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Flash Thompson better not die.... He is my favorite Venom and my brother loves Venom. I honestly thought this was a great series, so hopefully it comes back.

Flash is featured on the variant cover for January's "Thunderbolts" and considering thats a new arc, I'd say Flash is here to stay.

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I found the issue to be overly abrupt, and, somewhat purposeless. Marco Rudy's artwork was sublime, bearing slight resemblance to that of Dave McKean's within the pages of "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth". Unfortunately, despite this, the writing felt desperately flamboyant and shamefully unstable, as though Matt Kindt was writing a series of events the second they came into his mind, without considering their necessity. His characterisation of Peter is great, with his inner-monologues making me remember why we miss Parker's presence within the 616 Universe, I just can't find anything story-wise that could be remotely considered gripping or memorable...

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@hawkguy: I find that with "Avengers", Hickman try's too hard to be convoluted. He's self-aware, plays to his reputation. People expect a multitude of plot points from Hickman, some lasting years. However with "Avengers", Hickman seems incapable of hiding such plans, with plot points blatantly establishing others, yet none of them directly impacting the titles characters progression.

On the other hand, with "New Avengers", despite similarly utilising an epic scope, the core characterisation is kept integral to its stories progression, making it a much superior title...

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I feel like this was DC's version of AvX but done right :3

Decent start, persistently mediocre middle and good finish equals "done right"?

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I wouldn't particularly categorise an issue consisting of engaging and insightful characterisation/dialogue, huge revelations offering insight on teases as far back as Issue 4 whilst revealing the two antagonist's masterplan as "filler".

Another tremendous issue by Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna...

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"This issue's also a great jumping-on point as it's the start of a whole new story arc."

Actually, that was last issue. You'd have known if you'd have been following/reviewing the series.

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Hopefully the story progresses much more over the following issues, its felt almost vacant within the first two entries in the series. Bryan Hitch's work, as usual, looks mind-blowingly stunning, I consistently am finding myself disappointed by Marvel's shuffling of team's, yes I understand the scheduling is much more hectic with the 2 week launch window, but I would happily wait for the likes of Hitch and Cassaday, but, if Marvel decide to change artists persistently, please, choose an artist with a somewhat similar style. I get shudder's looking at the hideous teaser images for Indestructible Hulk...

Why can't Bryan Hitch do the entirety of the artistic duties for this series...

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I thought the Solo films where supposed to take place in the same time-zone as the new Trilogy?

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Absolutely no chance.

One, the majority of the Illuminati members are under the possession of Fox. Secondly, Bruce Banner within the Marvel Film Universe has control of his abilities, and it's not like Joss Whedon to re-tred plot points. Also, I may be being a little pre-presumptuous here, but I'm guessing "Avengers 3" would be the final film in the Marvel Film Universe, why would they choose to end it with Heroes vs Heroes?

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Rhino has always been one of my personal favourite Spiderman villains, but he's rarely correctly handled. I'd like to hope this had potential, but, Amazing Spiderman was a travesty of a film. Whilst I initially had hopes for the sequel, Electro and Rhino sound like a strange concoction.

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