Gurren Lagann: Respect that will pierce the disrespect!

Gurren Lagann

In case you haven’t realized, I am a huge fan of Gurren Lagann. So time be to make my first respect thread respect thread in which I tell you of the feats and capabilities shown in the show, as well as busting some of the crap that haters state about it. I'll take feats from the original series, the movies and Parrallel Works 8. And let me ay that there are some huge feets (literally), even since the first episode! Let's get straight to it shall we?

Oh, and I should also say watch out for spoilers!

Gurren Lagann (Gurren & Lagann)

It is not short shot to say Gurren Lagann is one of the strongest out there, and aside my fanboyisms, there are actually good feats to prove it. In height, it's around the typical mecha/robot size (I'm not 100% sure, but I did here 17m somewhere, so I'll just go with that). In terms of muscle power (or mechanical power, whatever) and speed, Gurren Lagann has shown some impressive stuff, even in its base form. For starters, Simons main mecha (or Gunmen, as they're refered to in the show) is a small mecha called Lagann. Lagann shows it can drill through the ground at high speeds. For instance...

Kamina (Gurren) throws Simon (Lagann) at two enemy Gunmen. Lagann is flying so fast that it clears a dust cloud in seconds. The beastmen see him coming and dodge Lagann, who then drills into the cliff behind them.
Unbest known to the Beastmen pilots, Lagann is drilling through the rock at breakneck speeds before it turns around...
And wipes the smiles from their faces!

Not many people look at that as being a big feat, but it is really. Today, the most powerful drilling machine today is the Tunnel Boring Machine.

Tunnel Boring machine from the front, much more of it can't be seen.

The Tunnel Boring Machine is a colossal long machine designed to do what it's called. It can drill under mountain ranges such as the Swiss Alps. However, the TBMs digging process is extremly slow. Issues such as replacing the boring blades, mantentence, making sure the tunnel doesn't fall in behind it, making sure the tunnel doesn't overheat due to the heat stored in the Earth, the excavation of the rocks it digs out, the fact it can't turn whilst underground and the plain simple fact that it's so so anyway, means that making tunnels is a process that takes many years, even with to of the machines. On the other hand, Lagann drilled through hundreds of meters of rocks whilst steering underground in less than half a minute. Though it's only a hundreth of the TBM's size, it's hundreds of times more powerful (in no ways meaning that size is not a factor in strength, as I'll come to later. One of the main symbols/weapons of the show is a drill, to sybolise progress, evolution, determination, and epicness of the most manly kind.

Another impressive feat of power; the defeat of Guame & Dai Gundo!

Guames custom fortress - Dai Gundo the inpregnable.
Cytomandra's burning fortress makes on an inavoidable crash couse towards Dai-Gundo!
They colide!
Ridiculous explosion follow suit
Yet Dai-Gurren emerges dentless.
Dai-Gundo combines with Tepplin, creating a cyclone of energy that destroys many generic ally Gunmen.
While this is happening, Simon and Roshiu drill beneath Dai Gundo, but are unable to put a single scratch on it!
General Guame orders Dai-Gundo to slam down and crush Gurren Lagann.
But this only works to Gurrn Laganns advantage! Thanks to the force of Dai-Gundo, they're finally able to penetrate Dai-Gundo.
Gurren Lagann lifts Dai-Gindo off the ground and spins it the opposite way.
This screws up the connection withTepplin.
The drill goes all the way through Dai-Gundo, piercing General Guame.
Dai-Gundoo, a near impenitral fortress, begins to bend and distort...
Shortly followed by it's epic demise!

Gurren Lagann can drill through water and later in the show is also capable of drilling to the center of the Moon in less than a minute. Lagann and Gurren are much more powerful together then on their own. In episode 3 they did this for the first time, and formed Gurren Lagann! This is because Lagann-type gunmen can absorb any other mech and become one with them. This is expanded upon greatly near the end of the series. Gurren, the other robot of the title, is created from three enemy gunmen formed together after Litner village and Kamina and Simon defeated them. A fourth gunmen is later added in episode 13 when they absorb a flying gunmen,alowing Gurren Lagann to fly. Lagann can also fly (though they don't discover this for a bit). Gurren Lagann was mentioned to have some form of shield in episode 3, yet even when it's still damaged it can take a Hell of a beating. Yet its most famous move that I wish to discus with you, for more more than one reason.


In which Gurren Lagann traps its foe with two sunglass boomerangs, creates a colossal drill about 10 times bigger than itself and launches itself at it's enemy in order to leave a large hole in it and blow it up. So, it pulls a mammoth drill out of nowhere, lifts it up, then flies through the air with this and smashes through its foe, who is umptly blown to tiny little bits.

Notice the galaxy in the background, a hint of what's to come...
Cool robots don't look at explosions..!

No, let me discus the Giga Drill a bit deeper....

First many spikes come out...
Then they fuse into one big spike...
Then it-wait, WHAT?!

Do you stop to think how a drill like that can fit inside it's body? Even the second stage is ridiculous. It'll have to be as thin as aluminium foil to fit in there. But if it was thin, it wouldn't be able to dig through its enemies without crumpling. The drill is even shown to be several at least feet thick or possibly even full in later episodes. This is more than just a strength feat - this is reality warping. This isn't the only reality warping feat of first stage Gurren Lagann; when Gurren and Lagann combine, Lagann repairs all of Gurrens damage (though Gurren returns to its damaged state afterwards).

Oh, and you thought Giga Drill was intense, did you?


Gurren Lagann is at the epicentre of the blast.
Do I even need to say anything?!

Previously General Thymilphs Dai-Gunzen, Dai-Gurren is essentially a walking battleship cross aircraft carrier (and the same in size), and base of operations to the good guys. First seen in episode 7, commenderred in episode 8 (though at no small cost). Team Gurren changed their name to Team Dai-Gurren after capturing it. Dai-Gurren has fallen off cliffs, taken on huge numbers and survived explosions that really should have destroyed it. It was adapted to fly in between episodes 13 and 14. In episode 12 though it was adapted to swim across the ocean, where thus I'll provide another feat...

Dai Gurren fires upon General Adene at point blank range, while Gurren Lagann destroys her submarine fortress.
The blast at it's begining is still enough to dwarf Dai-Gurren.
Dai-Gurren is soon engulfed by a big upheaval of water.
The blast expands...
From space/high atmosphere...
Notice a tiny dot on the wave?

Of all the surfing jokes to use...Team Dai-Gurren sacrifice the walking warship in order to defeat the Spiral King. Helping Gurren Lagann, it blasts a hole through Tepplins hammer, and letting Simon & Nia get to the Spiral King. This however ruins it, so they jetison the main body (blowing up a lot more of the hammer) and fall away to safety. Dai-Gurrens fighting days are over, but the fighting days of team Dai-Gurren are nowhere near done.

The mighty Tepplin reaches out for Gurren Lagann
Gurren Lagann attacks, but is unable to even scratch Tepplin.
Not to be defeated, Gurren Lagann rides Dai-Gurren with giga drill.
Tepplin compared to Dai-Gurren (NOTE: Tepplin is freaking huge).
Dai-Gurren pierces the hammer!
They fire all cannons...
And blow a hole all the way through! It ejects its front half, Gurren Lagann still on it (in order to reach Lord Genome quicker).
Dai-Gurren is highly damaged in the process though...
So, it ghetisons again and leaves a final gift for the Spiral King...
The remains of Dai-Gurren fall/float to safety, where team Da-Gurren wait for Simon, Nia, Roshiu & Boota to return.

And finally, it jumps at least a kilometre into the sky just kick Cytromantrair airship fortress. Twice!

Arc Gurren Lagann & Space King Kittan

The next step up in size-scale for Gurren Lagann is the Arc Gurren Lagann. Arc Gurren Lagann is a city-sized Gunmen many kilometres tall that was created when Gurren Lagann combined with Arc Gurren Lagann (according to the guide book, it's as big as Toyko, which is 90km). Arc Gurren is a ship kept by Lord Genome under Tepplin, which was discovered by Roshiu when Bio Computer Lord Genome told him of it. Arc Gurren is first seen in episode 19 (or 20), yet it truly gets to shine in episode 22...

Gurren drills towards Arc Gurren, dragging the giant Mugunn with it.
The Mugunns collide as Gurren LAgann combines with Arc Gurren.
Birth of Arc Gurren Lagann...
Arc Gurren Lagann is so big that Gurren Lagann is its pilot.
The Mugunns are blown to bits, and Arc Gurren Lagann is revealed!
Control room of Arc Gurren gets a good view of everything.
The two giant Mugunns reform and combine into one last Super Mugunn.
The Giant Mugunn begins its offensive, while Arc Gurren Lagann powers up.
Full Power Punch!
Though the Mugunn is alot bigger, Arc Gurren Lagann has no problem handling it.
Simon gives the Mugunn a taste of his space-time shattering punch!
(See above)
The Mugunn is flung upwards and grates against the fabric of space (not sure how that's possible)...
The Mugunn breaks though space to the other side of time!
Huge explosion follows suit.
Other lesser Gunmen bask in Arc Gurren Laganns glory.
Arc Gurren Lagann and the other Gunmen work together to delay the Moon fall and push the Moon back into orbit. Whether it is capable of doing this or no is never revealed, as the Moon turns into Cathedral Terra soon afterwards and flies back to its natural orbit.
Arc Gurren right next to the damaged Tepplin, showing that they are similar in size. Tepplin has previously been establised to be many kilometres tall, which makes Arc Gurren Lagann a similar size (though I would say slightly smaller).

They punched the vacuum of space and it broke. Do I even need to say how impossible this is? Or is it impossible? Anyway screw physics seems to be one of the big morals in Gurren Lagann, and that's not even the best example of the manipulation of nothingness. Arc Gurren Lagann returns in episode 24 briefly for more action on the combat scene, though unfortunately not for long.

Two colossal Anti Spiral dreadnaughts arrive, baring the way and spawning a ridiculous number of mass produced enemies, each city sized.
Arc Gurren Lagann leads the charge.
While the others fight the mass production unites, Arc Gurren Lagann blasts through and attacks one of the Dreadnaughts (otherwise known as the Ashtanga) head on.
Arc Gurren Laganns Giga Drill.

Arc Gurren Lagann fails to pierce the Ashtangas shiled, and Simon gets the idea of combining with Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, so Arc Gurren Lagann doesn't get much fighting time. Which is why I'll focus on Space King Kittan. King Kittan was created by Cathedral Terra after the prevention of the Moon fall yet before the attack on the Anti-Spiral homeworld. Like Arc Gurren Lagann, a smaller Gunmen is required to pilot the even bigger Gunmen while a pilot pilots the Gunmen.

Space King Kittan causes some huge explosions. No big fuss.
Space Beam!
Space Beam destroys a Hell of a lot of mass production units (take note that if Space King Kittan and the other Arc units are able to easily destroy countless mass production units with ease...just think about how big the explosions would be. If Arc Gurren Lagann is 90km tall, then some of these blasts could be planet busting.

I feel it's deserved to make a reference to the clown twins last stand (I couldn't remember their names)...

Outnumbered and taking damage, the Clown twins make one last sacrifice to protect Gimmy and Dary.
The Clowns have the last laugh!
The Clown Twins sacrifice themselves, taking hundreds of mass production units down with them in a matter of seconds (take in mind what I stated about their size earlier on.

Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren survives, and Arc Gurren Lagann gathers enough power to combine with it, but at that moment they hit a wall of liquid space and are engulfed in the cosmic ocean. Many mass production units arrive and attempt to push Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren into the depths to be crushed. Kittan goes out in Space King Kittan and Yoko goes out in Space Dayakaiser to get them off the hull.

And, now, Kittans final moment...

The Spiral Missle is fired towards the Spiral Death Field Machine, however...
It's crushed by the pressure of ultra dense space.
Kittan then volenteers to go out in Space King Kittan and deliver the blow himself. It seems like a suicide mission, but he plans to return.
Space King Kittan aproaches the Death Machine...
Using his drill, Kittan blows a hole in the Spiral Death Field Machines shield.
But Space King Kittan cannot handle the pressure of the unltra-dense space, and is crushed...
Those back on Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren begin to despair, before Yoko notices a smaller Spiral reading on the radar.
Despite Space King Kittans destruction, and being at the center of the blast, normal King Kittan emerges from the destruction for one final attack.
With a change of plan, Kittans makes a kamikazie run for the Spiral Death Field Machine.
Though not a part of King Kittan, Simons Giga Drill combines to become a part of King Kittan as if it where built like that in the factory. This is another example of reality warping

Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann/Cathedral Terra Lazengunn

King Kittan goes Giga Drill (see what I said erlier about Giga Drill)
King Kittan and his Giga Drill vanish as they speed off towards the Spiral Death Field Machine. Judging by it's size compared to King Kittan and Space King Kittan, I would say it's the size of of small planet. Kittan destroys it not with Space King Kittan, but normal King Kittan, exceding the power of Space King Kittan in the smaller gumen.
Kittans eyes are now spirals similar to Lord Genomes. Chances are he's now as powerful as Lord Genome was, maybe even stronger.
Kittan destroys the Spiral Death Field Machine, yet loses his life in the process. The dense space converts back to Spiral Energy, which is absorbed and harnessed by Simon and Team Dai-Gurren to create...

Though it's unknowingly seen from the first episode as the Moon (as well as being in the prologue of the show), Cathedral Terra shows its true colours in episode 22, when Simon & Viral stop the Moon fall by transforming the fake Moon back into Cathedral Terra. As suggested, Cathedral Terra, or Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, is a planet-sized Gunmen the size of the Moon. Even before it's transformation into Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, Cathedral Terra has shown some great feats such as speed, strength, teleportation of itself & others and impressive mass production.

Anti-Spiral Moon
Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren is able to withstand the pressures of ultra dense space (though it only just managed to do so).
Rosiu is about to atone for his sins, and Simon and Kinon plan to stop him.
Lord Genome detects that Gurren Lagann is in a rush, and does the honour of teleporting them.
Gurren Lagann uses perceptual teleportation to reach Roshiu.
Gurren Lagann arrives.
Let's see you grit those teeth!
Super Galaxy Dai-Gurrens factory is mentioned to have a downrightscary production rate, creating upgraded Gunmen for all Team Dai-Gurren as well as countless Super Grapearls in only a few days.
Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren takes a blast from a ridiculously big missile (though it's not a direct hit, and wouldn't have survived another).
Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren teleports into the Anti-Spiral dimension
Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren spams thousands of missiles to take on the Anti-Spirals
Using dimensional anchors and only 50% power, Cathedral Terra drags the real Moon back into existance, as not to effect the Earths environment when it leaves for the final battle.

Despite showing massive power, Lord Genome states in episode 24 that converted to human form, Super Galaxy Dai Gurren would be even more powerful. So Gurren Lagann/Arc Gurren Lagann attempt to combine with it. Just when they have it and are about to transform, Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren is submerged in the Spiral Death sea. After Kittan destroys the Spiral Death Field Machine, the ultra dense space converts back to the Spiral Power of previously defeated Spiral races. Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren happily drinks it up...

Massive amounts of Spiral energy are released after the destruction of the Spiral Death Field Machine.
Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren sets up to transform. For real this time.
Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren transforms...
The power of the mammoth Gunman causes a storm on the space sea.
Out from the Sea rises one machine equal to the Gods!
Despite it's transformation, the Ashtanga dreadnaughts still dwarf it to a ridiculous amount.
Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann starts by clawing one of the Ashtanga in the face with drill fingers. As the Moon is over a quarter of the size of the Earth (the Moon has a diameter of about 3400km, and the Earth has one of around 12,000km), this would made the Anti-Spiral Dreadnaughts not only many times bigger than the Moon, but many times bigger than the Earth too. Judging by this picture and the picture above, I would say it's easily the size or Uranus or Neptune.
The Ashtanga retaliate by throwing planets at the Gunmen (yes, planets).
Just one of these planets thrown at the Earth would be enough to destroy it.
However, the planets don't even scratch Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann!
So Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann pulls out its boomerang sunglasses and throws it at the Ashtanga.
It's split in two and destroyed! (Remeber in episodes 24 and 25 that they couldn't even scratch the dreadnaughts?)
The remaining Ashtanga fires probability missiles at Super Galaxy...
These bypass the shield and hit it! (In episode 24, Lord Genome said that they where unable to take another direct hit).
Simon creates a ridiculously bendydrill to hit the last Ashtanga with. As drills can't bend, I'd say this is a combination of reality warping and toon force.
However, the Ashtanga escapes time/space before they can hit it.
But due to the power of Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, they don't even have to aim and they'll still hit their target, even though it's not even in space or time!
They target every location in the near past and future...
Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann fires missiles in every dirrection.
The missiles time travel...
(Judging by Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, the blast could have easily destroyed the Earth.)
Meanwhile, the power of a micro cosmos is building up inside Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann...
The final Dreadnaught emerged highly damaged from a portal. It wouldn't take much to finish it off...
Simon however decides to take no chances. He finishes the final Dreadnaught of with Super Galaxy Giga Drill!
As an estimate, the explosion following is big enough to destroy Jupiter or Saturn. Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann is at the center of the blast.
When the ruins clear, Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann is the last player on the field!

Shortly after that the Anti-Spiral lock Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann and its crew in the Multiversal Labyrinth. I Feel that Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann's true potential is never shown. Yet it has transformed before, a thousand years ago when it was still Cathedral Terra. Shown from Parrallel Works 8, which has been stated to be the only cannon Parallel Work. After discovering that the overuse of Spiral Power would lead to the Spiral Nemesis, Young Genome turns on his fellow Spiral Warriors...

Lazengunn approaches Tepplin to combine with it and Cathedral Terra.


Cathedral Terra transforms...

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Into Cathedral Terra Lazengunn!
Yet Young Genome finds himself outnumbered by his former allies (whether they are a mix of Spiral Races or just humans I'm not sure).
Yet he has no problem with this, and readiesCathedral Terra's giga drill...
With no effort at all, he destroys the entire amarda with his Giga Drill.
Even going after the straddlers, before returning to Earth as its tyranical protector and the Spirl King.

The final and greatest incarnation of Gurren Lagann, and with no intent to go out with a whimper, is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Battleship-sized, city-sized and even planet-sized are not enough. No, Simon and his companions want to finish this off with something big. And they don't fail to deliver. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is galaxy-sized! It makes its grand appearance for the grand finale.

Team Dai-Gurren take off...
Gurren Lagann enters Arc Gurren Lagann...
Arc Gurren Lagann enters Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann...
The newly created Lagann units rush towards Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann to prepare for what's next...
Brief ensigma of Kamina's flag...
Zooms out to the Anti-Spiral prison planet (which is big enough to house the Moon)...
Zooms out to the planets Star System...
Zooms out to nearby Star Systems...
From which emerges Tengen Toppa...
But biggest of all their spirits...

Incase you couldn't tell from that ridiculously obvious scale out sequence, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the size of a galaxy. Infact, on the official website it's officially stated to be bigger than the Milky Way (the Milky Way is said to be 100,000 light years across). I've even heard Tengen Toppa is 10 million light years tall. But however big it is, it has one final challenge to face...

As no one had ever escaped the Multiversal Labyrinth or created a galaxy-sized cosmic machine god to fight them, the Anti-Spiral decides to fight and defeat Team Dai-Gurren by their rules in a fair fight in order to bring utter despair. To do so they create the Granzeboma (or Grandzabomia), which is actually sightly bigger than Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann takes its first step. A single step usually isn't much, but when you're at least a million light-years tall it does mean something. That single step would have been more than enough to grind the Milky Way out of existance without even trying, as well as to move thousands of light-years forward in a single step.
And then it starts to run...
Now Tengen Toppa is sprinting with all its might towards the Anti-Spiral, you can only imagine how many times faster than light it's travellinf if it exceeded lightspeed by several thousand with a single step.
The two foes meet and collide...
During the first part of the battle Tengen Toppa is thrown around by the Anti-Spiral (literally in some cases).
The Grandzabomia speedblitz's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann so fast that it's arms are a blur; just think how fast they are moving...
The Anti-Spiral tell Team Gurren their chances of success, and the Anti-Spiral don't lie...
The Anti-Spiral throws two galaxies at Tengen Toppa. Not big deal in Gurren Lagann.
The Granzeboma destroys multiple galaxies by kicking Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann through them.
The energies given off in the battle are so powerful that a Space-Time Fold is created, clearly showing the Earth (though magnified).
The Anti-Spiral take this chance to grab the Earth and destroy it. The Granzeboma's arm briefly leaves the Anti-Spiral Pocket Dimension and enters real space (Roshiu and Kinon back this up by talking of massive perceptual teleportation readings).
However, with everything they care for now in danger, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's fighting effort hugely increases. Dayaka uses a Super Dimensional Anchor (as was used to drag the Moon back into existance, only that was just a Dimentional Anchor) to drag the Anti-Spirals back into their own dimension and hurl them away from the Earth!
Now Tengen Toppa is strong enough to go hand-to-hand with the Anti-Spirals, their determination making them stronger each minute. They state that they'd even stop the Spiral Nemesis.
The Anti-Spiral is now utterly fed up with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and humanity, and decides to finish it, once and for all.
Grabbing two galaxies, the Granzeboma rub them together and create a gaugartuan amount of power...
It's of importance to note that the English version states this attack is "on par with the birth of the Universe!"
It's not just like a Big Bang; it is a Big Bang.
As Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is assulted with the Infinity Big Bang Storm, galaxies are spun into creation instantly. The attack is easily powerful enough to destroy galactic clusters and create a new Universe (in another Universe they created).
Lazengunn breaks free of Tengen Toppa!
Lord Genome leaps in front of the attack, whci appears to destroy him. But this is all a part of his plan...
The Infinity Big Bang Storm is nulified by Lord Genome and converted to Spiral Energy!
Lord Genome, converted to Spiral Engergy, demands that Simon take the drill. So he takes it and Tengen Toppa eats it, increasing their power even more.
The final clash!
Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann rushes out of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Arc Gurren Lagann out of Super Galaxy, and Gurren Lagann out of Arc, then Gurren throwns Lagann at the Anti-Spiral...
If this is the way i's ment to be, do you promise to protect the Universe?
The Anti-Spiral are destroyed,and the Spiral Races of the galaxy celebrate their new freedom. The Anti-Spiral pocket Universe ceases to exist, returning Team Dai-Gurren to real space and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann back to where it can from. (Note the shape of the explosion; look familiar to an earlier Gainax show?)

The Spiral Races form an alliance to prevent the Spiral Nemesis in the years to follow. Gainax has since confirmed that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann can survive outside the Anti-Spiral dimension, as it creates the Super Spiral Space within itself (as well as some other fun facts). As a final note on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, many are curious to what Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is made of. In the movie version, it's revealed to be made of flesh, as it's torn to pieces by the Anti-Spiral.

The Granzeboma ripping away at Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa is torn to bloody pieces.

You thought Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was the biggest? Didn't we all? This one is...well who knows how big. Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, unfortunately, gets the shortest screen time, only appearing for a few minutes at the end of the second movie. But by no means did it leave a small impact. There's even a rumour that it's Kamina ressurected...

After Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was torn to pieces in the movie, each pilot got his own Tengen Toppa unit, forming the Tengen Toppa Brigade! After absorbing the Infinity Big Bang Storm, they combine again into something much greater; Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!
The Granzeboma compared with Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Laganns foot.
Not to be outdone, the Anti-Spiral grows even bigger than Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in the Neo-Granzeboma.
The two foes now transend mechas or robots. They have become Gods.
Neo-Grandzabomia's drill tearing through space. The galaxies are the size of its finger nails.
Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann meets the drill with its own, with enough power to destroy countless galaxies like leaves in an inferno.


If Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann wasn't big enough, it unleashes its Giga Drill Breaker, which is about 100 times bigger than it. The Anti-Spiral create their own Giga Drill Breaker. The two rush towards each other at unimaginable speeds.
The two collide! The colossal forces of the two ridiculous Giga Drills meeting causes a black hole to form between them and suck in nearby galaxies at speeds billions of times faster than light. In ten seconds, the entire Universe is destroyed.
Soon the only thing remaining are the two mortal enemies, locked in combat.

To help confirm some of my feats, I have a scan from the official Gurren Lagann Guide Book of the size scales.

As you can see, the size scale compares Gurren Lagann to a human, Arc Gurren Lagann to what someone on Anime Vice translated to be Tokyo, Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann to the Moon and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann to a galaxy; as for Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I'm not sure if it's in the book or not. It also states that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is many million times bigger than a Moon-sized Gunmen. If someone can read Japanese and accurately translate the whole thing out, it would be very much appreciated.

And an amazing Toon Force feat, to show that Gurren Lagann really doesn't give a damn about physics...

What the flag of England should be...

A few Green Lantern feats...

No. No he didn't.

Well, I hope you found that educational, as I put a lot of effort into it. Chances are I'll be back to post more feats soon. One day I may do another respect thread. I remember someone saying that Dark Souls was only street level...

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@KingOfAsh: Beautiful

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Wow i rate you for writing all that, you've covered it in detail, nice work man, keep up the good work

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Gurren Lagann is one of the most over powered animes ever. Not saying this as something bad, just stating what I think from what fans have told me

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I've been meaning to expand on this for a while...

The Anti-Spiral

The main villain of the series is a race of aliens who attacked and suppressed all other Spiral lifeforms in the galaxy, due to the threat of the Spiral-Nemesis. They are hinted towards by the Spiral King and Guame in a conversation in episode 13 or so. In episode 15, the defeated Spiral King warns of the on coming threat and in episode 17, they are finally mentioned by name for the first time, and the first of the Muganns strike and Nia transforms into the Anti-Spiral Messenger. In episode 18, the Anti-Spiral are explained...

The power being Spiral Power, which I'll return to later...

Remember all the feats I gave Catheral Terra (Super Galaxy)? Imagine thousands, millions maybe even of dreadnaughts just like it. Now imagine all these armies of races throughout the galaxy, teaming up with their armarda of planet/starbusting warships numbering in the hundreds of thousands, and still getting defeated. Not only defeated, but destroyed, crushed, obliterated. By the Anti-Spiral. The Anti-Spiral didn't stop their though; next they set up Spiral Life Annhilation Systems, incase a Spiral Race exceeded a certain population (in humanities case, one million). I've mentioned above that the Anti-Spiral used Lord Genomes flagship Cathedral Terra disguised the Moon as the harbinger of the Humanity Annhilation system, but let me just remind...

The Anti-Spirals stuffed the real Moon into imaginary space in order to place the fake Moon in orbit. A whole planet taken out of the Universe. That's no mean feat, and it's nothing compared to whats coming up...

The Humanity Annihilation System (Earth's particular Spiral Life Annhilation System), takes three weeks to take its course. In that time the Anti-Spiral feel it best to remind Humanity of complete despair. So they send out special computer programs given physical form to wreak havok on the Earth. These are the Muganns.

Your standerd canon-fodder Mugann. Let's see what it can do...

The instant the millionth human is born, a portal appears above Kamina City...
...And the first of many Muganns come through. It sits there a few seconds before firing it's laser.
After a few seconds it does what it was sent to do...

With one laser it destroys an entire city block.
The Muganns can appear anywhere instantly.
The Grapearl squadron is dispacted to deal with the problem.
Gimmy orders an simultainious attack from all directions
Yet the Mugann remains completly untouched thanks to its shield.

Gimmy then decides to directly slice the Mugann with his Grapearl Blade.
The blade shatters to pieces, and Gimmy is flung far away.
Rossiu confirming what was just shown above.
The Grapearls continue to be useless against this new threat.
Firing multiple lasers at once, the Mugann decides to end this...
Destroying all the Grapearls except Gimmy & Dary...
...And another city block.
Unseen, the Mugann repells a Giga Drill, which previously destroyed a mountain of metal (Dai Gundo).
By absorbing the laser into his drill, Simon pushed the laser back through the Muganns shield.
And finishes it!
But even in its destruction, the Mugann has one last nasty trick up it's metaphorical sleeve.
As the Muganns are mass produced for quick teleportation, they are made of unstable materials. When destroyed, the materials fly away in all directions...
And explode.
Don't even try and count how many city blocks that is now.

A single standard Mugann has the power to destroy a city block with a single laser, and if it weren't for Simon in Gurren Lagann, it could have destroyed the whole city by itself. And how many of these things are there later?

Go respect Gurren Lagann some more now. Do it!

Then there's the next level up; the Green carrier Muganns.

These Muganns can carry hundreds of red Muganns into battle. They're stronger than your standard Mugann, but don't have many feats otherwise.

And the final giant Muganns.

Though only appearing for an episode, these Muganns are far more powerfull than any of the others (through powerscaling). Being several km in size, they capture Arc Gurren & Gurren Lagann and electrecute them. They can combine together into a final colossal Mugann.
Despite being the strongest, it doesn't exist for long.

Just incasew the Spiral Annihilation System is one day activated, the Anti-Spiral put a virtual lifeform in the human genetic code to one day become the Anti-Spiral messenger. Which happens to be Nia. The Anti-Spiral messangers have many powers, such as dimensional teleportation, flight and in the movie Nia can shoot lasers from her fingers. The Anti-Spiral use them to gather infomation on Spiral Races.

Nia transforming
Only a few moments later, Nia has disappeared.
Nias new (and perhaps true) form.

So now consider, all of this is happening not only to Earth, but countless other Spiral races as well. When the Humanity Annihilation System is turned off, Nia warns that this doesn't end it, and the Anti-Spirals main fleet would arive to directly finish off Humanity. When Super Galaxy teleports to the Anti-Spiral pocket-dimension, they are met with two such Dreadnaughts...

The Ashtanga

The Ashtanga are colossal stone, gas giant-sized dreadnaughts. First I'll try give you an image of their size...

The projection of Nia is far bigger than Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, which is the size of the Moon. Her projection is at least the size of the Earth.
The Ashtanga are once again far bigger than Nia.
Here is an Ashtanga not only dwarfing Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, but destroying multiple planets by colliding with them. Also note that they are somewhat in the distance. Originally I calculated them to be the size of Uranus or Neptune (50,000 to 60,000km), but chances are they're even bigger at around Saturn or Jupiters size (over 100,00km).

The Ashtanga can creater an army of mass productions numbering in the millions. These mass productions pretend to e a lot weaker than they are, and fool Team Super Galaxy. As a result, most of the Gunmen and their pilots are lost. The mass productions are around the size of Arc Gurren Lagann. Speaking of Arc Gurren Lagann...

Arc Gurren Lagann's Giga Drill doesn't even get past it's shield. Note that baseform Gurren Lagann could blow up mountains and destroy hundreds of Muganns at once. Even powerscaled, this does nothing.
The Anti-Spirals spawn several giant missiles.
Given its size next to Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, it's at least 1000km lomg.

The mere face alone is bigger than the Earth.
When Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann emerges and finally puts a dent on the Ashtanga, it looses it.
So it picks up some planets and throws them at Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann.
I'm not sure if throwing planets at your enemy has fully struck you yet, so I'll say it again; the Ashtanga picks up planets and throws them at Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann.
After the planets don't work, they send out the missiles, which easily pass through Super Galaxy's shield by altering the probability of hitting. The shield reading even say that they aren't being hit despite being bombarded.
Lord Genome confirms this.
Douglas Adams would be proud!
To escape Super Galaxy's drill, the final Ashtanga escapes from time and space. Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann blasts it back into existance before finishing it with a Giga Drill Break.
The ensuing explosion is great enough to destroy a gas giant, or even a small star.

Even the Ashtanga warships in all their might are nothing compared to the Anti-Spirals main reality bending power. For starters, they created their own universe to hide their home world in, which is part of the reason they defeated all the other Spiral races in the galaxy. This pocket universe is inbetween the 10th and 11th dimensions.

They then use the Perceptual Teleportation System (see above with Rossiu) to teleport into the Anti-Spiral universe and to Nia. This is because Nias ring has made the Anti-Spiral universe a reality to Team Di-Gurren (quantum physics). However, the Anti-Spirals are able to interfere with the Perceptual Teleportation with the giant projection of Nia. The creation of their pocket dimension between the 10th Dimension (real space) and the 11th Dimension (imaginary space) allows the Anti-Spiral the perfect stronghold which they can manipulate to their will. Inside the Anti-Spiral dimension, the Anti-Spiral are all-powerfull.

Even outside their domain, they conquered the entire galaxy. Inside their own Universe, they are absolute. For starters...

Liquifying space. May I say that this is impossible? I mean, space is made of nothing. And not only space is liquified, but time too. Yet the Anti-Spirals not only did it, but made the sea of space/time able to suck out Spiral Power and add it to the ocean. At the depths of the liquid space is the Anti-Spiral Death Spiral Machine. Like an ordinary ocean, the pressure of the Death Spiral Field increases as it gets deeper. Enough pressure exists to crush Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren. In this impossible sea, team Super Galaxy Dai Gurren find the remains of other Spiral Races in their attempts to break free of the Anti-Spiral much like humanity is doing...

This might just imply that other Spiral races that came before were a lot stronger than humanity was (at that time).

The Anti-Spirals can also overhear everything Team Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren says, and talk to them directly.

After escaping liquid space & destroying the Astanga's and the mass production units, the Anti-Spiral decide to end it once and for all.

The Multiversial Dimensional Labyrinth is a zone in with no intelligent creature can escape, as it creates Universes to trap them in. Only the Anti-Spiral are exempt, and for a while the Lord Genome Bio Computer (before the computer is charged with Spiral Power, which leads to Lord Genomes true resurection).

This is no mere illusion, the outside has changed and everyone is surrounded by a blur to indicate they are stuck in multiple universes.
The Lord Genome Bio-Computer, who is exempt from the effects of the Multiversial Labyrinth, notices a difference.
The Anti-Spiral can also fire lasers from its fingers. The more you know.

Much to the Anti-Spirals shock, soon after Simon and Team Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren escape the multiversial labyrinth thanks to the return of Kamina. They rescue Nia, and create Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and incredible galaxy-sized mecha. As no one has managed to make it as far as humanity did, the Anti-Spiral decides to play by their game. They create the Granzeboma, which they intend to destroy humanity in a fair fight with. And you know what? It almost works. For the first part of the battle, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is knocked around by the Anti-Spirals.

This picture is all I should show for the Anti-Spirals power. I should also say that due to its size, the Granzeboma moves many times faster than the speed of light merely by moving.
The Granzeboma throws Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann around like a ragdoll. Literally.
The Anti-Spiral fires hundreds of lasers, destroying at least one galaxy.
The Anti-Spiral throws two galaxies at Tengen Toppa.
The Granzabomia kick Tengen Toppa through at least six galaxies. This isn't a special attack or a super attack, but just a regular attack.
In the English dub, some states that they haven't even put a dent in the Anti-Spirals monster.

The Granzeboma isn't just powerful in the Anti-Spiral dimension; it can even exist outside of it.

The Granzeboma attempting to grab the Earth.

With the Earth itself under peril, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann gets a boost in determination and fights back against the Anti-Spiral, this time to some more effect. Fed up, the Anti-Spiral unleash their final and ultimate attack...

Infinity Big Bang Storm! An attack that creates Universes. We can even see galaxies spinning out into existance.
In the English dub, Leeron says "It's on par with the Big Bang!"

As I mention in the respect for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann part, they absorb the Infinity Big Bang Storm. Despite this though, the Anti-Spiral still give Tengen Toppa a rough time. Though Tengen Toppa is far more powerful than when it started the fight, they are now around equal in power to the Anti-Spiral, and only just manage to defeat them.

The movie version is similar, in which the Neo Granzeboma actually break Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Laganns Super Giga Drill.

I should also say, though Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann are (deservingly) praised for being the best mechas out there, this isn't exactly true; both the Granzeboma and the Neo Granzeboma are even bigger.

Only a bit more left with this respect thread...