WOW------Its Been AWHILE

Hi guys and Dolls---

Ive been away for a bit---- Ive had a child, boy! Ive been working steadily on card set after card set---- My total works include

-Art of Burlesque (cult stuff)

-War of The Worlds (cult stuff)

-Civil War Chronicles (cult stuff)

-Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (cult stuff)

-Beyond Stokers Dracula (cult stuff)

-Insectae (viceroy)

-The Deep (viceroy)

-Island Dreams 2 (marty and boo's cards)

-Island Dreams 3 (ID art cards)

-Moonshine Missies (ID art cards)

Those are the already approved cards and released sets-------

In The present Moment I am waiting on blank cards from Monsterwax (1 set) and Unstoppable Cards (3 sets)...And I am currently drawing on "Let The Good Times Roll" The art of Mardi Gras for ID Art Cards------

Here is my web address where you can view my current work as well as future work


Thanks so much for stopping by

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NEWS about me

The Cult Stuff ART OF BURLESQUE set has been released with cards starting to show up on ebay. One of mine is there for sell :) READY-SET-GO

My last 10/30 cards for Cult Stuffs Civil War Chronicles have been approved and I will be loading them to my site later this evening :) CHECKEM OUT

----- working on 3 Charity sets - Treasure Chest of Art -Cowboys and Indian Girls - Maidens/Legends and Lor :)

then its 2 Rock for Kids 8x10's---

Followed by, what I am extremely excited about - MOONSHINE MISSIES

Lots of stuff on the personal side too that I am trying to find time for :)

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What Ive Been Up To

Hi Guys and Dolls-

Been away for awhile, but now Im back--- since taking my hiatus a lot has changed. I am now a professional Sketch Cards Artist working for Cult Stuff and soon to be working on Marty and Boo's Cards.

The sets Ive been a part of with Cult stuff are--Art of Burlesque, War of the Worlds, Civil War Chronicles and Sherlock Holmes. here are a few examples of recent work


commissions open

Im open for commissions----- message me for prices. I work in any size, but my main bag is sketch cards. But I'd love to create a piece for you at ANY size.


commissions open

hey guys and Dolls----

I am a professional published artist that has been focusing his efforts on the sketch card world ----- I am open for 10 commissions

Head Shots - $15 colored

Full Figure $20 colored

here is my latest


My Sketch Card

Here is my Sketch Card that was used at Chicago Non-Sport card show ----- I have 55 hand numbered AP's and 20 of the regular issue----- If you like em and want to purchase one, hit me up:)

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Every Famous Artist Started Somewhere.........

Every famous, successful artist started somewhere. Every successful artist had a a first piece, first subject, a first failure, a first critique, first supporter, first buyer and many other firsts. What we as art lovers have to realize is that if we like the art, that's all that really matters. That is as far as we need to go in our minds when considering art. Do we like it? Does it speak to us? Does it portray what we feel the artist was trying to portray? There are many differnt styles of art all beautiful in their own way. Many of us will only collect, buy or support an artist because the mass majority like their style. But I am here to Write about what art should really be about. What art can really do for your soul. Just as men have different tastes in women, so to do women have different tastes in men. The same could be and should be said about art.

I also feel the same thoughts should be related to who and what we collect. Two years ago I was at Wondercon, I walked up to this artists table and was the only one standing there.... Who was he? Frank Cho.... Yeah I was the only one standing there talking to this man. Why the heck isnt everyone at his table I was wondering, this guy is great. Then last year I went to Bill Sienkiewicz's table and was like 9th in line.... Two totally different artist, one whose style is much looser and one who has a more realistic view. Bill has been around longer and is considered a legend by many fans. Cho has seen his following increase tremendously over that last few years and is destined to be a legend himself (which I already consider him)

My point is simple collect what you like, dont worry about if the piece is going to be valuable or not, if more people collected what they like and not what they think is valuable, Then MORE art would become valuable. It is important for us as collectors to support the new artist as well as the old. It is important for us as artists to continue to put ourselves out there through every failure and every critique. It is easy for someone to tear down others work when they themselves are not putting their soul out there for all to see. It is the biggest form of cowardliness one can show.

So support your new artist just as much as you support the old. Be a Leader and not a Follower.

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