Has Emma Frost Reached Her Peak Mutation Evolvement?

Now Emma's first mutation was that of Telepathy, this enables her to perform several fucntions such as thought communication mind reading, mind control, paralysis, possession, hypnosis, pain stimulation, and the creation of powerful psi bolts ect. Emma's second Mutation was done through Cassandra Nova, she picked this mutation from the memories of Emma Frost, when Emma was first learning her powers she would summon the image of a diamond to create psi barrier so people couldn't enter her mind or be able to read her thoughts. This Then allowed Cassandra Nova to allow Emma to create her current diamond form. 
But is that it for Emma has she reached her peak now? has she learned all she can from these 2 mutations and is it possible that her diamond form was not her natural second mutation so it is possible for a third to develop? While Emma is comfortable using her diamond form, she has yet to master it, for she can only change into this form via the wave which transforms her whole body, but we have seen other beings with organic enhaced bodies learn how to use there organic enhancement partially, will this be a possibility for emma in the future?
Another of my theories is that since Cassandra Nova picked that mutation for Emma it was not the natural direction of her original powers, now if one goes back to Emma Frost Generation X Days Emma actually showed more potential for Telekenesis rather than a enhanced organic form, When damage to the astral plane was done it caused people with psychic mutations to develop new skills. Now Emma had a Nightmare in which she levitated several utensils and then Synch later tapped into that power and floated people around the room.  So is it possible for her to now gain this power that has again gone dormant?
Now her power set is quite impressive at the moment she has mastered her Telepathy to high degree, her diamond mutation still needs work but she knows the basic functions but needs to see if more development can occur with this second mutation, and her latent and third mutation if activated will be the missing piece of the link, as it will allow her to have a transitioning power to balance the 3 out, for example using her telepathy first if that fails her telekenesis would be able to act as distancer or protection while she can then transform into diamond for heavy hitting. I still think if they choose to persue the original plan for her power development that it can still work, but this tertiary power would have to comeout at an extreme time where neither one of her powers will be able to affect the enemy for it to work with impact.
There i just thought i would blabber about it since that is what i thought the original development was supposed to be looool


Is Marvel Planning a Mass Ressurection?

Art by Hoa Phong
Uncanny X-Men 541

Just another theory to be honest, with the lastest disregard of continuity that we have from marvel could there be a mass ressurection that will cause a new marvel era. We have Jean Grey aka Phoenix Collecting all the parts of herself, We have Hope the Mutant messiah collecting new mutants after HOM, We've Had Madelyne Pryor Return With Necromantic Sorcery at her disposal and We have Wanda Trying to Repower the mutants, Are these four Characters Destined to start a new world, After the losses Bastion caused the dwindling of the Mutant Nation to near Exinction, is Marvel Preparing to Reboot, by causing a Mass Ressurection of all Dead Mutants, are characters that were thought lost going to make a comeback? with this train of thought what new possibilities could this bring? but also what Terrors As some of there greatest Adversaries have been dead too. Hmmmmm food for thought perhaps.

A Question of Power?

Now Hope has the ability to clone powers as we ahve seen her do in many issues, but when this power manifested is it done with the similarity of the original mimic? which is he can clone powers of those he touches or powers that are used on him, or is it done via Bishop if a power is used on him he can absorb is and rechannel it? Obviously it differs to Bishops as she can rechannel the exact power and copy it.  Also did Hope get a head start with this power, for when she was a baby she was pressed to Rogue and she cleaned out all or Rogue Powers and personas that where in her mind, is it possible that all those persona and powers were merely transfered into Hope and why she was able to utilise these abilites later on?


Dissension in the GLBT Community and there representation.

I don't usually like to blog very often as im not as good as a writer as most of the bloggers on here, but with the latest revelation of the dc bunker character as well as the growing social fragmentation between the different aspects and character types within the community i feel that i should respond to this dissension and try to nip it in the bud. Now when it comes to flamboyant characters or fem characters who are "apparently" in your face about sexuality there seems to be a growing uproar when ever one is introduced now again people are also quick to throw the Stereotype lable on it also, but i'm afraid that the lable is spun by the media to unproptionate levels.

In the start of the underground community you had your equal share of Fems, Mascs and those who classified as inbetween, you had your drag queens, and your leather boys and those who just wanted to party with people who they had something in common with, they all had equal part to play in upcoming struggle, they chilled out in the same spots the leathers would go to the drag shows, the drags would go the leather clubs to show support to there counterparts that they were all in the same camp and hence why they came together and started the Stonewall riots when there clubs came under siege.

Now all of sudden over the last decade or so the community has started to fragment into factions and so began the argument between the the groups, suddenly your to fem or your to masc or im not like that blah blah blah sh!t started, and now its gotten to point of bordering ridiculous, what your doing is not what the community was about so stop effing hating on eachother and start acting like a community your supposed to be supporting eachother not constantly arguing over who is better, the answer is your all important no ones said you weren't except the media and you fell right into there trap. SNAP OUT OF IT!

Now in regards to characters while some are obviously based on this media stereotype, let it be known that some people are flamboyant in character and some are fems and some will tell you about yourself if you get rude, and its about time some characters got to get portayed properly in style and chatacter, yes drag queens and fem boys can be b!tchy and tough as nails in attitude because they've been through alot of hate, victimisation and attacks, there persona's have hardened some become cruel and mean to someone giving them the eye, and why not you haven't gone out you way to show you ain't like the rest *clicks fingers* loool but you get the point done properly using a good bases or character resource even perhaps getting it from the queens mouth him/herself could benefit these loud take no sh!t characters and its about time it was done, and done properly.

There ive had my rant now! Just hope these new characters get some good backround info into there history and people stop being haters of different types of types.



ok this is a timeline i did for Lilith which can also be found in my art work link here and includes the explanations of the art scenes. 

Lilith and Unknown Father

Lilith and Dragon Guardian

Lilith Crushing on Zarathos

Lilith Creating Dark Magic

Lilith Helpping to Create Varne
Lilith Worshipped as Goddess

Lilith as Annunaki

Lilith Goddess

Lilith collecting souls

Lilith vs Inanna
Lilith as Lamashtu/lilitu

Lilith and Zeus

Lilith & Adam k'admon

Lilith Escapes

Lilith and Yahweh
Lilith & Asmodeus

Lilith & Sammael

Lilith Tempts Eve

Lilith tTapped In Tiamat

Lilith Astral Travel

Lilith Kills Scientist
Lilith Searches for Lilin

Lilith ShapeShift

Lilith opens Portal

Lilith & Lilin
Lilith Vs Ghost Rider

Lilith Rebirths the Lilin

Lilith & Centurious

Lilith & Zarathos

Lilith & Child
Lilith Watching Kales Defeat

Lilith Vs Dr Strange

Lilith Vs Skrull

Lilith Vs Skrulls 2

Lilith & Satannish

Lilith & Dracula

Lilith Vs Captain Britain

Lilith in Hell
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