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Love and Respect 0

The solicit says it all. Probably should read THE BATMAN STORY OF THE YEAR. This issue deals with the events from Batman Inc. #8.This is very reminiscent of Batman #433 in the sense that it is all silent (wordless) and that we see how certain characters deal with the death of a member of the Bat Family. This issue deals with mostly Batman's reaction to the loss of his son, but it is nice to see some of Alfred's reaction as well. I think it would be great to at least have a backup story to see ho...

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It's ok to want more. 0

Quick Review:I don't normally read Teen Titans and I have almost no knowledge of Tim Drake prior to the new 52. That being said, I really like this issue. These stories only work when we care about the characters that are in them. We see that he already posses almost all the skills needed to be a Robin before he even meets Batman. This issue really helps you get an understanding of how and why Drake wants to join Batman. This also the first time we see Batman object to someone wanting to join hi...

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What Sets Us Apart. 0

The Story So FarSoon after Bruce's parents are killed he begins his investigation into the circumstances of their murder. We see him progress through the years. We see some of the basic fight training and schooling he receives all they way up to when he leaves for his real training.HitThere are some really good emotional panels and pages in this issue. I like the facial expressions and the depictions of young Bruce and a young Gotham. A very well drawn issue.I like that we see Bruce a young boy ...

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Batmen, Incorporate! 0

The Story So FarHere we get the story of how Batman sets up his corporation. He travels the globe recruiting men and women to join his crime fighting force. All this is done because of the emerging threat of Leviathan.HitThere are some cool panels where Batman is doing one armed pull ups. Alfred makes a sandwich that looks tasty.MissLets start with the art. The cover isn't great and doesn't look as detailed as some of the other zero covers. I am not digging the art in the book either. It just lo...

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Remember how they lived. 0

The Story So FarHere we see a young, mischievous Dick Grayson running around with a fellow circus performer being typical kids. We see that Dick has the great ability of reading people and situations, but he still finds himself in trouble. We see the death of his parents and how Bruce takes him in. He eventually trains with Batman, until he decides to step in and help as Robin.HitI am having a hard time putting into words how good I think this issue is. What I love the most is that while we are ...

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Beer Run? 0

The Story So FarThis issue has Billy meeting up with the Wizard. After Billy convinces the Wizard that a person who is pure good doesn't exist, the Wizard gives Billy the powers to become Shazam. Billy then starts trying out his new powers.HitThe art inside this issue is for the most part great. The characters facial expression really convey their emotions well.Billy's behavior obtaining these powers is mostly what you would expect a teenager to do if he were to suddenly become a super hero. It ...

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Dude, You Don't Steer A Rocketship, You Ride It. 0

The Story So FarMarko, Alana, Hazel, and Izabel get to the rocketship. In order to be granted access they need to give an offering. Marko offers his sword that has been in the family for generations. The Will finds out about the Stalks death and informs Prince Robot IV that he will be coming to kill him and his loved ones. PR4 deduces where Alana and company might be going next. While in space our beloved family is attacked as a result of Marko destroying his sword.Something about the synopsis' ...

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Earth to Harper 0

The Story So FarThis story follows the character Harper Row, who we have seen little glimpses of throughout the current Batman run. We see that she works for the city's electrical engineering office and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Her and her brother have a encounter involving the Batman and she begins to develop an obsessive need to help Batman. Batman does not approve.HitIts was interesting to see some back story on this character and to see why she seems to have this need to help Bat...

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Hit Them WIth The Taser Web! 0

The Story So FarThis issue is just an all out Melee. You have the police and all the Robins fighting off all of Terminus' goon. Batman pulls out the augmented Batsuit from the Batmobile and goes toe to toe with Terminus. Terminus' suit has a timer on it and when the clock runs out it appears that both he and Gotham have run out of time.HitRobins! Okay technically only two Robins and Nightwing and the Red Hood, but Robins! It was cool seeing them all fight together, even if it wasn't against each...

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Red on Red Violence 0

The Story So FarBatgirl and Detective McKenna get their pow wow broken up by Batwoman. After some one sided fighting, they sort out who is on which side. Knightfall asks Batgirl to come alone to the Three Towers in exchange for Ricky the car thief. Once Batgirl gets there a fight breaks out with the three hench-ladies. We see that Knightfall has had some coaching from a third party and Batwoman and Det. McKenna come to Batgirl's aid. She then going looking for Knightfall but I don't think she li...

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Enter the Rot 0

Don't forget to read Animal Man #12 first.The Story So FarSwampy and Buddy enter the Rot together only to find that the deeper the go into the Rot the weaker and weaker Buddy gets. Swamp Things powers remain as long as he keeps his physical tether, a long branch, connected to the outside world. Unfortunately, Arcane is waiting for them in the Rot and severs the tether and reveals to them that it has been his plan all along for them to come to the Rot. He then returns them to Earth were they disc...

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Rotworld is coming! 0

The Story So FarIn order to protect his family and save his son, Animal Man, his wife, and his daughter go out in search for Swamp Thing. They decide that the only way to end this is to go into the Rot and fight it head on. Once they enter the Rot, we see that the Rot starts to infest our world as well.HitIts finally here! Let me say that I am reviewing this before I read part two in the Swamp Thing comic.The art is this issue is great as usual. I always feel like Animal Man is drawn in a way th...

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Science is good. 0

The Story So FarBatman gets to the Batcave in time to neutralize whatever weapon was used against him last issue. In do so he discovers a way to defeat Mr. Toxic. Mr. Toxic and the original Hugh Marder force Dr. Manhart to use the particle accelerator to help undo what their previous experiments did to Marder. This will either work or potentially destroy Gotham. Batman shows up and uses his antidote and saves Marder's life.Backup Story: Bullock messes with a rookie who is assigned to watch the J...

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I am Neo . . . Sapien. 0

The Story So FarNew bad buy wants to take Lois' niece away from Earth is an attempt to protect her and/or the planet. Lois spends the entire issue on her back (not as good as it sounds). Superman fights bad guy, who has mental problems powers and connections to the "first Superman". Lois's niece, Susie, steps in and helps end the fight and Superman has to save Lois from injuries she suffered at the end of last issue. With the help of a Batman pep talk, Superman decides he needs to bring back Cla...

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End of an Era 0

Before I give my review of the movie itself, there are a couple things I would like to point out.Firstly, I would like to remind everyone that all of these comic book movies are not made for those of us who go to our local comic book shops every Wednesday and are handed a stack of books off of our pull list. These movies are made for the masses and to bring in that money. They are never going to be true and pure representation of the characters and stories we read each and every week. That's jus...

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No one escapes! 0

The Story So FarThe Alpha Lanterns spend time looking for Guy and John only to find out that they are chasing constructs, which leads to them interrogating all the lanterns who helped them escape. John and Guy go to the Ring Foundry to come up with a way to stop the Alphas. They come back with a whole army of Manhunter's and other mindless fight machines from the foundry and big battle ensues. Bad news is, all the stuff they brought starts forming into one big bad guy.HitThe reason I read the Co...

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Lady Rage 0

The Story so FarBatman helps everyone snap of there own personal pity party and the group follows Graves to Steve's sister's house. Steve's sister gets mad at Wonder Woman who then gets into a fight with Green Lantern. After settling down, the league finds out what Graves was up to after his family died and go to a place called the Valley of the Souls. Here each member of the league sees an image of someone they have lost.Shazam! The man in the cave comes out and goes wizard of oz on us wanting ...

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We're having a baby! 0

The Story So FarWe have Prince Robot IV finding out that his wife is pregnant and that his father won't let him return until he has completed his mission. The Will continues his quest to try and save the slave girl on Sexillion but runs into a big financial problem. Marko and Alana encounter some hostile troops and are forced to fight back. They escape with a ship and are one step closer to being free. Lying Cat purrs and Hazel laughs.HitJust when I was about to say that this series was slowing ...

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Nano Nano 0

The Story So FarSupergirl is still hanging with the Silver Banshee and her brother Tom. During her date with Tom they are attacked by someone in a suit made from nanites. He has been told that if he captures her he can keep the suit. After there fight Kara decides that being around her is doing more harm than good to her friends, so she is going out on her own.HitI liked all the art in this issue. Supergirl looks good and there were a couple good affected with the nanotech suit. The story serves...

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Throne Wars 0

The Story So FarThis issue shows us that Hera has enlisted the services of Apollo and Artemis in order to retrieve Zola and here child. While she is at the doctors office they show up and we get a fight between them and Wonder Woman, Hermes, and Lennox. Apollo and Artemis take Zola back to Hera and we find out that she wanted her in exchange for the throne. Our heroes are set on stopping that from ever happening.HitAlthough it doesn't end in a victory of her, we get to see Wonder Woman in some a...

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Exit Wounds 0

The Story So FarIssue #11 brings us to the conclusion of this whole Court of Owls/ Thomas Wayne Jr. story arc. It picks up right where the last issue left off. Batman fighting his so called brother T Wayne Jr. We get a pretty over the top battle during which we hear T Wayne's big villain speech. Batman emerges the victor and it leaves Thomas Jr.'s fate open for future villainy. The story wraps up with Bruce giving Dick the facts that he has about his so called brother.HitThis ends the Owls arc v...

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Finally . . . Sort of 0

The Story So FarIssues #11 has Arcane taking Abigail away against her will. After taking a beating in last months issue we find that the Parliament has returned the favor and saved Swamp Thing from certain death. A very cool Green vs. Rot battle follows. We end with a scene that has been in the making for almost a year now.HitI love the art in Swamp Thing. It feels like the panels are almost grown as much as they are drawn. A lot of the panel shapes seem very organic and earthy. Arcane is down v...

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Bat Branded 0

The Story So FarIssue #11 starts out with Damian getting the drop on the Red Hood. He leaves a crowbar in Jason's bed, so bad ass. During the fight, Damian reminds him that they both have mommy issues and Damian ends up winning and taking his hood. Meanwhile in Gotham, there is a group of thugs working for Terminus who are going around branding people with the bat symbol. Batman no likely.HitAlthough I do like the story in this issue a lot, there are at least 3 or 4 super cool panels and a two p...

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Heart of Cold Steel 0

The Story So FarIssue #11 has Barbara up against Knightfall and her minions. They have Barbara on the ropes but she is saved by an unlikely heroine. Barbara is confused by the fact that Det. McKenna has come to her rescue and goes with her to her apartment to find out more. There McKenna reveals her connection to Knightfall and we a get an unexpected twist on the final page. Also James buys Barbara's roommate a cat (WTF!?!?)HitThis story leaves you begging for more at the end. In a good way. Its...

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Hard Choices 0

This is a print version of three digital comics, Beyond the Fringe 1a, 2a, 3a written by Joshua Jackson who plays Peter Bishop on the TV show Fringe. This story takes place in between the events of season 3 and 4.The StoryIt follows Peter on his journey to find a way to save both universes. Walter sends Peter and the Machine back through time. The Machine is broken up and scatter throughout history and Peter must find each piece a place them on the appropriate markers. We also learn that Peter a...

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