Wednesday Wrap Up

There was a lot of Batman for me this week and that is not a problem. I was surprised that Batman was the actually my least favorite of my Bat books this week. Don't get me wrong, I loved how Snyder finished up this arc, but I found Batman and Robin and Batgirl has a little more excitement in them this week. My favorite from yesterday might be Batman and Robin. There were a bunch of cool moments and some really great panels. Great stuff. Swamp Thing continues to impress and we are so close to the Animal Man cross over. I can't wait. Minute Men was good enough to possibly earn another issue purchase from me next month. Cook's art is always great and the story picked up this week. X-Force was good again, although for some reason I never feel like that story flows right. It's probably just because my brain doesn't always work right. You can check out all of my thought in my reviews for this week.

Batman #11

Batman and Robin #11

Batgirl #11

Swamp Thing #11

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