an awesome compliment and it's much appreciated. Here's hoping I continue to do so! :)