Anyone else think Origins should be retoconned out?

Wolverine's origin was less confusing before it got f&*ked with by that story. Im talking about the Daniel Way crap not the Paul Jenkins Origins. I know I think its a horrible story and that it was poorly done and seemed to contradict past Wolverine stories and that Daken would have been a better character if he wasnt related to Logan at all. Im just curious if im the only one?

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I don`t know. I haven`t read it. But the Captain America/Wolverine/Bucky-story seems to be more important than the rest. It could`ve been done as a big graphic novel though, and with more thought putten in to it. Well, judging by the fact that the whole story is pretty much rated 3/5...

Posted by Dakens son

Yeah you are the only one.

The arc was awesome!

Posted by Nerd Of A Hero

I haven't read too much of it but I say just leave it alone before they decide to "F*** it up" even more if your that concerned.

Posted by stu

that story act was really good. but maybe your right...some people would have more interest in daken if he wasnt related to logan. personally i think daken is one of the best marvel creation in few years.

Posted by lady_toyano

@Dakens son: Agreed.