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Fantastic? Four 0

The GoodGarney's art, although not as impressive as 605. Another good point is that not knowing key plot points at the start kept you reading until the end.The BadFor me the best thing about the issue is you start off knowing nothing then you gradually get an extra piece of the story each page, but unfortunately the payoff felt lack-luster and underwhelming. I have read all of Hickman’s run so far but I have no clue who the guy whose body they are inside is. A lot of the panels seemed extra larg...

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Great Issue 0

The GoodI wasn't expecting much from this book but I was gladly mistaken. Zeb Wells is probably the best writer for Spider-mans comedic lines. The comedy and excellent conclusion gave me more to enjoy other than Joe Madureira's art, which was amazing as usual. The art was one of the main reasons I was buying this book but I'm glad it became more than just pretty pictures. Avenging Spider-man is a fun comic to read, you're not going to any big story arc's or Peter Parker drama, just exciting team...

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Nothing there 0

BadI'm not sure that there is even enough story in this comic for me to review it. The plot advances at a snails pace and it ends as soon as it begins. Batman seems to have become really dumbed down in this book, he has fallen into a trap almost every issue. Batman is all about a hero who can over come anything by sitting down and thinking things through, but here Batman just walks straight into the middle of an angry mob. Also the Joker's face story arc is not interesting as it is an abominatio...

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Great end to a great arc 0

The Good:This issue wrapped up the spider island story perfectly. Dan Slott has outdone himself this time, it will be hard for him to top this in the future. It really showed Spider-man in a majestic and heroic way. The story feels like it is a big scale event which makes it even better. I felt sorry for Jonah Jameson in this arc, he was victim to pretty some tragic events. Thanks to Dan Slott's writing it makes you feel for the characters a lot more.The Bad:My only negative point about this arc...

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Not so 0

This issue of superman was utter garbage. Superman's new coustume is just horrible. I'm not missing the red pants but the neck thing and the black s on the back is bad. There is such a thing as too much dialogue, George Perez. It's looks like it's written by a four year old who's idea of super heros is based upon Joel Schumachers Batman and Robin. I'm already bored over Clark and Lois's relationship, we know they will get togther at some point its just a matter of buying more issues to find out....

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