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Awesome issue. ^_^ I'm really loving the new direction of the series. :-)

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I read the new issue of Batgirl. I really love the new direction a lot. I think the new creative team is doing a fantastic job. :-D

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@critter615: Thanks I was scratching my head wondering about that one. ^_^

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I thought it was a very good issue. I like seeing Barbara use her intelligence to solve cases and we really get to see her doing that in this. The way she was using her photographic memory this issue was great to see. I like Gail Simone's writing but I thought her approach to Batgirl was a little dark for my tastes so it's nice to see a less angst filled version of the character.

I agree that the references to social media might have been a little bit over the top this time around but I think that with enough time, the team that is working on the series can find a good balance. Case in point...this issue had Barbara checking her texts, e-mails, and setting up on an online dating profile. The villain was even talking in Hashtags. It's a lot to process especially since some of the social media outlets being used were created specifically to advance the story. If you didn't know what HOOQ or Blackbook was when it is first referenced in the's not your fault. It becomes clearer as the issue progresses. Sidenote: Does anyone know what GBG stands for? I couldn't figure that one out. For the context of the issue where a villain is using social media to blackmail other people...the references fit in but it can come off a little bit heavy even for the only moderately tech savvy. I'm not saying that the writing team should cut the social media references out completely in future issues but it wouldn't hurt for them to ease up on it just a slight bit.

I liked the artwork of the issue very much. I think it really captures the emotions of each character. It took me a little bit of time to recognize Black Canary though. ^_^;

I'd definitely recommend reading this comic for Batgirl fans and I'm definitely planning to pick up issue 2 based on this one. I think that G-man's rating was pretty accurate. I might have been a little bit more generous myself maybe giving it a 4.5 out of 5.

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I would have rated it higher Corey. It could be that I was really psyched to see this storyline resolved but I really enjoyed this issue tremendously. There was a lot of ground to cover from the previous writing team's departure and the team who replaced them did an amazing job. So much happened in this issue and even for an annual story it felt like a lot. There were some really great action scenes and intense moments to read. It was really fun.

I liked Batman's depiction in this. I actually thought he was less arrogant than in other depictions I've seen him. A lot of other interpretations give him a "this is my city and what I say goes" type of mentality but in this issue, he was very reasonable even taking a knock out blow from Batwoman in an attempt to work together with her. It was definitely a really enjoyable storyline and my number 1 pick for this week.

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This issue and the Riddler Issue were my favorites of villains month so far. It's really great to see intelligent criminals get a chance to shine. ^_^

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@squalleon said:

@theacidskull said:

Supes was Severely out of character, I could at least tolerate that when he is YOUNG but now as an adult he couldn't get passed his Pride to Just stand done? Please.


That bothered me too. Especially the


He sounded so rediculous

Yeah I agree. In that scene I thought Wraith was acting more like Superman would than Superman himself.

I still really loved the issue was great. ^_^

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I'm surprised you didn't go for the more obvious matchup,

Hawkeye vs Green Arrow (Battle of the Archers)


Black Widow vs Black Canary

It's an interesting poll though. I think depending on the situation either character can win. Black Widow has the close proximity advantage but Arrow has the range.

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Just because DC is announcing a new series with Helena Wayne as Huntress doesn't mean she is the same woman in the mini-series. As of issue #5 of the Huntress mini-series (the most recent issue) it still hasn't been confirmed that the Huntress in that series is Helena Wayne. Given the way alternate worlds work, it is very possible there are two of them. We'll have to read the last issue which comes out next week to find out exactly what is going on.

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Does anyone know what issue the picture of Wolverine and Jean kissing is from?