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Strength- 2 Peak Human- Strong but not Hulk.

Speed- 3 Subsonic- Im fast, i run about 315 to 350 something.

Agility-  4 Peak Human- Im coordinated and skilled, plus my speed helps in this catorgory also.

Stamina- 5 Super Human- Im a energy like an human energy beacon.

Durability- 5 Bulletproof- Bulletproof Chainmail and Natural resistance to injury.

Intelligence- 5 Genius- While smart and crime tactician, and streetsmart, but definetly far from stupid or impaired.

Mental Powers- 4 Gifted- A low level empath, its still new to me, need more practice and getting used to.

Energy Projection- 6 Metahuman- I have great control over my energy manipulation, which is channeled through my Staff of  Leaverahs. One off-act of  Channeling through my hands when Dr.Strange Broke my staff and banished me to Oblivion.

Fighting Ability- 5 Reowned Warrior- While not skilled in all arts or forms, im pretty  nice with my hands and thats all ill say.

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U got skillz man, it inspires me to hone my skillz more.

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Ay wassup im King Grahams im new on here, so hit me up, maybe we' ll become friends or enemies whatever u like

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I like it, it looks all Dark and Grimey like dat Max Payne joint. I cant 4 it to hit theaters ima b the first with the bookleg.

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Im currently jamming Hezballah - Sutter Kain and Juggalette - King Gordy