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Posted by Edamame

The very first trade that I purchased was Messiah War. Stryfe simply caught my attention.

Posted by joshmightbe

Incredible Hulk, can't remember the exact number because it was around 25 years ago but I believe Spiderman was guest staring

Posted by SuperTide

First one I read was Doomsday killing Superman.
Posted by Pyro_Jack

Mine was also Doomsday killing Superman.

Posted by PowerHerc

Captain America #192.

I loved this comic and wore it out by reading it over and over again!

This comic is also where Karla Sofen, a.k.a. Moonstone, fist appeared.

Posted by primepower53

It never had a cover, and I was really young when my Dad gave it to me so consequently i lost it. I remember it had Captain America, Hulk, Falcon, some relative of Falcon, Moonstone, and some creature that the Hulk killed. For some reason the only part I remember of it is that it's the concluding issue of something, and all of them are trapped, and the part that sticks out in my mind is that Falcon was chained in a bathtub thingy slowly filling with water so he was about to drown.

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A German print issue of Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu (US #9).

Posted by buttersdaman000

Ultimate Spider-Man volume 1 trade

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Ghost Rider, Dan Ketch series.

Posted by gravitypress

Savage Sword of Conan

Posted by KainScion

batman series based of the cartoon. first season of the cartoon. it has batman joker and catwoman.

Posted by Illuminatus

Watchmen trade.

Posted by HellionVulcan

pretty much this loved the 90's x-men comics/cartoons really made me want to read it to further the enjoyment .