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no scans brah sorry ive only see what ive read on the internet. thanos and star lord came back in an avengers crossover. nova nowhere to be seen. i hear blackbolt's back as well now an all. anyone hear if vulcan will be returning aswell?

im thinking nova must be back because the worldmind stayed behind in the cancerverse with rider. yet we see a nova centurion during avx. how can this be if the worldmind is trapped with rider in the cancerverse? you tell me bendis, you tell me...

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@Daycrawler: i hate bendis, hes always screwing with the cannon

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@Cosmic_Hobo said:

@stu: It's a different Nova. As far as we know, Richard Rider is still dead\trapped between dimensions\partying with Starlord or whatever

The Nova in AvX is Sam Alexander, who, if the .1 issue is anything to go by, says things like 'epic fail' when lots of people die... so yeah,. I kind of hope they leave him in a coma

whoa dint starlord come back?

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@Nassirdada: oh man nova has been one of my favourites since way back in annihilation. theyre making a guardians film so how can they possibly not include nova in there somewhere?

im not keen on the new warriors i think nova really did better on his own out in the cosmic side of things.

i think itd be great to have something along the line of annihilation, where he becomes the nova prime right at the start of the film. maybe he has an introduction in the guardians film?

as for villains, its gotta be Annihilus. hands down.

i dont think it shud build up the avengers 3 but should deffo have some sort of influence on the movie or maybe even after. mind, if i had my way all the marvel films would be related regardless of production company boundaries

i cant really think of anyone off the top of my head but maybe hayden christensen. he has a strong space opera back round (lol).

but im unsure as to who would be perfect. ida said chris evans or ryan reynolds. but theyre in far too many comic book films as it is lol

go nova!

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im really stoked about this film but i know its gonna end up being horrifically bad and probably make me resent marvel for allowing it to be made.

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in cable and deadpool's atory arc "why, when i was your age" in the bar deadpool and cable both hint theyre in the mid to late 30's

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only lasted so long because its deadpool. seriously tho, what was they thinking when they finished these? its so over the top its almost laughable. i thought the max comics were sposed to appeal to older readers, not 12 year olds.

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seriously, i read it and was like "wtf is this?"

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man i read the original deadpool series and i swear to god he was originally based on jim carrey. seriously the first run early 97 he was all jim carrey

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