Wednesday Wrap Up - 8/1/12

Animal Man and Swamp thing totally delivered after months of teasing. I was very please with both stories and with where Snyder and Lemire are going with these titles. I also think that they did a good job with connecting the stories but still making it possible to just read Animal Man or Swamp Thing and still get most of the story. I would highly recommend reading both though.

Action Comics and Mind the Gap were both OK. I feel like Mind the Gap didn't really go anywhere and I really wanted something to happen to really pull me in more. It wasn't bad by any means, I just wanted to see more. Action Comics just seemed a little lazy to me, especially the end. How they are going to explain Clark coming back from the dead isn't really going to be all the great I think. I did like the whole bigger story that gets alluded too, but since Morrison is leaving kinda soon, who knows if it will get written about again.

If it weren't for the fact that Daniels is leaving this title, I would stop buying it. The main story was just awful. I am really looking forward to the creative team change. However, the backup story was absolutely superb. I can't say enough about how cool of a short story it was. I think that those eight pages where probably better than the entire new 52 detective comic series.

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Neat wrap up. Much appreciated.

This should be in Gen. Discussion though.