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I liked it. I liked simply seeing the X-Men doing something different and just going out and saving the world instead of the same old "fighting to survive" storyline that we've been having lately.

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@War Killer:
I would have liked it had it been more like the last arc in Captain Britan and MI:13. but it just felt cheap.
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@kingoftheworld: I guess it just depends. Personally I liked just seeing the core X-Men in one book and not having to worry about storylines involving people like Hope or like right now with Age of X, just a nice X-Men book about the X-Men. Call me simple or easy to please, but really that's all I ask for in my comics, not some huge, over the top, multiple title crossover for the fate of the world, just a good ol'fashion story that I can read and enjoy. Is that too much to ask for? lol
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@War Killer:
Actually thats what i like too. just not that one. it had Blade in it, one of the few chatacters ill buy what ever their in, and it just didnt work for me. i was hoping it was going to be more of a what if out of contuinty thing.
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I hated it with a passion, so no you're not alone.

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T'was terrible.

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The idea had potential, but the execution was terrible.  Blade's appearance seemed like an afterthought.


strong word hate, but I wasn't blown away by it. for my money the Death of Dracula 1-shot from it was the only book in it that really impressed me.

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@JediXMan said:
" I hated it with a passion, so no you're not alone. "
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Dude You pretty much said it all. It was weak and very sloppy. The writing team should have been slapped in the face with a filled whooping cushion.  
This is a clear example of people just writing out of their ass or felt they need to added some of their Vampire: The Masquared RPG games sessions until someone caught them. The atlantean vampires were just priceless.

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It's the most interesting thing to happen to the x-men since craption took over uncanny.....and it had no connection to craption go figure :P

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I found it to be mediocre. I didn't hate it, or like it.  
It had nice moments and gave windows of opportunity to see some faces that are sadly underrepresented elsewhere relatively speaking (Blade, Iceman, Gambit, Jubilee) and like Astonishing it gave us what most people sort of expect when they buy an X-Book, a solid strong cast making up a team. Sure some characters are doubling up, but Wolverine is popular, he sells, Cyclops is important, Storm, Emma and Colossus are recognizable. Its very new reader friendly and accessible. Victor Gischler has been doing tropes for Marvel for ages now, and vampire stuff way before the vampire craze so there is some exploiting going on, but fairly organically.  
Still, I find it mediocre, and it could have been so much more in so many different ways. It could be, should be fulfilling a gap in X-Books, where there isn't really any decent reliable, and regular X-Team book which draws in from their huge database of characters for stories. (besides X-Factor which is for your more reined fan not needing the draw of A-Listers)  
@CATPANEXE:  Yeah, that issue was great! Death of Dracula!!  
Actually the more I think about it, the tie ins, like Storm and Gambit and some of the anthology stories, like Sheba Sugarfangs lol were better than main story...

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I seems the writer of X-Factor also hate it lol. 

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one of the many many many reasons Peter David is the fucking man.
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craption? im guessing you dont like matt fraction?
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Sounds like someone threw a fit reading The Invincible Iron man......lol. 
Craption..I have to admit that did make me laugh say it out loud and it still does every time I say it.  
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i can kinda see why some people dont like his X-Men, but i fucking love it, but Invincible Iron Man is one of Marvels best books. Its up there with
Captain America in terms of every issue is as good as the last and theyve always been fucking great.
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i dropped the title just because of that story arc 

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I'm tired of Vampires and this felt too much like it was jumping on the band wagon.  I kept buying the titles because I have a hard time dropping the X-Men - but this story arc held little interest for me.

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marvel jumped on the vampire craze and it was just crap , i tried to get into it but i just couldn't
i thank marvel for it though bc it gave me the chance to explore other companies , i now read DC ,
image , and everything else under the sun , thank you marvel for broadening my horizons 
by leading me to your competitors!

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So did I.
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Another thing about this book is that Marvel seems to be trying to shoehorn it into continuity. I may be mistaken but it seems that Vampire Jubliee appears in a panel in the latest issue of Wolverine.  
Why cant Marvel or any comic book company for that matter see how a story go over and if it is despised simply dismiss it from continuity and move on instead of forcing it in regardless.
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Hey! Vampires are coo!!!l.. the one that kill people violently are....
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well i'm a bit disappointed, i thought it was going to be a limited series then end, but they kept the X men title going after it (they're now fighting sewer lizards with spidey) and since my comic OCD won't let me just drop a title like that now im reading this on top of my already loooooong stack of comics....as for the story itself, yes it was mediocre, not great but not horrible, just....meh

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The Gambit/Storm oneshot tie-in was enjoyable,  but that's where the joy ended for me.

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Besides jubs looking hot as a vampress.there was really nothing to write home about in this arc.we get it.people like vampires.they got it out of their systems and now they can focus on something else.unless they wanna go for the whole twilight thing and turn logan into a werewolf...

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Dont give them any ideas. they might do it.
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@kingoftheworld said:
" Another thing about this book is that Marvel seems to be trying to shoehorn it into continuity. I may be mistaken but it seems that Vampire Jubliee appears in a panel in the latest issue of Wolverine.   Why cant Marvel or any comic book company for that matter see how a story go over and if it is despised simply dismiss it from continuity and move on instead of forcing it in regardless. "
Well, there is an entire mini about Wolverine and Jubilee, dealing with how she is a vampire? Is that the one you mean?  Its a time issue regarding continuity, people tend to complain more when its not addressed anyway. 
Surprisingly its (the Jub/Wolv mini) probably the best X-Book out right now, in terms of characterization and dialogue aside from AOX stuff and X-Factor. 
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@kingoftheworld said:
"@TerryBogard2014: Dont give them any ideas. they might do it. "

They did it in Wolverine First Class.
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It obviously wasn't their best, or one of their worst story arcs. I felt that they easily could have done a tad better, and if released before the whole Twilight thing then possibly the story arc would have been ALOT more popular.

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It was farfetched, even for the X-Men

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@kingoftheworld said:

" @War Killer: I would have liked it had it been more like the last arc in Captain Britan and MI:13. but it just felt cheap. "

Quoted for truth. The Captain Britain Vampire State arc was an awesome page-turner. It got a little silly at points, but it drew on the histories of so many characters to weave together its narrative (including Blade - much better than X-Men did). I love comics like that!
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I didn't hate it. I just don't know what the point of it was as it seemed only to make Jubilee a vampire.

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It sucked (no pun intended). Obviously, they were cashing in on the success of the Twilight/Vampire craze. The only thing I liked about it was the return of Blade.

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and even Blade's appeance felt cheap.
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i didn't read. once i heard about it i stayed away. read bits of plots here and there sounded like sh#t.
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The overall arc wasn't that great, but the dialogue, characters, and artwork were still pretty good. As far as a new run on a straight named X-Men title goes, it's pretty good. I'm enjoying the new story arc with the Lizard and Spider-Man right now. In fact, I'm about to review issue #9.

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I agree, that story was just as horrible as Necrosha, and the return of Blade couldn't save it.

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I wasn't fond of it. I do like the new creative teams working on X-Men, and this is by far my favorite book, but I could have done without the vampire thing too.

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I love X-Men love love love X-Men and the entire series feels forced to me. Its the first X book ive ever dropped of my pull.
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@kingoftheworld: You should watch the language sensor the swears, supposedly this is a child friendly site.
As for the vampire thing it was stupid grabbing onto what is hopefully a fad to sell some issues. I agree with you pretty much completely about this.
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I certainly didn't like it.

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Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but is there a precedence for vampires being a problem for the X-Men specifically? I didn't read the storyline, but was there some sort of plot device that revealed that vampires were really an off-shoot of mutants or something? Otherwise, why didn't they do an "Avengers vs. Vampires" type of deal that had this vampire problem affect the larger Marvel Universe?

Honestly, I felt like the Curse of the Mutants story seemed incredibly forced and was only done because vampires were the "in" thing. Hey, look. It's Dracula. And he has a ponytail and some silly bright red armor. That's... cool, I guess, but why would I want Dracula in my X-Men comic? So Jubilee's a vampire now. Great. Why am I supposed to care, especially since nobody had used Jubilee effectively in years?

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- If it was more than a one and done storyline just to make Jubilee a vampire I might be ok with it

- Sadly by how it came off it looked like a marketing ploy towards the Twilight crowd

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It wasn't great but I kinda liked it. Seeing Iceman get blessed by a priest and turned into Holy Water was pretty funny

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It wasn't wasn't a good story by any means, but as story I don't hate it. if it was simply self contained and everything went on after it resolved it could have simply been forgotten and disappear into obscurity.

The reason i hate it are for it's consequences that prevent us from forgetting it. By which I mean permanently making Jubilee a vampire. Because of this, this mediocre story designed to pick up on the "twilight fever" had major effects on a very popular character, and top a smaller extent the characters around her. Even if they make a story turning her back, they would first have to revisit this plot to explain why she was a vampire in the first place.

Kinda makes me wonder why they couldn't have done this a few years earlier when "Pirates of the Caribbean" was the big craze. It would be just as stupid but it would be a lot easier to forget Jubilee being a pirate than her being a soulless, undead blood sucker.

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No, it was a poorly executed attempt to cash in on the Twilight buzz. Marvel has since then pretty much ignored just about anything that came form it other than Vampire Jubilee.