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Part 1 can be found here:

Disclaimer: Dark Yun is 100% owned by me. His generals, his army, etc are owned by ME. Other characters such as King Icebite are also owned by me. This is just for fun. Enjoy the fanfic. (also, I take no credit for any images.)

The Ice Realm/ Ikullis.

Within the boundries of the Ice Realm laid vast landscapes, determential to anyone who was not an Ice Human. The winds whipped and whirled around the incredibly perilous sheets of ice which seemed to never end. This realm did have a name.


Unlike the mortal realm in which dark bane resided in, the realm that the solar system and trillions of other galaxies drift around in, the Ice Realm was incredibly different in multiple ways. There was no "sun" persay, there was a large blue orb in the sky named "Erius."

This appearently was a light source for the ENTIRE Ice Realm, unlike the Sun in the mortal realm which only gave light to the solar system. This orb radiated divine energy bestowed by the giants of ancient, the beings that created Ikullis from the icy ashes of war.

According to legend, there were two main giants who led hundreds of littlier ones in a clash of the ancient proportion.
One of the giants was named Abraxas, the giant of Ice and frost. He ruled a land that was apart of the ice realm prior to it's current state, the land was named Perlis, a land where ice and frost seemed endless and where ice people, snowmen, elementals and even some humans made their home. Many of it's "guardians" were giants.

The frosty surfaces of Abraxas, dotted with small structures of the giants.

On the flip side, the other Giant's who's name was Sufernous was the giant of lava and scorn. He ruled a land of ash, fire, and heat. Sufernous was incredibly powerful due to the pure destructive nature of his power and how he had masted his element.

The Perlious landscapes of Sufernous's land, depicting the palace of Sufernous himself.

Both of these giants had been plotting against eachother for centuries. Yes, centuries. Initially the conflict began, and ended, with one thing in mind: Power. However, both wanted power for different reasons. Abraxas wanted power to help the more poorerer, defenseless people. Even humans who found themselves in his land.

Sufernous wanted power to to enslave those who were fit and able to work, and kill anyone that was a threat to him. They both knew they'd have to conquer one another's land in order to transform their vision into more than just a slab of land, but into an entire realm ruled by them. Another step that was required in doing this was to kill your opponent and absorb his energy, which would've made the winner ascend to a higher level in their "godhood" and make them nigh-omnipotent.

Abraxas too the less aggressive approaches unless it came to direct combat against fire giants, Sufernous took every aggresive turn he could and mowed down everything in his way. However, one trait shared by both: They let their armies fight for them, only aiding them somewhat.

Abraxas would sometimes give a large ice storm to his armies as they advanced into Sufernous's land to help them plow through the crowds of lava fiends(a sort of elemental composed of lava and heat that was enlisted in the militaries of Sufernous as an infantry and melee unit) and heat giants(a variation of fire and lava giants)and, in some cases, burn out the fuses of the fire creaturwes.

Sufernous would send his armies plowing into Abraxas's land with mounds of heat and sometimes entire tsunamis of lava,(yes, tsunami waves made of lava) to burn out the icy lands and melt many of the Ice knights(elemental beings made of pure ice and magic that have the shape/complextion of an actual knight, helmet, armour, etc) and any other defense Abraxas's land had.

But not once did they appear on battlefield. Their highest generals might've, their champions might've, even their emissaries might've.

But them? Abraxas and Sufernous themselves? Not a chance. They mostly stayed in their palaces, directing their armies, generals, emissaries and champions through telepathic or physical means.

But this tactic was obviously failing. Everytime Abraxas's armies got an advantage, Sufernous would shift the landscape in favor of his army and push them away almost effortlessly. Whenever Sufernous armies got an advantage, Abraxas would send giant boulders down to absoloutely crush them to death, and sometimes heckle them with extreme blizzards, and drop the temperature from it's current state which is -50 below zero to -400 below zero.

They both realized this was a game of cat and dog and that it was time to settle this like the giants they were. They both made rousing addreesses to their armies before setting off. Sufernous coming from the east, Abraxas coming from the west. They were both at full power and came dressed to kill.

Due to them merely being in eachother's presence, the landscapes of the entire realm began to go under incredibly rousing changes. Earthquakes began to ring out, firestorms and snowstorms began to brew, lightning cackled from the sky and struck on the ground - exploding. Some strikes of lightning even made bigger holes than 2000x tons of TNT ever could. All this happening merely because Abraxas and Sufernous were a few miles near eachother.

That in itself was a shown of the immense power of these beings.

The father of scorn and inferno, Sufernous in his battle attire.

Abraxas, Father of Frost in his War Gear.

They met at a point where the borders of their lands met. Their armies were at full power, they were at full power. Their very power was ripping apart the fabric infront of them and causing the realm to descend into cycial chaos. The ground was so unstable that some of the giants fell down and made even bigger cracks in the ground.

Then, the moment everyone was waiting for - the clash between the two giants. The father of frost against the father of scorn, the Warrior of benevolence against the harbinger of chaos. Both two different ideologies, two different methods, but the same battle.

Abraxas went in for the kill right away, swinging the Sword of Ice toward's Sufernous's skull, attempting to pierce it. However, abraxas's attempt fell short when Sufernous swung his sword toward's Abraxas's and intercepted it.

With their swords locked together, their magic pulsated from their blades and contributed to the damage that their mere presence was doing. Abraxas broke the lock and yelped a war cry before going to smash his sword against Sufernous's leg.

Sufernous, caught off caught, was hit by this, a sharp cool pain traveled from Abraxas's magic right up into his leg. Sufernous screamed and smashed his foot onto the ground, this caused a avalaunche of mountains on Abraxas's side. This sent pieces of various falling debris flying towards him at an incredibly fast rate.

He effortlessly blew the debris away with his frost breath and tossed it away from him. Had he not been quick enough to act, him and his army would've been damaged.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the armies of Fire and Ice fought. Minature giants, elementals, and humans clashed for their respective giants. Champions for both sides clashed against eachother, casting area of effect magical attacks and trampling below their enemies like quarrel.

Eventually Abraxas and Sufernous found themselves in land lock again, but this time it was different. They both had focused every ounce of their magical essence and weapons against eachother. While it was scary, the sight was beautiful.

Beams of blue and red mixed together, creating this giant supernova-looking ball above the tiny armies. This ball stayed their for 10 minutes, until...


The ball exploded, the essence of the two giants show outwards along with pieces of them. Their armies were immediately annihilated with them.

Even though their essences had intertwined, the greater number of essence laid with the now fallen Abraxas. His essence overpowered Sufernous, and thus, Sufernous's land dissapeared from sight and the entire realm was now ice, snow, frost, and cold.

Even though Abraxas didn't live to see it, in theory he did win..However-.

The images dissapeared immediately and a echoing scream is herd. It appears as if a flashback had just happened and someone was thinking of these events.

"Agh-Ah.." King Icebite said, scratching his head as he awoke from a deep slumber under his palace.

"Distant memories are distant..." He said, stroking his beard, "I feel a disturbance." He said, jerking his head towards the windows of his palace. He immediately approached them, and all of a sudden saw a portal open up. Immediately hundreds of hybrid-like creatures and dark knights poured outwards and began running wildly around the realm

"Bane!" He said, reaching for his axe as his gaze layed upon the enemy. "I will deal with them," he said. He had no idea Bane was coming, but he knew he would face him and stop this threat almost immediately. Time would have to be on his side.

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Arcus, I'l be commenting on this soon. Thanks for calling me out!

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@lunacyde: Yes and no to Tarrlok, but Amon and his equalists are available.

And yes, the death eaters have Voldemort himself.

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Morals off, bloodlust on.

Battle ends in death/destruction of Republic city, depending on who wins.

Both sides are aware of each sides capabilities.

1 day prep for both sides.

Republic City gets the new Team avatar(toph, bolin, Korra, Tenzin, and anyone else I missed out on) as well.

Who wins?

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@i_like_swords: I think Talzin will actually fight sidious.

Having said that, what could Yoda do to counter Mother Talzin's magic?

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Morals on, bloodlust off.

1 day of prep, both have full knowledge of capabilities.

Battle takes place on Dathomir

Battle ends in death.

Who wins?

Round 1: Movie Yoda

Round 2: Clone Wars Yoda

Round 3: EU Yoda/all versions of Yoda.