Original Fan-Fiction: Monicka #3 "the Scandal" (Rated M)

Original Fan-Fiction: Monicka #3

(If you haven't already, follow these links to the predecessors of this issue. #1 Introduction and #2 Bruce Wayne)

Title: "the Scandal"

Story written by: Kisser Ne

Rated: M for Mature

Appropriate for audiences 18+, may contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity or profanity...

A couple of months went by and I thought things were perfect. Heck- I thought they were more than perfect. Bruce and I were now closer than ever before and to boot, we were lovers. He was my very first and he was my one and only... I assumed that I wasn't his first, but I did believe I was the only one for him. Of course, it seemed that time would only tell. Even though our love had grown over the months, he was still a complete mystery to me. I learned about his past from him and even his present. He told me about his childhood, his parents, his butler, and his profession but it seemed that the more I discovered about the man that I now cherished, the more there was a piece of the puzzle missing. I couldn't help but feel that he was hiding things from me. He never could explain to me or tell me about the nights where he'd disappear or the mornings where I woke alone with a note by the bedside. When I noticed the injuries on his body, the claw marks, the cuts or the bruises, he always had an excuse and being a foolish and naive girl- I accepted them without question. I was too afraid to dig or beg for the truth and I preferred to keep it that way. We were happy and I liked being happy for the first time in my life...

"Monicka," Bruce stated as his eyes ascended from the breakfast platter that sat before him.

"Yes?" She replied, looking up quickly as her heart began to race.

"The mayor and his wife are having a celebration dedicated to my company. It's another charity ball," he said as he stood to his feet and walked over to the mocha-skinned woman who sat at the other side of the long table. He knelt down next to her and took her hand in his as he allowed a large smile to grace his lips.

"And?" She whispered as she tried to tame her nerves, feeling her lips curl as she positioned her body to face him more comfortably.

"And I would like you to be my date for the event," He said as he bowed his head to kiss her hand.

"Well, what about our relationship being a secret and kept private? Won't taking me to a dance ruin that, Bruce?" She inquired as she tried to contain every ounce of excitement that flowed through her body. "Please say you don't care, Bruce. Please?" She thought to herself as she bit her lip and waited for his response.

"Well, perhaps, it's time to take off the mask." He said, giving her a warm smile. When the young woman heard the words leave his mouth, she shrieked with joy and leaped from her chair, tackling him to the floor as she straddled his body and covered him in small kisses. Bruce and her chuckled as they wrestled along the floor, playfully pinning each other down...

The hours passed and the evening came and Bruce sent up a neatly wrapped box to Monicka as he disappeared from the house.

"Miss Grayson," Alfred ventured into the room as he noticed the door was open and that she was decent.

"I hope I am not bothering you, but Master Wayne sends his fondest wishes and apologies," he stated as he handed her the package and turned to leave.

"Um, Alfred... What do you mean he sends his apologies?" She asked, clutching the box tightly as clumps rose in her throat.

"He will not be able to escort you to the ball, but he will be meeting you there. He also hopes you like the dress," Pennyworth replied as he continued towards the door.

The butler turned once more to face the woman, "I will be waiting by the car for you, madam." He stated, bowing his body as he closed the door and ventured down the stairs.

Monicka released a heavy sigh as she looked down at the package and began to unwrap it. She opened it and threw the top cover to the side as she pulled a magnificent, deep blue silk dress from the bottom.

"Oh my gosh!" She said breathlessly. It was one of the most beautiful things, she had ever seen and quickly she dropped her robe and began to slide her body into the dress. It fit her perfectly. It possessed medium wide straps that hooked behind the neck and draped down her shoulders, chest and entered a very low V-cut that ended beneath her bosom. It was tight around her waist and her bottom, curtaining down her thick strong legs with a long slit on one side that reached just a little above her knee. "Jeez, did they measure me in my sleep?" She murmured as she eyed herself in the mirror from side to side, letting her hand touch her stomach and hips. The fabric literally clung to her with a perfection like it was made by the hands of God.

"I need shoes, yes shoes! Shoes, shoes... Ah ha!" She exclaimed as she searched the box once more to find the matching accessories. "Oh, Mister Wayne, how I love thee!" She whispered as she giggled to herself, sitting in the chair at the vanity mirror. She put on the long gloves, jewelry and shoes as quickly as she could and raced down the stairs to the entrance of the manor. She popped into the car, thanking Alfred as she watched the dim-lit mansion vanish into the distance. A few moments passed and the automobile pulled to the side of the curb.

"Thank you again, Alfred," she stated as she took a swallow and nervously stepped from the car.

"You are quite welcome, Miss Grayson. I hope you enjoy your evening," the man said, giving her a warm smile as he watched her step from the car and closed the door behind her. He wandered back to the driver seat and stepped in, leaving the woman alone at the red carpet as eyes circled her.

Monicka smiled and stepped down the carpet as her long black curls bounced around her neck. The cameras continued to flash around her and she could hear the reporters inquiring as to who she was...

"Who is that?"

"Is she royalty?"

"Perhaps, a foreigner?"

"She's beautiful!"



"I want to speak to her first!"

Before Monicka could even think, she was surrounded by the vultures.

"Hello! Hello! This is Gotham News! Might we ask who you are? Are you a resident of Gotham? Perhaps, you are one of the charity's patrons?" A man asked, bobbing his head through the small crowd as he shoved the microphone to her face. Monicka was stuck. She wasn't sure of how to answer any of the questions or how to avoid any of the interviewers.

"Um, I..." She tried to iterate but thankfully, Bruce came to her rescue, grasping her gently by the elbow and kissing her on the lips.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he greeted, giving a modest wave as he smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Oh my, it's Bruce Wayne! He is escorting the beautiful, mystery woman down the carpet- is it possible she is to be his new love?" The accusations flooded the outside of the building and although, Monicka assumed the hounding would stop when they entered, it did not and the questions continued to flood her ears.

"Bruce, who is this dazzling creature that rests upon your arm?" A man said as he approached, smiling as he offered his hand.

"Charles!" He greeted, shaking the man's hand as he continued to introduce his date, "this is Monicka Grayson, Monicka this is Charles Van Horne," he finished.

"It's a pleasure, I'm sure." She said, placing her hand in his as he brought it up to his mouth and gently kissed it.

"You are absolutely ravishing, Miss Grayson. Bruce always did have the luck with all the girls." Charles stated, giving a small chuckle as he turned to search the room.

"Bruce, would you mind if I take your date for a couple rounds on the dance floor?" He inquired, tightening his grasp lightly on Monicka's hand.

"Be my guest, just don't sweep her off her feet." Bruce said, kissing Monicka quickly as he allowed her to be pulled towards the middle of the floor.

"I'll bring her back, I promise," He laughed as he lead her away...

Charles Van Horne placed a hand on Monicka's waist and cupped her hand in his as the orchestra began another song.

"I hope you don't mind me taking you away from Wayne," he said as they swayed back and forth to the music.

"Not at all, I mean... you're an old friend of his?" She inquired as she could feel the butterflies fluttering hysterically inside her stomach.

"You can say that," he laughed softly, clearing his throat as he brought his eyes back to her face. A moment of silence came over the two as the music continued to play in the background.

"You are truly breathtaking, Miss Grayson," Charles stated as he brought her in closer towards his chest.

Monicka gave a small laugh as she tried to avoid contact with his eyes, "thank you, Mr. Van Horne..."

"Call me Charles," he said with a devious grin as his fingers rubbed gently upon her back.

"Have you known Bruce long?" The man inquired as he positioned himself directly in front of her gaze. "I don't bite you know," he stated, giving her a wink as he twirled her around and back into his arms.

"I'm sorry... I have known Bruce for almost the whole year now." Monicka replied timidly as she tried to relax her tense body.

"Longer than most of them," he chortled, shrugging as he looked towards the crowd that hovered around Bruce.

"Most of who?" Monicka asked as she raised her eyebrows and looked at her dance partner.

"Oh you know, Bruce's former loves or his flings here and there. I mean most of them don't even make it a week!" He exclaimed, laughing a bit as he spun Monicka once more and propped her on his arm, leaning her back as the music stopped.

"Do you mind one more dance?" Monicka inquired, tightening her grip on the man's shoulder as he brought her back to stand up straight.

"It would be my pleasure, Miss Grayson."

Charles continued to explain Bruce's love life and unfortunately, so did the rest of the guests at the ball. Everyone had something to say and what made things even worse for Monicka is that some of the old girlfriends were there and were making themselves quite cozy with the man she called her love.

"Bruce, I need to speak with you." She said, tapping his shoulder as she began to pull at his tailored coat.

"Of course... Will you excuse me?" He said, leaving the group as he followed Monie to the balcony. The two stepped outside of the glass doors and for the first time in the entire evening, Monicka felt calm and at peace.

"Bruce... why didn't you tell me about the others?" She began as she stood at a good distance from the man.

"The others? What are you talking about, Monicka?" He questioned, stepping closer to her as he outstretched his arm to try and touch her.

"I am talking about your vast line of lovers!" She shouted as she pointed towards the hall and shook her head in frustration. "I mean, is that all I am to you? A fling?" She asked bitterly as she placed a hand over her eyes, "I can't believe this sh--."

"Monie, why are you even making this accusation?" Bruce inquired, leaning against the stone railing. "You of all people should know that Gotham is full of gossipers and you know that I've been with you and only you for months now." He finished, grasping her arms quickly as he brought her into his body and squeezed her.

"But, you're not always with me... where do you go when you leave? What are you hiding from me, Bruce?" She replied, looking up at him as her eyes filled with tears and as streams forged down her cheeks. Wayne pushed her back slightly, released her and brought one hand to her face. He began to wipe away her tears and lifted her chin.

"You wouldn't understand..." He murmured, closing his eyes as he kissed her forehead.

"Is there someone else?" She asked, touching his face with a gentle palm as she kissed his cheek one last time. Bruce Wayne shook his head, softly and swallowed... His heart pounded heavily inside his chest as he contemplated his answers, he opened his eyes and began to speak but suddenly, the Bat signal lit in the night sky and he chose his answer, right then.

"Yes," he replied, looking away from the girl as he shattered her heart. He didn't know who hurt more as Monicka hastily escaped from the balcony and rushed through the crowds... He especially didn't know who hurt more when he saw Charles Van Horne chasing after her. But there was no more time to waste and Bruce disappeared once more to meet with the someone else... His other half, his other identity....

The night of the charity ball, Bruce destroyed my heart and Charles acted like my knight in shining armor. I needed to leave as tears streaked down my face and although everyone wanted a piece of me that night, I didn't want a thing to do with any of them or anything that was relatively close to Wayne or his enterprises. I wanted to die, I wanted to curl up in a little ball and be forgotten underneath the dust and depths of Hell... It was rough for me to have the one good thing in my life stripped away like that. I didn't even see it coming. The day began so perfectly with the love of my life sitting across the table from me and an evening of adorning eyes that praised my beauty and elegance and then all of sudden, not even two hours pass and I am heartbroken and left alone... Of course, I did have Charles following me around as he refused to allow me to walk home. The problem was because of Bruce, I didn't have a home. He had requested me to be dependent on him, he offered me the world and I didn't think twice of a fall-back plan... I accepted that at least for the night, Charles would be that plan and I would get to the bottom of this nasty scandal. One way or another...


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Original Fan-Fiction: Monicka #4

"The Horny Devil Himself"


The New 52: Briefly Stating the Personal Opinions (Part Two)

Enter number four, Bat woman, #1! Opinion on cover-art, it's not superb but it's also not terrible. It's also almost abstract in coloring. It catches the eye right away especially with the skull at the base of the image, it makes you kind of wonder what the plot is. Not to mention...Our heroine looks kind of creepy and kind of evil! Exciting? Hell yeah, it is! It's blank but it's vivid! On to the story line, eh? Williams and Blackman make a pretty decent team as the book begins with a very eerie scene. I won't deny it, it's weird and dark and creepy! I didn't see it coming, that's for sure.

None the less, before I ramble about it, the artwork after the cover by Williams III is really good. It's different and I think it's drawn the way it is to accentuate every possible detail but that's only an assumption... Anyway, no words can describe what I am trying to say about the art so let's go back to the main details. The beginning totally threw me through a wall, I loved it. The amount of action, the conversations shared between characters... they're all in the perfect amounts and the characters mentioned in this issue remain pretty mysterious to the reader. As you go deeper into the plot, I noticed a slight change in the artwork- not an excessive one but still a change and then we have the parts of the awesome cover being revealed (WOO!) Bat woman hits a definite level of intricacy and it is very much enjoyable. Boom! Our story line spirals! We learn more about the history, we see our heroine's emotions- we see a bunch and then the ending meets us with a familiar face. Although, it is less exhilarating than the ones I have mentioned, it makes you ponder over what is going on with this feisty chick and if things are going to be resolved in any sense.

Next is Bat Girl, issue #1, (of course.) This is my leading lady... I fell in love with her the first time reading, note it wasn't Barbara but still the fact stands. It is one of my all time favorites and to make matters better, it's Gail Simone writing! I don't even have to read a single page before already knowing it will be a guaranteed like for me and then you add Ardian Syaf's artwork and I am already deeper in love than I was before. The cover is a classic! You know right away that it is our one of our beautiful, talented butt-kicking girlies! Her tale begins with an outstanding prologue which is much deserved for this character and we get to meet Babs ALL over again! Of course before and after DC decides to reintroduce this wonderful woman, they slam us with some more conflict!

What I like most about it is it takes place after all what Barbara has gone through and believe me, even if you didn't read any issues before this- it lets you know what the heck is going on so you're not sitting there thinking to yourself: "What?!" Over all, the whole plot is fantastic, the characters are powerful, the art is fab and the ending rules! This issue follows its predecessors and ends with a bang. Bat Girl ends up in one heck of a predicament and it leaves you wanting more like a fiend. Hell yeah, this is what I'm talking about!

Now, onto Deathstroke's issue 1! Kyle Higgins has put a new definition on Deathstroke, he raised the bar with the script by making damn sure that this character was portrayed perfectly and this bad a-- elegance is supreme. The art by Bennett is spectacular! He's got the perfect amounts of darkness, color and flawless facial features. Altogether, this book appeals to the eye from start to finish. Honestly, the amount of violence in this baby is awesome. Its action is an experience by itself, wondering what will happen and who will die? How bad of a guy is Deathstroke or is he going to have a good die? (You know like the pitiful villains from Secret Six that end up proving themselves a tad bit more by being rogues...maybe Stroke is going to be around those lines?) In all, I can't even explain or describe or think clearly on this one. I totally dug it and I want more of Stroke, see what's he going to do next and who else he can treat like his B----. That's right, I am so pumped for this villain it's ridiculous!

Hopefully the next personal opinions will be a little more detailed than I was here, because I am super summing it up because my brain is not on its correct functions at the moment. Wanna share some feed back? Please do, I am all ears (or eyes) to know what others think.

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The New 52: Briefly Stating the Personal Opinions (Part One)

How am I to begin this post? I am totally blown away with these first three.

Batman Detective Comics, #1, is the first of the new 52 that I decided to read and to be frank, I am quite pleased! I suppose I will start this off by saying Tony S. Daniel did an amazing job with the story line, the characters and the artwork and Ryan Winn kept it dark, which is the way I believe Batman should be. The only downfall, in my opinion, is there was a lot of onomatopoeia on the pages along with Joker's uncontrollable giggling, which adds to the mysterious and thrilling experience of this read but still it was...kind of annoying.

In a comic book the "sound effects" or onomatopoeia that a character makes is a common thing, but it seemed a little too over abundant in this issue. Even though I enjoy the action-packed theme and the physical conflict when the characters face-off with each other, the best way I can put it is: it almost seemed to have too much action and not enough talk. But, setting that aside before I get redundant on the matter. I am going to go the next Batman comic, Batman #1!

Batman, #1, the second book from the series I decided to read is another excellent piece. Three Cheers go to Snyder, Capullo and Glapion. The story line worked perfectly, the coloring is a little brighter and the artwork is a little simpler than Daniel's... But! It reminds me and resembles the classics to me when Batman is in his cowl and when looking at the backgrounds, as well. The only slight problem I have with the artwork, (although I still like it,) when no one is in disguise they look really "cartoony" or a little too much like the newer animated television series and for me, it's a little bothersome. Now both of these issues have ultimately awesome endings! Both were wicked! For anyone who hasn't picked these up, yet and are feeling conflicted... don't be. READ THEM. The endings made my jaw drop and I felt my heart race... I wanted to read more and that was actually basically the first time ever reading Batman comics in a very, very long tim

Bat Wing, #1, my third choice... Right away, I can say this the art (drawn by Ben Oliver and colored by Brian Reber,) is an ultimate gold sticky star! Just by looking at the cover art, it's well animated and it's dark but vibrant and then you open the pages and your eyes pop. BRAVO! Judd and Oliver definitely took hold of the reigns and made a stupendous entrance for this bat. At the very beginning, the reader is already watching a bad a-- battle! It is a pretty intense introduction of character, especially if you don't already know who this character is! Judd has got his descriptions down-pat and you get the feel of Bat Wing very quickly, his mind, his attitude- everything. Even the background history of the location... Winick kicked some butt and took names and once again (I am seeing a very powerful pattern,) the first issue's ending sequence... A TWIST! It ends completely with the audience, what is going to happen next?!

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Original Fan Fiction: Monicka #2 (Rated M)

Original Fan-Fiction: Monicka #2

(If you haven't read Issue 1, click here)

Story written by: Kisser Ne

Rated: M for Mature

Appropriate for audience ages 18+, may contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity or profanity.

I knew it was best for me, but it was even more lonely than before. I could admit that I didn't have many friends through out my school years. I was a freak, I was a nerd and I was a teacher's pet. I'd play with a couple of my peers when I was younger but other than that, there was no one but bullies and now I didn't even have them. I had my mother, my father and my school work. Nearing the last of my college years, I turned eighteen and created a daily regiment. I'd wake up, I would read my assigned chapters and complete some of the assignments. Then, I would get dressed, grab my iPod and go for a morning jog. I'd run up and down the city and attempt to avoid all eye contact and then I would return home. I'd exercise some more, performing the simpler activities and then I would hop into the shower, wash off the grime and go back to studying and school work.

I would complete everything, eat lunch with Marian and head to the gym and then in the early evening, I would rush to work and work as hard as I possibly could until the end of my shift. Every day was the same. When I turned 21, my routine was still the same except I had finished school and now my life revolved around my crap-job and my hobbies. I was usually found at the gym where I had become a loyal and active member and usually, no one was there when I was..but on this particular day, things changed. That was the day I met Bruce Wayne...

"I thought the gym was empty today, Tony." She said as she dug through her bag, searching for her I.D, her membership card and her rewards slip.

"Usually, it is, Monicka. You know that! You're the only one who comes here every day at around about the same time..." The young man replied, leaning forward as he took her information. He gestured for her to come closer with a single finger as he cupped his mouth and whispered, "but this is a very special guest."

Monicka looked up briefly at the man who seemed to be very interested in the equipment and returned her attention to Tony, "who is he? A health inspector or something?" She inquired, giving a soft laugh as she brushed her hair behind her ear.

"No, it's Mister Wayne, you know, like Bruce Wayne," he replied as he clenched his teeth together and lowered his voice even more.

"Well, I'll be sure not to bother him." Monicka stated as she gave a quick grin and grabbed her things. She could hear Tony squabbling to himself but she chose to ignore it as she entered the hall and quickly stretched her body out and then hopped upon one of the step-masters. "I'm surprised the multimillionaire has time to spare for this joint." She thought to herself as she ascended and descended with each step.

The machine beeped loudly as she clicked the buttons. She increased the power and began to push herself as hard as she could before switching to the treadmill. She could feel her heart begin to pound and her blood pump, but suddenly she felt as if she was being vividly watched. Her heart raced and the monitor blinked and jingled as her heart continued to thump loudly.

"You've got to be kidding me," she scoffed to herself. He was watching her, whether or not his eyes were glued- she could tell he was incapable to ignore her presence. She glanced over briefly and caught his stare, she could feel her face flush with a light pink tint and suddenly she was completely embarrassed. She slowed the machine and stepped down, walking over to the treadmill as she fixed the settings and began to run hastily. "Just keep ignoring him, Monie." She thought, closing her eyes as she exhaled calmly with each movement. "Don't look at him. Don't acknowledge him. Pretend he isn't here!"

Although, her mind was advising her against it, Monicka opened her eyes and looked over at him again. He was too attractive for his own good and when she saw his innocent and yet devilish smirk, she couldn't help but feel her lip tuck underneath her teeth. "Damn you, Monie. Damn you." She thought. He was too attractive and she was too lonely and flirtatious. She should have just left when she saw that someone was in the gym, but no she had to be stubborn. She was so thick-headed sometimes and this time, she was going to get herself in trouble. The two continued to share looks, but Monie tried to remain nonchalant and continued to her activities. She hopped off the treadmill, dabbing her face with a towel as she wandered over to the punching bag. "Oh, Mister Wayne... you're still staring." She thought to herself as she felt a small, devious smile grace her lips.

She began to strike at the bag, punching and kicking it as it dangled ferociously around in the air. Suddenly, it remained still and she saw that the man was behind it, holding it very carefully so he wouldn't get hit by one of her blows.

"It's easier with two," Bruce said with a grin.

"It's better with one," she replied bitterly, although she honestly felt happy he had finally talked to her.

"I suppose it depends on the situation," he stated. His smile made her melt as she looked upon his features, but she tried her hardest to hide her emotions.

"Yeah, I suppose that is true." She quickly responded as she threw her fists, she could Bruce wobble a bit as he found his balance with the bag. "Calm down, Monie. Don't knock him out."

"I'm Bruce Wayne and you are?" He inquired, giving her a kind smile as he extended an open palm towards her. She looked upon his hand and felt entirely confused. She knew she was a pretty attractive girl, but she wasn't use to any sort of attention. People were afraid of her and intimidated by her. She was still an outcast, even where she worked...

"I'm Monicka Grayson," she replied, placing her hand in his as they gently shook. The warmth made her tremble as she watched him, nervously thinking that it was some kind of evil prank.

"It's nice to meet you," he said. His smile remained as he finally looked away from her and back at the heavy bag that he propped himself up against.

"You exercise here, often?" He questioned, readying himself for her powerful hits.

"Yes," she huffed as she threw her hands into the leather.

"It helps me to relax, helps me to think..."

"I understand how that is," he chuckled warmly. Monicka smiled as she felt the familiar yet unfamiliar feeling of happiness flood her body.

"You'll have to join me more often then." She said, immediately feeling herself blush as she realized what had escaped her mouth. She began to punch and kick harder, feeling embarrassed as she waited for him to say something.

"You're powerful," he chortled a bit as he felt the bag dig into his stomach and felt his feet slide back.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" She squealed, hopping back as she placed her hands to her face and covered it worriedly.

"No, no- you're fine," he laughed harder as he ventured away from the bag, rubbing his abs and chest briefly. "You know Superman, by chance?" He joked, shrugging his shoulders as glared at him.

"Cheesy." Monicka said, crossing her arms slyly.

"Worth a shot." He replied as he stepped in front of her...

That day changed my life, completely. I saw Bruce almost on a daily basis, discovering that he was there that day to see if he wanted to help fund it and because of me, he did and kept the gym alive and renovated. Tony and his father were entirely indebted to me and all I asked for in return was that I got a discount on my membership. Soon, Bruce was taking me to his house to train more... Of course, in my mind, I was wishing that he took me there to embrace me like a wild fantasy out of a romance novel...

"See, you're using your strength completely for offense," he stated as he stepped behind her and grasped her arms, "you should be using it defensively, meaning enough harm to get an attacker or opponent away and down but no complete, permanent damage. Understand?" Monicka melted like a ice-sickle and nodded, swallowing as she tried to calm her breath. He ushered her to the graceful form of martial arts, holding her wrists as he positioned and moved her. It was like a dance. Backwards, forwards, left then right. Twirl, back, forth, one arm, then retract, other arm and then retract. They practiced for hours, sometimes it went perfectly as if their bodies were one and they would dance the night away, other times Monicka would grow too stressed and too angry and Bruce would have to suggest that she leave and take a break. She'd always return and if she didn't come back to the manor, he'd find her at the gym. They were an odd pair, but they were friends and for some reason, nothing could keep them separated.

Months went by and their friendship continued to grow and strengthen, along with Monicka's new-found control. Her personality lightened and she was not alone, anymore. She continued to see Bruce at the gym and the manor, training and training the entire night through until they were too tired to do so anymore or when Bruce has to leave...

"Bruce," she whispered as he held her elbows, softly guiding her in each direction.

"Yes?" He replied, quietly.

"Do you..." A silence came over her as she tried to speak, thinking of how she could possibly word her wishes. "Do you suppose I could stay with you tonight?" She asked, continuing in the motions where he lead her.

"You always do and you're always welcome to stay at my home," he said, pausing only for a brief moment as he tried to lead her hands again.

"No, I mean..." She said, pausing as she slipped gently from his grip and turned to face him. "May I stay with you?"

He brought his hands to her waist as she draped her arms around his neck. They both leaned in as their bodies pressed against each other...The moonlight flooded the room as they inched closer and closer. Monicka could feel her heart pounding in its cage as their lips touched, she never could have imagined something so perfect happening to her. It was innocent, but full of venom as they broke from the kiss. She opened her eyes briefly to see her friend, looking down upon her as he brought a warm and gentle palm to the side of her face and kissed her again. It was an immaculate feeling and they both chose to indulge themselves.

Bruce nodded, pulling at her hand as he ushered her through the corridors and up the spiraling staircase. He walked her to his room, opening the door for her as they both entered. She was taken aback by the mysterious beauty of his chambers, it was so empty and yet so full. It was like a partially colored painting. He took her in his arms once more, gently kissing her upon her mouth and then traveling down her slender neck as he lead her towards his bed. He laid her down as he balanced above her, kissing every inch of her showing flesh... They stripped themselves of their clothes, strewing them about the place as they became hot and heavy. They made love for hours, continuing on and on with a passion that had been growing over time from the very first and when it was over, Monicka fell asleep in the arms of her only companion.

...I fell in love even deeper than I already had been with the man. I found a friend in him, someone who cared that wasn't my mother and father. He was someone different and secluded, like myself. He was admired by the world, but he admired me and I thought at the time perhaps, I had even found my soul mate... Unfortunately, these things are not like they are in a fairy tale, especially when these things happen in Gotham...


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Original Fan-Fiction: Monicka #3

"the Scandal"


A Batman Fan-Fiction: #2 Meet Edward Nigma (2 of 2)

A Batman Fan-Fiction: #2- Meet Edward Nigma (2 of 2)

(See first issue here)

Story written by: Kisser Ne

Characters and Settings by: DC Comics

K.A Characters created by: Kisser Ne

Rated: M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity or profanity.


After Riddler unleashed his tongue, Batman knew that there was more trouble brewing than he already had imagined. He took hold of Nigma by the back of the neck and rushed towards the streets of , ignoring the criminal's small whimpers and discomfort. Batman maneuvered swiftly as they grappled to the pavement. He took a small gadget from his utility belt and it made a tiny beeping noise as he clicked it.

"You truly do have a do-dad for everything don't you, Batman?" The Riddler spat as he brushed off his arms and unwrinkled his sleeves. The Batmobile appeared after a short period of time and the Caped Crusader and Edward hopped in.

"Don't touch anything," Bruce ordered as he watched the man enter the passenger side. "Oh and Nigma," Batman commented, grasping a bottle of spray from his belt as the Riddler finally looked over. "Goodnight." He said and he softly sprayed Riddler. It sent him into a instant deep sleep, much like a coma. Batman tied a cloth around Nigma's head and set the route for their next destination, the Batcave.

Location: the Batcave-

The entire drive back home, Bruce was in a state of swirling thoughts. He continued to repeat Nigma's riddle and analyze it word for word. It was easier than usual, but the unusual part was still "K.A." They entered the hidden fortress and Batman waited for the Riddler to awake, pondering the current events like a broken record as he watched the criminal snore and drool...

"You really do know how to make a guest feel welcomed, now don't you?" Edward stated as he struggled to rip off the blindfold.

"You are not a guest, Nigma." Batman responded bitterly as the monitors of his lab began to fill with information.

"I am not a civilian, I am not a guest- what am I then, Batman?" The Riddler asked as he stepped around the cave, he looked upon everything with an adorning gaze like a kid seeing his first set of tinker toys.

"Your riddle went as followed: In the Blackest Night, a figure broods. A Flash of light, this Cat moves. This Bird takes flight, and the city is doomed. It begins a fight, and the Joke's on you. There are five people mentioned. Green Lantern, the Flash, Catwoman, the Penguin and the Joker." Batman states, ignoring Riddler's previous question completely. "It can also mean that during this night when I am overlooking the city on patrol, they light the bat signal because of a burglary committed by Catwoman and while I am distracted, Penguin conducts his part of the plan and although he rarely flies and prefers being sea-bound, he is going to have the city in a state of havoc. Of course, if I go for the Penguin, this means whatever trick Joker has up his sleeve is at the verge of succeeding." He finished as he hacked into Arkham Asylum's database once again. The Riddler applauded with a large smile on his face as he approached Batman from behind.

"See, Batman! This is why I am proud to call you an enemy! You were able to pick that one up so quickly, it's almost like you were- dare I say the word, cheating." Edward chuckled underneath his breath as he leaned forward, allowing his eyes to scan the remaining booked inmates. "Ah! Who escaped this evening? Oh, I see that Croc is on the loose again, check the sewers- he is not a smart creature and is likely to return to his previous habitat. Oo! All of the Wonderland gang is free? Ha, too bad there is no need to worry about them. They are pitiful villains..." Edward babbled, but was quickly halted by a firm grip to the throat.

"Nigma, I'll give you one warning shut it! I am losing my patience." The Riddler giggled and nodded in response as he struggled to breathe in the strong grasp. "Well, I was just giving you a different perspective!"

Riddler felt his feet touch the floor as Batman released him. The warning made no impact as Edward began rattling off names and what sort of threat they were.

"Oh, now that one is a worry..." He stated as he allowed his finger to glide over a name and slide it to the side, "Mister Harvey Dent, how you must adore this one, Batman. Or perhaps, you adore the other one? It's hard to pick a side, isn't it?" The Riddler pouted as he crossed his arms, dramatically and then he smiled, raising his eyebrows as he searched the screens once more.

"Although, he has a history and is not to be trusted. Why is Two-Face someone we need to worry about, Nigma?" Batman inquired as he began to hope for more assistance and cooperation from the villain.

The Riddler twirled, inhaling deeply as he stepped away from the monitors. He looked directly at Batman's eyes and pointed his finger. "Two parts of a puzzle, my friendly foe! In the Blackest Night, a figure broods. A Flash of light, this Cat moves. This Bird takes flight, and the city is doomed. It begins a fight, and the Joke's on you. One man lives another one dies, the flip of a coin and the roll of a die. There's a laugh and a sigh, a cringe in my side. They all made a plot for when the bat lies and this is what it sounds like when the bat cries." He riddled, calmly.

"Talk!" Batman said as he rushed towards the criminal without any hesitation, of course the Riddler replied with a flinch.

"While I was so patiently waiting for my release, I overheard them. All of them. It was a very large protest, of course. You have so many fans in Arkham." He stated, while trying to brush the wrinkles from his suit. "At first, I figured it was just a little squabble. They happen so often there at the Asylum, you see! So many criminals that wish to be king and so many who don't want to share their toys... They are such naughty little children, but they do provide a small source of entertainment so I decided to listen. I opened my ears and propped again the poorly made walls and listened, quite intently mind you. I overheard them calling the small meeting to order as they smacked and shushed their hooligans." The Riddler paused and allowed the gears to turn inside his head, "of course, the boob was considering himself the supreme judge as usual. He's the leader of all of these stupid gags, you know..." He growled, rolling his eyes as he leaned against the closest rail. "Anyway, the Joker began the discussion and right away, I could hear that dear Harvey, Ivy, and Oswald were the three main heads that Joker was trying to suck into his over-estimated plan. He's not very bright, either, you know... he's just cynical and insane."

Edward sniffed and pursed his lips, snarling a bit as he thought of the egotistical b------. He had all the fun, well... not ALL the fun.

"Riddler, you need to get to the point." Batman said as he approached closer and closer to the pouting Nigma.

"Alright, alright Batman! Sheesh! You are so impatient." He huffed as he shook his shoulders and cracked his neck, nervously.

"I heard them talking...Joker was explaining his ultimate plan to defeat the Bat. I shook it off, though. They offered me a role in the play and I turned it down. Honestly, it sounds weird but most of the criminals in that place didn't want to join the guy, this time around. I just continued to wait for my release as I usually did, but this time something weird happened. I chose to be on my best behavior, I am exceptionally always on my best behavior. The group in the hole, of course, also tried to be good. They talked over the plan and most of them told Joker, no at first, which did in fact surprise me a great deal. I considered they had their own plans of achievement but after a little snooping, they all had no plots at all." He licked his lips and looked from side to side, rubbing his chin curiously.

"Now, you've never been an inmate at the Asylum, Batman, but when no one has a plan against you...Something is quite odd. Finally, by the third meeting... Poison Ivy secretly agreed and of course, Oswald was automatically intrigued and perverse. He is one for the affection of women. Harvey still didn't like the idea, but then after a little bit of time and personal arguments, he joined as well. They plotted the escape. Ivy, of course, having her intricately designed cell was going to be the toughest to break through, but she succeeded quite easily. She wasn't even traced and she was to set off the alarm that we heard tonight..." He smirked as his eyes glowed in a devious manner. "Basically, every villain you've caught... they're out in the street as we speak." He whispered as he tried to calm his jittery body down. "Welcome to Hell, Batman..." He stated as he tipped his head, the monitors began to flash red violently as every mastermind and ultimate villain appeared as an escapee in the database.

"And thank you for accompanying me, Edward. I hope you enjoy being by my side at all times." Batman stated as he cuffed the Riddler to the railing and swallowed hard. This was going to be one hell of a ride for them both....


Next Issue:
Just Rewards"


Original Fan-Fiction: Monicka #1 (Rated M)

Original Fan-Fiction: Monicka #1

Story written by: Kisser Ne
Rated: M for Mature
Appropriate for audience ages 18+, may contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity or profanity.

My name is Monicka Grayson and I am from the planet Galantica. I know what you're thinking... Wow, you're from an alien planet? How did you arrive on Earth? You must have seen some great things! I wish I could be you. Well, here's something for you to know. You don't want to be me, you don't want to be a super hero or have powers. You don't want to see what I have seen or do what I've done. Besides, my life wasn't much different from yours.

My world was full of beauty and wonder and then the years of war came and that all changed. I was one of the few survivors and I came to Earth as a refugee. I have yet to meet anyone of my kind since I left my homeland and when I did, my decision did not save me from the evil that followed. The evilness was one you could never imagine. It was a plague that cloaked the universe. The Pertos, which was a race of humanoid ape-like creatures from my planet, found Earth as well, but humanity was too abundant and they fled. It's funny how even bad guys have massive fears that they can not control. Not only did the Pertos follow me, but other creatures of dimensions did as well and I ignored it. I ignored them all, I set my need for Justice and Good aside and continued to live like a normal person.

Unfortunately, I discovered that it was nearly impossible to have an identity as an alien-life form. I wasn't real to the government or to any person I met and my name was unknown. I had to make another decision and that is when I became "human." I reversed my time-line, so that I became a child of Earth. I remembered everything about Galantica, my original name and my previous life but I was to start a new. The one person I found that would help me was Gregoriah of Planet Xar. He was a kindly man who had found a way to beat the system for his own life but he understood me and my situation and was proud to be of service when he heard I was one of the greatest warriors of Galantica. He was the one who dropped me off at a doorstep in the infamous Gotham City. He placed the basket, rang the bell and disappeared into the night. This is where my new family was introduced to me.

Donald and Marian Grayson, a married couple who could not have children of their own and could not afford to adopt. I suppose I was their gift from God as they opened the door to see an infant upon their stoop. I was something they had wanted for such a long time and I was even so little that they could raise me as their own and no one would ever know any different. Of course, Gregoriah had had his own idea to inform them that I was not normal. He explained in a letter that I was from another planet, but I was a child and I was good. They deserved to know the truth and I agree with that and although they felt a slight fear as they looked upon me, they smiled and accepted me. I was still their dream come true whether or not I was human.

My new mother and father made sure that I had everything a growing child needed. They worked their fingers to the bone for me so that I'd have an education and that I grew up healthy. They realized that I was exceedingly intelligent, right away. I was capable to solve puzzles, read and write before I was the age of three. I learned English, right away as a normal babe and then at the age of five I was fluent in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian and many other foreign tongues. I was constantly reading and exercising throughout my entire childhood, joining in any sport or club that I could. I graduated high school at the age of thirteen and continued to college as soon as I possibly could. Unfortunately, the human race is as cruel as they are kind and I was harassed and fought constantly. People stole from me, people hurt me and every time that they did, I just remembered what my parents had told me. "You are better than them. Do not lower yourself to their levels of misdeeds."

One day, I snapped. I unleashed my anger as well as my immense strength, something that you would not expect from a girl of my size. The girl had followed me when I left school with a couple of her friends. Margery and her hounds were always bullying me, it was never-ending and this day, I had had enough. I could hear her insulting me and her friends snickering and finally when I took the last turn into an alley, I heard them rush. I dropped my books and released my backpack and waited for the beating to commence but then a feeling emerged in my chest and my hands tightened. I threw my fist into the face of Margery Hammond and although, I heard her cries and saw her blood, I didn't stop there. I grabbed her by the back of her neck and by one of her arms and through her down the alley way. I realized I was fast, faster than I had thought. I grasped her friends by the shoulders and slammed them into each other, knocking them out completely.

I released a breath and realized what I had done. I looked down at the unconscious girls and Margery who laid whimpering on the pavement and decided it was time to run, I called for help a few times and then bolted. I sprinted as fast as I could all the way home and slammed open the door. My mother embraced me quickly, trying to calm me down as she listened to my frantic babbling. She knew at the point that I was going to face many complications, she knew my powers were increasing and that we would have to find a way to control them at all costs. When my father got home that night, she explained what had happened and they both entered my room. They removed me from the public college and placed me in a private school where I could complete the rest of my lessons at home... This is where it began and as I aged, everything I knew and everything I was changed and increased...


Next Issue:

Original Fan-Fiction: Monicka #2

"Bruce Wayne"


A Batman Fan-Fiction: #1- Meet Edward Nigma (Rated M)

A Batman Fan-Fiction: #1- Meet Edward Nigma

Story written by: Kisser Ne

Characters and Settings by: DC Comics

K.A Characters created by: Kisser Ne

Rated: M for Mature.

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Location: Arkham Asylum-

Crime still floods the streets of Gotham, it seemingly never ends. Batman continues to fight, stopping evildoers at all costs. Bruce Wayne continues to push the highest technology that everyone knows could cause ultimate problems, if the wrong guys got a hold of them and tweaked them a bit. Arkham Asylum is, as usual, booked and packed and I, Edward Nigma, sit solemnly in my cell. I am the knight! Ha, balderdash! Though, I can't help but still dream of intellect versus intellect. The greatest riddle of them all, who is the Bat? I can't help thinking there is some sort of twist, but I suppose I will resume silently as I wait for my early release- I am exceptionally on my best behavior at all time. I can hear the others screaming in their cells, wasting themselves as they continue to allow their hatred for Batman to boil. Every criminal in the city, placed in one gigantic hell house and they haven't forgot the last incident yet or have they? They seem so calm and so nonchalant, not ever fretting that another evil lunatic (or the same one) will create another maniacal plan to over-come the city and destroy the one thing that keeps citizens safe... They never fret that my genius self will concoct a plan to escape or a plan to defeat them all. Of course, on that note, they are correct. I would not want to waste my time on anyone but the Bat.

Oh, but there is a delectable plan! The most horrific and insane villains are all putting their sweet little heads together, just like old times, so that they can rule Gotham and then the world and I am the one who knows. But I am not a part of this plan, it is too dull and naive for me at this time. If I wanted to seize power, I would. My intelligence surpasses all, for instance I can even get out of this clammy, ridiculous and filthy cell whenever I so choose. I just need to speak and they will listen. Ah, yes. I can smell freedom now as I wait, so patiently impatient. I just need to riddle away the time. This is why I leave little notes for all to see, they are spread through out the building like a vast and increasing plague. I even give the boys entertainment from time to time, riddling them here and there and watching as they try to uncover the truth or the answers. At times, I dumb them down for these little kids and they think themselves so smart but only for a few moments. I remind them by sending more and more, like an enamored school boy on Valentine's day. They learn, they remember and they respect it...

"Riddler," the guard projected from behind the gate, "get over here. We have a little present for you."

"Oh I do so love the element of surprise," Edward replied, stepping forth from his cot as he approached the bars. "I hope you found me puzzles." Nigma portrayed a quick and innocent smile as he extended an open palm to the large guard.

"It's not a puzzle, but an agreement. You fulfilled your sentence and now it's time to leave."

"Impossible, quite logically impossible," Ed chuckled, shaking his head as he slowly stepped back towards his cot. "George, I have not waited long enough to have served my full sentence. No, no- not I. Perhaps, you have confused me with the moronic boob. You know the ultimate Trickster, the Joker."

"Ed, you know I know who you are and I know you hate when people confuse your schemes with his. I don't think it's possible for me to forget since you rant about it quite often. It's your time to leave. Are you afraid of the great outdoors now or something?" George Brown said, but his partner, Frank Burns, continued to harass.

"Perhaps you're afraid a bat might get ya?" The idiot laughed loudly as Brown released the gate and cuffed the Riddler, he began to lead him through the corridor, pushing and tugging gently on the convict...

Afraid of the bat? Ha! I think not. I am not afraid of him, at all. What is there to be afraid of? It's like fearing darkness, instead I welcome it! Though I must admit, these walls do resemble much of a home to me and I feel it is too soon and I am quite comfortable in my hole of riddles. There is another curve in this road, there are more bumps that this dear fellow with a wife and kids is not telling me and I want to know! I can see the beads of sweat, forming on his brow. He knows I want the answers and he knows he wants to share them with me. Tell me, tell me, TELL ME!

"Riddle me this, Agent Brown. A man goes home to see his wife, there's an X on the floor..." Edward begins calmly, but he is quickly interrupted.

"Is that a threat, you awkward little freak?!" Frank responded violently, grabbing Edward by the collar of the jumpsuit.

"Oh, my dear, Frank. You are brilliant for putting that one together, too bad you INTERRUPTED me and I HATE when people interrupt me." He replied, grinding his teeth viciously as he hissed. His eyes analyzed the guard, thoroughly.

"Of course you would interrupt me about an X and a wife. Your lovely little woman sat at home, waiting and waiting and decided one day that you WERE too much of a idiotic bum to stay with. She should have listened to mother and married Mister Wayne, but no she went with her heart. She chose you and then she chose to leave. How angry did that make you? Riddle me this, Burns! How does the cop manage his anger? A man comes home to see his wife with an X upon the floor- what happened next? He shot the X, he shot the wife and did he scream never more? See you interrupt me and it was all about you! FUNNY, how I know these things, isn't it?!" Edward shrieked and kicked, causing a ruckus between Brown and Burns. George tried to calm him down, tightening his grasp and trying to hush him but Burns was not as patient. He had had enough and cracked his gun against Nigma's head quickly.

"That should shut him up."

Waking...Waking...The outside of the Asylum, floating on the ocean that surrounds the island that I am leaving. I am not frightened of Batman nor am I am quite pleased that I still have no answers. I feel sorry for George, having to work with that numskull of a man, Frank. I honestly haven't lost my temper like that in quite some time. I have exceptionally good behavior at all times. I didn't want to leave. I don't want to leave. I have not planned anything, I have not created any riddles for my admirable foe. He will think it strange if I am not parading the streets when we arrive in Gotham. Strange, released so soon and escorted by quite a few people that do not work at Arkham. I would know these men if they did, I know all. I am the most intelligent person on the planet, it would seem. I deserve to know what is going on since the spotlight is on me. Where will these men take me when we reach the shore? Are they just going to shoot me and dump my body in the water? Or will they immediately feed me to the bat? I am wondering what their mighty plan is... I know something big is coming, but I just can not put my finger on it and it is at the very tip of my tongue... On the bright side, I do know of one extraordinary and dangerous plan...

Location: The Batcave, Batman's hidden lair-

"Something isn't right, Alfred." Bruce stated as he searched the strands of information.

"How do mean, Sir?" the Butler replied, stepping towards the monitors as he peered at them quickly, but averting his attention to Mister Wayne.

"According to Arkham's files, they released the Riddler today. Edward Nigma had another four months even with his exceedingly (and surprisingly) good behavior. He is being escorted to the shore as we speak by a unit called: K.A." The caped crusader replied, he scanned the database some more as he mixed bits and pieces to the side.

"And K.A is what exactly, Master Wayne?" Alfred questioned, reading the information tidbits that Bruce was pulling aside.

"K.A is an abbreviation for the group known as the Knights in Armor. Supposedly, they are a team that was assembled in the early 1900s to fight crime and near the end of World War 2, they all disappeared after their unfortunate run-in with radioactive weaponry made by the Nazi party. Essentially, they are the good guys but after a few years passed, the European people began to realize an increase of unknown deaths and disappearances, this period of time was known as the "Monster Attacks," and it lasted for almost a decade. Every body that was discovered was practically demolished and the gossipers began to spread the news that this was the acts of angry soldiers that were mutated in the war." Bruce read the information and summarized as much as he could, taking a deep breath as he continued to research the unfamiliar K.A team.

"This, of course, was just a rumor. There was no existing evidence of any kind that proved the K.A task force was even alive or any proof that there were mutants roaming all of Europe. It also caused a conspiracy against the governments, along with the ideas of secret societies and biological warfare. After another decade, the K.A force was located. They were in fact mutated but they also told authorities that they were not the ones who were killing all of those innocent people and that at most times, they were helping and trying to save the victims from harm." He soon fell into silence as the information flooded the screens of every monitor, but the questions remained. Who are the K.A unit and who sent them? "Do you believe that they were still the heroes, sir?" Alfred inquired as he ventured towards the Batsuit.

"I am not sure, Alfred. I would love to say yes, but being the good guys and then retrieving the Riddler randomly makes it too questionable." Bruce turned and grasped the Batsuit from Alfred, thanking him as he prepared himself. It was time for Batman to further the investigation.

He launched himself over the city, jumping and gliding from rooftop to rooftop. His mind raced as he tried to put the puzzle together, if Riddler was behind this- he had truly upped his game since the last arrest. This was one hell of a riddle. What would a team of alleged mutant heroes want with a clinically insane riddling genius? The only thing he could think of was world domination. Edward Nigma had the intelligence to create a Genesis world, if you added one more villain such as the likes of Lex Luthor, the world would be yours, if you had the man-power. But the idea of Lex nabbing Riddler from Arkham to achieve ultimate power seemed like a huge gap to fill at this point in time and locating a team of experienced mutant fighters made it a little more far-fetched. Batman reached the shore-line as the boat slowly bobbed to the surface. He eyed the men that surrounded Nigma and watched their mouths, carefully. He could see that they were armed and that they resembled S.W.A.T, right away as each of them stepped from the boat. The Riddler remained cuffed as they pulled him out and onto the sand.

"C'mon, Nigma!' One of the men shouted as they pulled him towards a small shack. "It almost looks like he's a prisoner..." Bruce thought to himself as they entered the shed.

Location: Gotham Shore, Inside the Seaside Shack-

I can not believe I am thinking this, but for the first time in a long time- I am actually feeling a tad bit nervous. These disguised individuals seem to have some brain and brawn, resembling much of my dearest Batman. Everything is so quiet... and my head hurts, that stupid fat oaf! How dare he strike me with a gun, that has to be against some sort of law or negligence around those lines... Sigh...I, Edward Nigma, for the first time in a long time, almost wish the Bat was here. At this very moment, I would have to consider myself just an every day, average civilian being held up by masked avengers and to think, I was just in Arkham an hour ago! My life is so vividly exciting!

"Alright, gentlemen. Although I find this all very amusing and I appreciate the boost from jail and all that, but I think I may be going now!" The Riddler said. He stood to his feet for a quick moment but large palms quickly pushed him back down.

"We don't think so." One of the members said again, the man turned to face Nigma but remained hidden by the suit. Edward crossed his legs and sat up straight, leaning against the chair with perfect posture as he pretended to be calm.

"Well, I suppose I could stay for a little while longer," he stammered, smirking as he looked around the small structure. "What do you all want with me?"

"You're the Riddler, you solve that question." Another scoffed. Edward glared in the direction of the voice and stared emotionless.

"That's right, I am the Riddler," he said, calmly but his energy spiked. "Have you seen my get-up?! I wear question marks! I am the Riddler- I make the riddles! I ask the questions. I'm not Answer Man or the Solution! You great buffoons..." He growled.

"I don't like this guy," a woman stated as she stepped forward and placed a gun against his head.

"Oh great, another gun. How many of these will be placed to my head today? At least, I thank you for using the weapon correctly and please do remember that you pull the trigger and it blows my brains out all over the floor. My head is not a baseball." Nigma stated, ferociously.

"We can fix that for you, if you'd like," the first man said as he approached closer and closer towards the chair.

"Oh that is very kind of you, I do appreciate the offer, but I don't think I will be much service to you all or provide much purpose if I am, oh you know DEAD?!" He yelled, spitting at the man who now stood perfectly in front of him.

Batman leaped from his perch, silently drifting to the ground below as he closed in on the suspicious group. He pushed his back against the wall and listened very closely to the voices as they continued to talk among themselves. Although, the situation still had many doors open, it seemed that Batman was able to scratch off Riddler as being the mastermind.

"As much as this guy is bothering me...he's right, Sheila." The man said, tightening his fist in a ball as he squeezed it. "This has to be the first time, I could not stand to be in a room with someone."

"Says the man who isn't being forced to sit in a chair," Nigma mumbled as he rolled his eyes and glared into the distance. "Ugh, I made a pun." He thought to himself, feeling a distinctive sickness overcome his entirety. The similarities were really starting to add up between him and the Joker, anymore...

"Riddler. I don't know why our commander wanted you. I don't see the connection, what so ever. You aren't intelligent. You aren't extraordinary and you have no powers. You are useless." Sheila stated, as she lowered her gun and walked towards the window. She propped herself against the wall and looked at the man who sat in the chair. He dropped his head and Sheila felt more than pleased, unfortunately her happiness would not last long and in a spout of frustration, he began to allow the thunder roll.

"I'm not intelligent, you say? Not extraordinary, am I? Useless?" He said, his head stilled bowed but his eyes were blazing as he began to tilt his brow upward. "I am Edward Nigma." He stated, pointing at his head with his two pointer fingers as his legs uncrossed, he began to lean forward.

"We know, we know..." Sheila said, blowing off his words as she looked through the window.

"Don't...interrupt me." Nigma boomed as he broke free from the grasp of the large men. He stood to his feet and stared deeply at the shocked girl's face. "RIDDLE ME THIS! A creature that flies in the middle of the night, nocturnal by nature but lives in the light. A beast renowned, but now that he's found- what is he now and have you looked around?" The Riddler shouted.

"A bat," she grunted but this only caused Ed to laugh hysterically. Sheila and the other members of K.A, automatically became seduced by the room. They looked all over and began to feel fear, even Batman who lurked outside was surprised that the Riddler called him out.

"WRONG-O!" He shrieked through his bursts of chuckles and giggles as he hopped towards the door.

"Stop him!" The main man roared, but the room was in a calamity. They were all puzzled and frightened as Nigma sneaked through the door, but he wasn't safe yet.

A large hand grabbed him and pulled him aside, "what does K.A want from you?" Batman inquired angrily.

"Honestly, my favorite foe. I have no idea!" Edward shrugged, he glanced over his shoulder but before he could even see any of the unit come and find him, Batman grappled up to the heights of Gotham City- holding onto Nigma by only the back of his jumpsuit.

Now, this is an interesting conundrum! I was just saved by my arch enemy, of course my arch enemy doesn't kill... at least on purpose. Perhaps, the conundrum is that my arch enemy just saved me when he probably should have left me to die in the hands of those maniacs. Of course, I wouldn't have died. I would have won, they would have been outsmarted as they always are. Up, up, up... I suppose I am not quite safe until we land, now am I? Batman could drop me at any point, that would be tragic. I would die, never knowing the answer to the best riddle of them all! Who are you, my friendly nemesis? I need to know! I am ready to know, Batman...or maybe I already do?

A smile slithered across Nigma's lips as they reached the top of a building, "Batman...you saved me."

"I wouldn't get too use it. Once we figure out what is happening, you're going back to Arkham to finish serving your sentence and I will make sure that you serve full-time, good behavior or not." The Dark Knight stipulated, as he looked over his polluted city.

"I am pretty sure that's illegal, Batman." Edward replied, pursing his lips as he looked down as well. "I am glad you aren't afraid of heights," he continued, taking a hard swallow, "I, of course, am not a fan." He maneuvered slowly away from the ledge and sat upon a vent as he continued to watch the crusader.

"Edward Nigma, you are not a civilian. You are an escapee from Arkham Asylum and the world is not safe with you roaming the streets."

"Oh, Batman! Mind you, I do thank you for the compliment but I am hardly an escapee." Nigma spouted, cheerfully.

"I know. You were released from the asylum, but I don't feel like you're in the clear yet." Batman stated, as he turned around to eye the sitting figure that remained on one of the vents of the rooftop.

"Alright Batman, what's the big plan?" The Riddler asked as he gave a heavy sigh.

"I could ask you the same question, Riddler." Batman said as he heard Arkham Asylum's sirens begin to buzz. A prison-break?

"Well, I only know of one big plan at the moment. here's a riddle to guess if you can..." Nigma paused briefly as he gave a large grin, "In the Blackest Night, a figure broods. A Flash of light, this Cat moves. This Bird takes flight, and the city's doomed. It begins a fight, and the Joke's on you." Batman listened carefully and before his eyes, the Riddler disappeared and reappeared in seconds flat. The Arkham jumpsuit was gone and the Riddler's suit had taken its place.


Next Issue:

"Meet Edward Nigma (Part 2 of 2)"

(Quick note from the author, please read and give feedback, if you'd like- Sincerely, Kisser Ne.)


52 Reboot!

Hello Fellow Comicvinians!

I am sure quite a few already know about the 52 reboot, at least I would hope so because it is a risk DC is taking for the story lines of some of our most favored heroes and villains. DC decided that they wanted to restart a quantity of first appearances. From some of things I have seen, they've tried or have done this before, but I could be mistaken. I have yet to start any of the renovated series, but I swear that I am going to one way or another! I am looking at DC comic's site, right now and I am growing more excited by the second. The Supers, the Cowl, the Justice League, the Dark, the Edge and Young Justice? They all look fantastic! This is probably one of the best ideas DC has ever had! I am hoping that it succeeds, which I am also sure it will.

Note, this blurb is just a little personal insight or over-look until I read some of the issues. I can't give a summary or an opinion about any of them until I have checked them out more than just over the site so really I can not say much except for how excited I am! It is an adventure that I can not wait to take off and sail! It just is too bad that they are going to most likely be a little more expensive than the other comics... Maybe not though... I think I will go to my beloved comic shop today or try to. I want them so badly! I hate being teased like this. It's so cruel! Ha ha. Anyway, after I read the first couple of issues or whatever I decide to do- I am going to dedicate a blog on my page for a review/brief/summary, whatever you wish to call it!

Perhaps someone has an opinion on the matter? Good idea or bad? Are the first issues as great as hoped? Do you think this is a step in a positive direction? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as usual. I apologize that this post is not the best thing ever written or well-organized but way too much on my brain right now to think clearly, ha!


Kisser Ne


Random bits and pieces...

I am totally digging the quests! I keep finding more little tasks by accident and then getting sucked into trying to complete their sets! I never realized how much and how little I know about comics. I already admitted that I am not an expert in the realm, but wow! I never realized how vast everything is or was. Superman's flings? I only knew two, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane, the obvious ones. Sorry if it's a spoiler to anyone who has yet to find those. Or the Going Batty set? I thought I had a good amount of knowledge on the Gotham plots but once again, I guess not! The villains task, I have a pretty good idea on every single one, probably because I always have been more of a fan of Batman's villains or villains in general- they are so bad ass! Anyway, the bits and pieces of this site are really blowing my mind! I am learning more and more about characters I like, I am learning more about story lines that I didn't get to enjoy or ones I started late on, etc.

So one more time, I have to send major kudos to Comicvine! I am about to recommend it to everyone I know, once I get a little more comfortable and start blogging my heart out, ha ha. Anyway, once I keep dilly-dallying for a bit longer, I am about to do some research and scan blogs, pages, forums, stories, etc. I hope I keep finding some amazing things. I am looking forward to reading what everyone has to say and everyone's reviews! Maybe I can even write what I think on the subjects I find! Anyway, happy hunting folks!


Can you tell I am WAY too excited? He he!

-insert ginormous smile here-


Kisser Ne



Alright, it time for a briefing!

This is my introduction dedicated to Comicvine. It is my first blog and I plan on trying to share as much information about myself as possible that will relate to the site. My nick name is Kisser-Ne (pronounced KISSER-NEIGH,) my age does not matter and my location is none of your business. I will share more about myself if I am asked and if I feel like sharing, but usually only under personal circumstance will I answer those sort of questions. I hope to provide as much personal opinion as I can as well as my thoughts and ideas. I am not a comic expert or a television nut. I am really relatively new to the comic scene in general! I do not own or follow many series what so ever, although I truly wish I did. The series I have read are: the Secret Six (Villains United,) Bat Girl, Power Girl, Green Lantern, Red Robin, Criminal, the Flash (Flashpoint, as well,) First Wave, Doc Savage, the Spirit, the Walking Dead and probably a few others that are not coming to mind right now. I am also going to be starting Vampirella here soon, in hopes that her story line will sweep me off my feet like the comics above have!

I found this site, completely by accident. I was reading Power girl (which I have yet to finish,) and it branched off into the Justice League. Now, this is one thing that bothers me about the comics I like because I don't own those issues, they branch off and either I have to go find them and buy them or never find out what happened to the conflict and how it was solved. Tough decision, right? (Not.) Anyway, I fell in love with comics around about the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010. I read Bat Girl and Power Girl and I was literally engaged. I fell in love and entered a world of wonders, as well as constantly seeing the Women of DC busts that my dad gets (OH MY GOSH, they are gorgeous!) Of course, after finishing the issues my father and I had purchased, it was time to confront my comic-crazed cousins, (those two are the best in the world.) They shared so many comics with me that it was ridiculous, the best one Red Robin, His series stole my heart right away and I have yet to put down a comic since. I enter the comic book shop and I am in heaven (hopefully, one of these days, I can snag a job there.) At this time, I also got in to one of the best shows of all time, Doctor Who.

Now if you're asking yourself who is Doctor Who? That is the best part of it all! A Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, who travels through time in space in a TARDIS which is a blue police box and a million super heroes and villains facing each other in massive conflict and complex situations that make you wonder what will happen at every turn of the page! That was the new world I was living in and could you blame me? Beautiful concepts, exhilarating plots... My creativity wanted to take a boost! Now, when I was younger, I use to write and draw constantly. My one problem with writing, I have never finished a story in my lifetime. My problem with art, I felt like I lost all of my talent- everything I drew started to suck so badly (in my personal opinion.) Just recently, I started writing a Sci-Fi series that I hope to at least finish one book of by the end of next year (I know that is a pretty hefty wait, but it is deserved because I want it to be perfect,) and I also picked back up the pencil, the ink, the crayons- you name it. I am drawing again, sketching, designing, coloring abstract, etc. I hope to have my very first issue coming in a couple of months and also hope that it will be as good as I am hoping. Though, you know what they say- practice makes perfect and I am hoping if I keep at it, I can share with the world my ideas!

So! I rambled a little bit here, but it does its purpose and it allows you into my head, briefly. The point of me joining this site is my love of comics, my hope to become a greater geek in the near future, my opinions/thoughts to be shared and to be advanced, my ideas/stories to receive feedback when wanted or whatever... there are more reasons for me joining than I can even list! I hope to become a frequent and thriving addition to Comic Vine, I hope to contribute as much as I possibly can to the community and hopefully you all get to experience and enjoy it with me. Thank you for reading my slightly rant-like introduction. I promise to try my hardest to make my next actual blog post a little more exciting ;)


Kisser Ne

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