Best Sean Bean death scenes (Spoilers)

Sean Bean has died so many dam times he something interesting with it. He's very hard to kill. If he was a superhero, he'd probably be Resurection Man, or Captain Dies A Lot. It is actually most likely that if everyone in Marvel, DC, Dragon Ball Z and whatever else it is people like going on about how strong they are team up and gang bash him to death, he'd be walking around fine the next day.

Above is all or most the times he has died. Around 21 times, and never peacefully. He even casually talks about the amount of times he has been killed.

So what should we do with all this continuous dying from the same individual? How about we make a list of his greatest death scenes? I'm bored and I feel like it, so sure. So here goes my top 3 favourite Sean Bean death scenes (starting with the best)...

Number 1 - Boromir

Wouldn't it be great to go down fighting like he did? I thought so as a kid. He protected the Merry and Pippin as a final redeption for attacking Frodo and trying to take the ring. Apparently it's also Sean Beans favourite death too.

Number 2 - Eddard Stark

Unfortunately his death was given away for me, yet when it came it was still rather saddening (maybe he somehow won't die). My friend stated that he was shocked, as he thought that Ned would be the main character of the series. As well as being sad, this scene (or chapter, by the books) stands as a testimate as to why Joffery deserves to suffer a horrible, nightmarish, cactus related fate. Um, if he does don't tell me, because I'm still reading it.

Number 3 - WTF

So we've had two serious high fantasy emotional death scenes. Then we have this scene here that I discovered today. It's from a movie called The Field and though I haven't seen it...really, just realy. What the Hell just happed? I have no words. That has to be one of the stupidest death scenes I have ever seen. But also one of the funniest.

FUN FACT - By the time it takes to read this whole thing, Sean Bean would have died another 12 times.

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