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My name is Carissa, the alias is Kisser Ne. I am a newbie at this point in time and I am proud to say that I am ready to geek it up! I love comics, I love Doctor Who, and I love video games- what else can a girl like me ask for? I love to write, read, draw, color, dance, sing and rap. I am a very complicated and contradictory person. I rant and ramble quite a bit, but I have been trying to work on that so that what I write makes a little more sense, ha ha. I am a weirdo, I will admit to it. My humor and personality is a little on the adult-oriented at all times, but you know to each their own. I do cuss quite a bit, so I am sorry if I offend and I will definitely try to filter what I say. I hope to provide and receive feedback, in the most respectful way possible and also hope that I can contribute and provide as much enjoyment as I possibly can. Hope to hear from all and hope for the amazing conversations to come. That is all for now. :)